FSA fighting for democracy? FSA vs Mujaheeden?

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Ibn Ibrahim, Jul 27, 2012.

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    There is likely to be, to say the least, some elements within the FSA, who want a 'western style democracy'. Such conclusion can be drawn fairly easily, I would suggest. If you look at the situation in Libya, we saw brothers declaring takbir, performing their salah and so on, in the battlefield. However, those who are running the country (or a big segment of them) are not declaring that takbir in real sense (ie. not ruling by the sharia).
  3. Ibn Ibrahim

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    I do realize that there are some elements that want and are fighting for democracy, but the question is how many of FSA are in that category, 10% or 80%?
    If they fight for democracy then Hell is a befitting place for them, if they are fighting for Islam then inshallah they shall have paradise.
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    The FSA are a mixture of Muslims, 'Alawi, Secularists, Marxists, etc. They are not an exclusively-islamic organization nor are they organized in such a manner that their ultimate goal is the establishment of the deen. Sure, there may be some amongst them who are upon sunnah and are fighting against Bashar's forces sincerely, hoping for an Islamic ends, but the FSA movement in general is not an Islamic movement, lacks structure, and has no exit strategy after Bashar's downfall.

    Regardless, may Allah give victory to the Muslims in ash-Shaam, and destroy the oppressors, ameen.
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  5. Ibn Ibrahim

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    That made it a bit clearer.
    The next question to ask is the size of the FSA in relation to the other groups, are they the main force of the resistance or is there role overplayed by the media.
    Such questions as these may seem to be basal, but are very important to the understanding on what makes up the resistance and who is really fighting the fight.
    The media can not be trusted, especial in these matters regarding Islam and Muslims.
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  6. gho29

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    Brother Ibn Ibrahmim, jazakAllah for this post! You are absolutely right, if they fight for democracy, then Hell is a befitting place for them! May Allah (swt) protect our brave mujahideen and may He give them victory over the Nusayris and the apostates. [​IMG]
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    If that story is story wouldn't that make the FSA mujahideen and the kidnappers plain and simple bandits...?
  8. AbuMubarak

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    we tend to look at this wars from afar as if everyone is the same

    but even if you look at the usa, uk, or almost any other country on earth, if there were a rebellion to overthrow the government, there would be all types of people, groups, neighborhoods,

    right wing, left wing, thugs, militia, soldiers of fortune, etc,

    thats why you cannot just go by videos, because the news can interview anyone, either with a purpose or just by chance, and that person may say the right thing or the complete wrong thing

    i was watching the egyptian uprising, one day, you would hear a feminist, the next day, a brother who wanted sharia, and the day after, a communist/socialist type

    all types of people and groups wanted hosni out and all types want bashar out

    we hope and pray to Allah that Islam comes out victorious. whereas the kuffar are hoping for a western puppet regime comes into power
  9. Abu-Asiya

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    I don't know about marxists and secularists, but I'm pretty sure they're all stoptheslaughterofmyfamily-ists.
  10. AbuMubarak

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    interesting, i just read an interview with one of the thugs, and he said that he was doing this to protect the alawites because if the sunnis ever came into power, they would make his women cover and close the bars

    of course, this was just one interview, with one person, and you never know the full truth, but if there were so many other underlying forces, were they all against bashar and victims of his brutality, or was he mainly focusing on the religious muslims?
  11. Abu Sayyid

    Abu Sayyid Qutbist

    If the story is true, what is quite obvious is that those you call bandits suspected these men to be spies, and why shouldn't they? It is a war zone, not a picnic (actually you wouldn't even let uninvited guests to a picnic!). If journalists want to go to Syria, they should only go through contact with one of the factions of Mujahideen, otherwise it is quite understandable for random westerners to be viewed with suspicion.

    Also did these kuffar come to Syria with a covenant of security from the Muslims? If not, then their blood, wealth and honour is halal. They should be thankful they weren't shot on sight, which would probably be the case if anyone walked into an army barracks in the middle of a war zone.
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  12. acekhurasaan

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    Yes, but that still doesn't qualify the FSA to be a strictly-Muslim movement, which is what I was stating in my post. I am sure everyone, regardless of what their beliefs or ideologies are, want to see Bashar and his ruling elite to be abdicated and killed, but more importantly it should be asked, who will obtain authority and power over the people after his ousting? Will it be just another puppet regime that plays into the hands of the imperialists? Like I said, they all want him out, but they lack structure and don't have an exit strategy as to what should be done AFTER the regime has fallen, and this is crucial.

    Let's all pray that the result isn't another post-colonial client state of the US, ameen.
  13. Ibn Ibrahim

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    As Brother Abu Sayyid pointed out: The journalists entered the area without any form of agreement from the mujahideen, and as such there life becomes halal unto the Muslims.
    The kuffar have to understand that they can not just walk in on our territory without any prior form of agreement for protection.
    There is nothing new about kuffar being captured, killed and taken as slaves in the older days when they entered Muslim controlled territory, adn it is the full right of Muslims to treat them that way.

