Fisabilillah (in the way of Allah)

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    Fisabilillah (in the way of Allah)

    Indeed all the praises is due to Allah, we praise him and we seek his assistance and forgiveness, and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and our bad deeds, whoever Allah guides there is none that can misguide him and whoever is lead astray there is none that can guide him, and I bear witness there is no God other than Allah, He has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is his servant and messenger.

    Nowadays we see in the media, almost everyday, something about muslims. Its either an attack on the muslim woman’s dress or on the mujahideen…

    I wanted to focus on the second part. Why do allow the the real “terrorists” (people who terrorise innocent people) to couple Jihad and Terrorism? Why do muslims run away when someone mentions jihad? And why do we listen to ignorant scholars who call upon the false Jihad? (ie jihad of the Nafs?) these sufi sheikhs have absolutely no understanding of jihad in the Quran and Sunnah, and inturn, because of their popularity, have destroyed the Real Jihad.

    I sure many people will email me back say that I “incite Terrorism” or that I’m a “wahhabi”. Well you can call me what you want. But one thing I am NOT is someone who runs away from reality.

    Why is it when Usama bin laden and his mujahideen kicked the Russian out, they were heroes,but when they try to do the same with Americans, they are now terrorists? Prehaps its because one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter? [...i dont support him or his people...i just wanted to make a point!!]

    And suicide bombing? Is that really jihad? Well it can be! Everyone keeps asking me if that is allowed in islam. Well the question should be WHEN is it allowed….

    I’ll give u an example. Lets say you are in the army and your fellow mujahideen are being killed, if you could possibly take out many of the enemies soldiers, but end up dieing and in return you will save many, then YES its allowed. But its not called suicide bombing, its more like an amry tactic….

    Or look at Israel, almost everyone (male and female) is in the army. They either fight or are in the reserve. You many not believe me, but this is fact, and you many do your research if you believe otherwise. So in their case, suicide bombing of cafes is allowed because first they are occupying your land, and second, they are part of the army.

    You may ask “what about children?” well collateral damage cannot be avoided all the time. The generally ruling in islam is that its forbidden, but sometimes it cannot be avoided and there is evidence of this in the sunnah. Why is it ok for them to slaughter our sons and daughters, but if one of theirs dies accidently, the muslims are quick to point fingers and name names?

    Im not saying people should commit suicide bombings though! Because clearly it doesn’t work in Israel! What good is it that you kill 2 people and they com kill two families?

    But that’s in Israel! Its completely forbidden in UK or other countries that we are not being occupied! And ofcourse killing muslims is completely forbidden, hence what is happening in Iraq shud be only towards the occupiers. [ I can provide evidence for all this if necessary]

    Neway, we have muslims who claim to love the Prophet Peace be upon him, and celebrate his “birthday”, yet they don’t follow his sunnah when it comes to defend their own brothers and sisters??! Did he not fight in any wars?

    Here is an article of What Jihad is From the Quran and Sunnah and the later I will send you a “virtues of the Mujahideen”. And please, take time and reflect on his/her position in Jannah and then ask your self…where will you be? What have you done to help this deen!?

    Its embarrassing that this ummah is so large, yet so weak. We should really be ashamed of ourselves and open our eyes and see, that the happiness and comfort we seek.. we will never find in England, USA, or anywhere else in this dunya….that happiness is in Paradise and so far, many of use are falling short of simply commandments of Allah…. think of it as some1 pointing to you the route to a door and on the otherside of the door is paradise..but to get ther you must follow the route the individual has pointed you on (commandments). but if you stray off, you will hit obstacles (commit sins) and by the time you reach the door, the only bit of paradise you will see is the door !


    Al-Jihad Linguistically and Legally

    'Abdullah Yusuf 'Azzam

    Introduction by Abuz-Zubair

    There is a misunderstanding of the word "Jihaad" amongst many of the Muslims today, who think it to mean any sort of struggle in the path of Allah, most commonly translated as "striving". This struggle (or striving) for them ranges from waking up in the morning for Fajr to giving Khutbahs and lectures on Islaam in Universities and other institutes. Whereas "Jihaad" is a shara’ee term which implies al-Qitaal (physical fight), even though linguistically it may mean Jihaad with the parents, like the statement of the Prophet SAW "Fa Feehima Fajaahid" meaning "strive in them (your parents)" or "Thumma Jahadaha fa qad wajab al-Ghusl" meaning "…then he strove on her, Ghusl becomes waajib". Just like the word "Salaah" which linguistically means D’ua as in the saying of Allah, "Sali ‘Alaihim" (at-Tawbah) meaning "…pray (or make du’a) for them…" but technically it means actions and statements from Takbeer to Tasleem.

    Similarly the Zakah, Sawm, Hajj and rest of these terms have their own linguistic meanings as well as legal meanings and it is not permissible for anyone to act upon the linguistic meaning while ignoring the legal shara’ee meaning. So a person cannot have performed Zakah (purification) by taking a shower each morning, rather Zakah in sharee'ah is performed by giving 2.5% of the annual savings to charity as an obligation. Similarly, one cannot perform Jihad by giving lectures, feeding the family or serving the parents, rather Jihad can only be performed in the field of al-Qitaal (lit. fighting), as the sharee'ah dictates.

