Fasting for Diabetics.

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    I have had diabetes for about 18 months but this year I am really feeling it. Are there any other brothers or sisters in the same boat and how are you coping can you give any advice jazakallkhair.
  2. Umm Waraqa Bluebell

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    Wa alaykum asalaam

    Have you spoken to your doctor about you fasting? Because that can be really hard, especially if you're taking insulin. Anyways I hope the following link helps: Fasting and diabetes - Diabetes UK

    If you look on the left in the light blue box, there's general tips and advice. This section is specific to ramadhan...

    In fact, we should all follow the same kind of diet regardless of diabetes as it's so healthy.
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  3. al-suyuufi

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    Wa alaykum assalam

    I've done some research because I have a relative who is diabetic. From what I've heard from ulama insulin does not break the fast because it's something your body should be producing, and by taking it you're not gaining nutrition but rather bringing your body to what it should be like anyway.
    However the problem comes when your sugar is low and you need to eat to get it back up again. For this reason ulama have excused diabetics from fasting, and if there was a way to deal with this problem safely while fasting I'm sure they wouldn't have excused diabetics from fasting, especially since Allah has given exception to the sick and travelling. Allahu a'lam.
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    Wa alykum asalam, my younger sister has diabetes type 1, do you have type 1 or 2?

    As far as weve been told by ustadhs, and doctors it is actually haram for a diabetic to fast because it can do serious damage to your body. If your blood sugars go to low or high you can pass out or have a fit subhanAllah so please be careful. There are many things you can do whilst fasting for ajar and if its going to harm you then its not obligatory. upon you so leaving it is better inshaAllah.

    But if you are talking about type 2 diabetes then i am unsure so ask a student of knowledge, islamqa or something inshaAllah
    hope this helps

    may Allah bless you and sustain your health
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    Jazakallahkhair for your replies, I actually have type 2 diabetes(tablets). So far not that bad but it is pretty hard especially this year. But I will have to be patient inshallah.
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    The issue of whether a diabetic individual can fast would depend on a case-by-case basis.

    Alhamdolillah (UK) Muslim doctors have done a lot of work on this issue so in the first instance I suggest that any diabetic reads the literature available on-line (diabetes UK as sister Umm Waraqa Bluebell suggested) and consult their doctor prior to Ramadhan.

    Not all diabetics are at risk of hypos (therefore at risk of a coma etc as you mentioned). Only those on insulin and certain medication (like gliclazide ...). See this resource. Diabetics who are well controlled, on tablets like metformin only or diet-controlled, should inshallah be able to fast without much added difficulty. In fact I know one brother who finds his blood sugars improve during Ramadhan and he feels much better:)

    The risk of hypo's can be minimised by discussing with your doctor or diabetic nurse and changes may be able to be made to your medication. There are published guidelines on how best to modify medication regimes during Ramadhan.

    Having said that those who are elderly or have other medical problems (heart disease, kidney problems etc) may be best advised not to fast. And Allah knows best.
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  7. murdiyyah

    murdiyyah [x]

    'alaykum as-salaam wa rahmatullah,

    Don't ever miss suhoor. And always be prepared to break your fast if you get really light headed. It's also better to be in an environment where there are people around in case your sugar level gets suddenly low.
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  8. al-suyuufi

    al-suyuufi Naql-head

    wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullah

    Good advice if you decide to try to fast, except I'd say don't wait until you feel light-headed to realize you need sugar, if you're feeling light-headed then it usually means your sugar's been low for some time, instead I'd say check your sugar with a meter frequently and as soon as you reach a certain point, it's time to eat and in sha Allah it's excused according to pretty much every scholar I've heard about it from. Like another brother said, failing to keep the sugar within its limits can lead to permanent harm to organs, etc.
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  9. murdiyyah

    murdiyyah [x]

    Very true; hence, right after Ramadhan, it's best to go to the doctor and see if your prescriptions have changed.
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