    The FSA was in the wrong on this one, as they have wronged the Mujahideen, as they took away the prisoners belonging to the mujahideen with threats.

    The point is not to view the case from a hypocritical western point of view of "human rights", but to view it from an Islamic point of view from the "shariah"

    I do realize that there are going to be groups with diferent agendas in a uprising, but the question is; if any of those groups have any impact and power in the rebelion.
    Some groups of people are going to be bigger than others, but the important question is not how large the groups fighting for falsehood is, but rather how large the group fighting for truth is.

    We hear takbir all over in youtube, but the appearance of the ones making takbir does not reassure me.
    I am not saying anything else other than that i do not understands the situation on the ground in Syria, who is really leading the fight that is what I would like to understand.
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  14. RaiseUp

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    Nonsense. This is what you get when you don't learn the fiqh of jihad from the fuqaha. You make your own rules, la hawla wa la quwwata illa billa.

    Alhamdulillah there was a smart brother with those "mujahideen" present saying it was unislamic to kill such a person, and saved the life of the journalist.
  15. Ibn Ibrahim

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    Ibn-Nuhaas Known as Abi Zakaryya Al Dimashqi al Dumyati (d.814 AH (1411 CE) said:
    "I asked some of the great scholars of the Shafi’I school about the
    businessmen who are from the land of the enemy and come to do
    business in Muslim land, is it allowed to fight them at sea before
    they reach our ports? They said: They can be fought before they
    get to our ports and even after they get to our ports.

    If enemy businessmen enter Muslim territory by permission to do
    business then the Muslims should not transgress against them."

    The business of the journalist is documenting and writing.

    So, Mr. RiseUp, you seem to have it all figured out, I have now brought my proof from a 15 century scholar, where is your proof?
    I will now use your own words against you: "You make your own rules, la hawla wa la quwwata illa billa."
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  16. abumuwahid

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    This is the type of Islam that Queerliam Foundation teaches.
  17. RaiseUp

    RaiseUp New Member

    Note: it says dar al-harb. May Allah give you fahm. Moreover, they entered Syria with a visa.

    You brought nothing except your own made up ijtihaad showing your jahl. Your claim would necessitate that even the Christians, Alawites fighting against Asad would be killed.

    Even non-Muslims from charity organizations would be put to death by this argument.

    And this is when Syria is supposed to be an Islamic state, which it isn't. It is not even an area in control with judges and rulers imposing the law. Go read kitab al-hudud and al-jihad with the conditions attached to it. More importantly; name me 1 reliable scholar allowing this, even from the reliable mujahideen.
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  18. Perseveranze

    Perseveranze لا إله إلا الله

    Asalaamu Alaikum,

    Depends on how true this recent poll is in reflecting what Syrians want;


    Arab Women and Men See Eye to Eye on Religion’s Role in Law

    But even so, they've been under secular tyrants for decades, so what can we realistically expect? No doubt, you feel there are definitely some out there who are fighting for the cause of Allah(swt) and Shariah, but this may be a minority rather than a majority.

    And Allah knows best what's in their hearts.
  19. Ibn Ibrahim

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    Dar al-harb or any other dar, as long as they do not have a covenant with the Muslim state they are not protected, it is irrelevant.
    And for reference it does not say dar al-harb, it says the land of the enemy, the enemy is anyone who does not have a covenant with the Muslims.
    Is it your opinion that the British and Dutch are NOT at war with Muslims and Islam?
    A visa, are you joking with me? since when is a visa issued by the filthy state of bashar al-assad? (this shows YOUR jahl)

    I have not made any ijtihad, if you want to argue, argue against the statement made by Ibn-Nuhaas.
    And since when is the blood of christians and alawites holy? they become protected the day they are paying jizya to the Muslims.
    Who cares about charity from people that are bombing us Muslims in Afghanistan and elsewhere! Only by permission are they to give any form of charity, the muslims should put there faith in Allah and not in kafir "charity" organizations which is infiltrated by CIA and spying and gathering intelligence.

    It is you who should study the hudud of Jihaad.
    Here is a great very known book: Mashari Al-Ashwaq ila Masari al-Ushaaq by Ibn-Nuhaas.

    In the end it is I who have brought proof, and you have brought nothing but arguments.
    You accuse me of being jahil, while it is you who is a jahil.
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  20. Ibn Ibrahim

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    The problem is as you have said, is that they have lived under a secular tyrant for years.
    They need to be educated about the shariah, what it implies and entitles, if they still deny the shariah after knowig what it is, then they have chosen something other than Islam.

    But in the end, it does not really mater whatever the people want it or not, it should be enforced in any case, as it is a command from Allah the almighty.

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