fatwa's on usamah ibn suahib hasan

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    i think we should post all relevant fatwa of the ulama&students of knowledge here against usama hasan, it would be a great reference for people,
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    AMJA fatwa agaisnt Usama Hasan Fatwa id : 83631
    Question :
    Asalamualykum In London U.K, there is a masjid there called "masjid Tawhid", the imam is Dr. Usamah Bin Suhaib Hasan. This imam believes in the theory of evolution , he promototes securlism, he says hijab of the women is not obligaotry, he mocks the islamic dress , and belives music is permissible. Not only does he believe in these things but pubically calls to them and mocks those who dont agree with him,The community wants him removed but he is only the imam because the chairman wants him to be the imam is salat behind him valid?

    Fatwa Answered By :Dr. Hatem al-Haj
    All praise be to Allah, and may His blessings and peace be on the final messenger, Muhammad, If that is truly the case, then the salat behind him is invalid. That is because the denial of hijab is denial of a must-be-known obligation of the religion. Also, if he means by secularism, that Sharia rules shouldn’t be supreme in the Muslim lands, then that, also, is a statement of disbelief. Finally, if his belief in evolution contradicts any of the must-be-known beliefs of the religion, then that also would be another reason to not pray behind him. I must caution you, though, that often times Muslims have bad thoughts of one another before verification and without sufficient knowledge of the intricacies of people’s statements and the extent of their deviation, if there is any. Allah knows best.
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  6. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Abdur Rahman Al-Dimishqia:

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  7. The video of Sheikh Abdur-Rahman ibn Nasser Al Barrak also. But it has been removed for some reason.
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    "Whoever believs in Evolution is a disbeliever"
    Shaykh aAbdurahman bin Naasir al-Baraak.
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    Abu Qudama Rep Power: 786

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    Shaykh Sadlan

    Q: There are some individuals or groups in the UK that say we need to take a closer look at evolution and whether it goes against the deen. They say we need a new way of looking at Darwinism. What do you advice regarding this?

    No matter what the case is, the origin of Bani Adam is not a monkey, it does not go back to the monkey. This is a contradiction to what Allah has informed us about Adam in the Quran, Adam’s creation was very detailed and all of his details in his creation was given to us, it is complete. Nothing about monkeys was mentioned. His creation was clear, he was a human being and all his descendents for 10 generations were human beings. Nothing was mentioned about developing or evolving from monkeys.

    So my question is, do we abandon these definitive information, which is no doubt about (from the ulema), about how Adam was created? Do we abandon that because someone (Darwin) said this theory? If someone tells you there is no city called London or Makkah, you wouldn’t entertain him because you know that it exists. So Allah Azza wa jal tells us Adam was from dirt with His own two Hands. The ulema have no doubt about that, the intelligent (the uqela) have no doubt about this whatsoever.

    Anyone who says this, tell him to come and let him explain to us where he is getting this from and how he is understanding it correctly and how we are wrong in understanding this. This is taghreeb, rejecting the Quran and the sunnah, rejection of the intellect. The ruling is that this person is miskeen (poor) and he does not understand the Quran. If you’re really a brave individual then come and let us discuss this issue, I can come to you or I can bring you to where we are (Saudi Arabia) on my own expense and you help me to understand this particular issue.

    About Salah behind this person, if he says this out in public, then you shouldn’t pray behind him as he has clearly rejected the Quran & the Sunnah.

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    May Allah Guide Usama Hassan.
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    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Shaykh Salih al-Fawzan:

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    Usama Hasan said:
    "Oh, there are plenty of monkeys around the world posing as religious scholars ... a bunch of them turned up at our mosque the other week."
    (Source: Facebook wall - Monday 21 Feb 2011 at 07:16)

    Mujahid Hasan (Usama Hasan's younger brother) said on FB:
    " 'some have gone too far'. Right. But no one admonishes those dogs, yet you feel its so important to point out that Usama is 'arrogant and stubborn.'
    Stop trying to stand up for 'manners.' Its pathetic.

    The half-apes are those that contact each corner of the earth to obtain fatwas legitimising killing people who have such beliefs, and go around calling Usama a kafir. And then put up disclaimers saying 'Oh, we don't think anyone should actually kill him, we're just pointing out that Islamically that's the case.'
    They should at least be happy that they're spared the fire of Hell as their punishment, seeing as they're not really human."
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    They seem to think Deen is a family affair that they own, like a business or something, and that everyone who objects to statements of Kufr are harming the commercial interests of the company...as for Usama, he drowned a while back, now hes just coming to realisation of it, in due time, in due time.

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