    Therefore when the word Jihad is used in the Qur'an and the Sunnah, in a general sense then it means Qitaal, and when it is mentioned in its linguistic sense (as in to strive with your parents and family etc.) then that is regarded to be Muqayyid (restricted) by the rules of Usoolul-Fiqh.

    The following text is the translation of a section from the work of the Mujaahid Sheikh of this century ash-Sheikh ash-Shaheed ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam - may Allah have Mercy upon him - who was referred to as the "reviver of Jihad of this century" by the TIMES magazine. In this piece he explains the word "Jihaad" as an Arabic word and a Shara’ee term according to the classical scholars of the four Madhaahib.

    Unfortunately, whenever Allah guides the Muslim youth to get up and fulfil the obligation and the Sunnah of Qitaal in the way of Allah, we find some people amongst the Muslims hindering the youth away from the legal Jihaad to linguistic Jihaad, which is what lead me to translate this piece of work, so that it may be beneficial to the Muslims in general and a final blow to the obstacles in the path of the youths seeking martyrdom in the way of Allah...



    Al-Jihad Linguistically:

    It is taken from Juhud – Yajhadu – Juhdan. So initially al-Juhd is with Dhammah or Fathhah which is al-was’ (strength) or at-Taaqah (power), and it is said: al-Juhd (with Dhammah) is al-was’ (strength) or at-Taaqah (power), and al-Jahd (with Fathhah) is al-Mushaqqah (hardship). Al-Jahd (with Fathhah) is used as al-Ghaayah (i.e. taking to limits):

    "They swore by Allah their strongest (Jahda) oaths (i.e. took it to limits)" 5:53

    Which means to complete and to end their promise. So al-Juhd and al-Jihaad linguistically is to sacrifice to ones utmost according to a person’s ability with strength, in order to obtain the beloved or to avert the hated / see Lisaan-ul-‘Arab and al-Qaamoos al-Muheet.

    Al-Jihad legally in Shar’iah:

    The four Fuqaha’ have agreed that al-Jihaad is al-Qitaal (fighting) and to help there in (i.e. in Qitaal).

    To you is the definition of the four jurists:

    1. Al-Hanafiyah:

    It says in Fath al-Qadeer by Ibn Humaam 5/187: "al-Jihaad: calling the Kuffar to the religion of truth and to fight them if they do not accept". al-Kaasaani said in al-Badaa’i’, 9/4299 "To sacrifice ones strength and energy in Fighting in the way of Allah ‘Azza wa-Jal with ones life, property and the tongue and whatever besides".

    2. Al-Maalikiyah:

    For a Muslim to fight against a Kaafir who is not under oath, to raise the word of Allah, or if he (Kaafir) is in his (Muslim’s) presence (in order to attack him), or upon his (Kaafir) entering his (Muslim’s) land. (Haashiya al-‘Adawi/as-Sa’eedi 2/2 and ash-Sharh as-Sagheer/Aqrab al-Masaalik by ad-Dardeer 2/267)

    3. Ash-Shaafi’iyah:

    Al-Baajawari said, "al-Jihaad means: al-Qitaal (fighting) in the way of Allah", al-Baajawari / Ibnul-Qaasim 2/261. Ibn Hajr said in al-Fath 6/2, "…and legally (it means) sacrificial striving in fighting the Kuffar"

    4. Al-Hanbaliyah:

    "To Fight the Kuffar" see Mataalibu Ulin-Nahi 2/497. "al-Jihaad is al-Qitaal (fighting) and to sacrifice all strength in it to raise the Word of Allah", see ‘Umdatul-Fiqh p.166, and Muntahal-Iraadaat 1/302.

    The Conclusive Statement:

    Indeed whenever the word "Jihaad" is spoken then verily it means al-Qitaal (fighting), and the phrase "Fee Sabeelillah" (in the way of Allah) is spoken then surely it means al-Jihaad.

    Ibn Rushd said in his Muqaddamaat 1/369: "…and Jihaad of the Sword: to fight the Mushrikeen for the Deen. So whoever tires himself for the sake of Allah, he strove in the way of Allah. Except that when 'Jihaad Feesabeelillah' is said, then it cannot be applied (to everything) in general except striving against the Kuffar with the sword until they enter Islam, or pay the Jizya with willing submission and they are under humiliation".

    Ibn Hajr said
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    Salaam Brother , you wording to the way of Allah is very honest, and no your fustration with this dunya is normal, Knowledge is our becon , surley we must strive in our Jihad to find a way within Knowledge to stop the Jihad of Killing, all knowledge derive from Alalh and thierfore we shouldn't stop looking toward Allah for answer ...Their is a block to that answer , why it went on for decade , to kill as its the only way , Mankind learnd...with baby steps...they didn't get to that answer as yet...Space climbing is as yet a mountain dew...

    Inshallah the Jihad will always remain as Knowledge , Salah , Fasting , Charity , etc...not Killing ...
    Food for taught: IF a life is the key to wake up with Knowledge and you take away sector of answe may very well go with the knowledge that meant for the purposs....and as the white stip of light comes into the womb of the sky , dawn is break and the call has come, Fajir is here..rise and come to your Lord , they way of life!!
    Allah Hafiz..


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