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    The FIKS Qur’Aan Memorization Course LIVE with Hafidh Abu Taubah

    • $50 Non-refundable Registration fee

    The LIVE Qur’Aan Memorization Course is designed to help a Student Memorize the Qur’Aan, correctly and efficiently in a relatively short amount of time. Adults and Children are welcome. Hafidh Abu Taubah memorized the Qur’Aan in 8 months and this project is an intense year long project although most are projected to finish in less than a year.

    The benefits of Memorizing the Qur’Aan are many and that is why at The FIKS we put together this course for our students

    *It will benefit the student immensely if they already completed Semester 1 of the ULTIMATE Arabic Program because graduates can read are Qari.

    The First Phase – ‘Initiation’

    This phase focuses on establishing the foundations the student will need while memorizing.

    During this stage the Qaari-student will review;

    Guidelines of the Qaari – Signs and Symbols of the Qur’aan – Memorize the Qaaris Reminder

    and begin down the road to becoming a member of the most diverse yet elite fraternity of Muslims the world has ever known

    Second Phase:

    This year’s students have an added blessing. RamaDaan comes to add to the intensity of the program. Students will be prepared to take on this year’s RamaDaan as students of the Qur’aan.

    Third Phase:

    After the Eed ul Fitr celebrations, the students will return to complete the memoization process with the full support of Hafidh Abu Taubah and his staff of Hufadzh.

    * The Courses will be LIVE and Interactive! Students get to participate with Abu Taubah and each other
    * Course Times will accommodate both students that are in the US as well as those that are not living in the US
    * Classes are conducted Three (3) times per week lasting approximately 90 minutes each
    * Study Materials will be made available
    * This will be our First Class inside our Newly Designed Website scheduled to Launch next month in sha Allaah

    Tuition is $1,164 for the Hafidh Course. Beginning Last week of May/First week of June

    Tuition Payment Options Include;

    * One Time Payment of $1,164
    * $97 per month
    * $48.50 every Two (2) weeks.

    Please Note: We Only Accept a Certain Amount of Students in order to be effective in sha Allaah. When you Register you commit to pay the Tuition of $1,164. (There are NO Refunds)

    Registration Page:
    LIVE Class Reg The FIKS
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    This looks so excellent!

    May Allah give every success to those attending and all those attempting to memorise the Book of Allah anywhere!

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