Announcement FREE ONLINE COURSE: Fiqh of Fasting with Shaykh Hasan Kattani (HA)

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    Cordoba Academy
    gladly announces the launch of its latest
    4-week Ramadan Preparation Course

    "Fiqh of Fasting"
    "Based on al-Murshid al-Mu'in Maliki Fiqh Text"

    With the Esteemed Mentor
    Shaykh Hasan al-Kattani
    Live from Morocco

    Absolutely Free Course

    Saturday and Sundays starting 30 June 2012 at 10PM (Makkah Time) click link for your time

    To request more information or to register your place, please email


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    This course will be taught in English as the Shaykh speaks English fluently.
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    Shaykh al-Sayyid al-Musnid Mohammed Hasan al-Kattani originates from a family of Muhaditheen and Maliki Ulama that goes back centuries with his lineage traceable to the Prophet Mohammed (Sululahoo alayhi wassalam). He is extremely fortunate to have started memorizing the Quran and Hadith at a very tender as is custom in his family, many of whom were leading scholars of the 20th century of whom the most famous were Shaykh Abdul Hayy al-Kattani, Shaykh Mohammedd ibn Jafar al-Kattani, Shaykh Makki Kattani, Shaykh Mohammed Baqir Kattani (May Allah have mercy on them). Shaykh Hasan continues this tradition of Islamic scholarship well into the 21st century by the regular classes that he gives to students in Morocco.

    Amongst the dozens of scholars that he has studied and received Ijazah (authorization) from are: Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Arnauat, Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Siddeeq al-Ghumari, Shaykh Abdul Hay ibn Siddeeq al-Ghumari, Shaykh Abdullah ibn Siddeeq al-Ghumari, Shaykh Mohammed Muntasir al-Kattani, Shaykha Nafisa al-Kattaniyyah, Shaykh Mohammed Tayyib al-Kattani, Shaykh Mohammed Bu Khubza.

    Shaykh has also studied and graduated from universities in Morocco and Jordan and holds a Master's Degree in combined Fiqh and Usool. He is a prolific author and has written in various fields including Maliki and Dhahiri Fiqh, Islamic Politics, Fiqh al-Hadith, Usool al-Hadith and Biographies of the Sahabah.

    Shaykh has been invited to teach in many countries around the world including Switzerland, Australia, North America, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Tunisia and Qatar as well as meeting Ulama and studying in Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Pakistan and Morocco where he currently resides with his family.

    We are greatly honoured to have Shaykh Hasan (May Allah preserve him) dedicating his precious time to Cordoba Academy and its students and warmly welcome him.

    Shaykh's family tree can be found at Fiqh of Fasting from al-Murshid al-Mu'in with Shaykh Hasan al-Kattani
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    Only a few hours left to start
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    Continues this week. Avail this great chance and get the recordings for last week's class.
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    Can anyone join? I mean as the course has already started?

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