Funny Fun With The Moghdubi Alihem @ Their Parade Full Version

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Yousef al Khattab, Jul 15, 2008.

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    "1,2,3 4". Is this the average american zionist? Hateful.
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    So akhi, what was the purpose of all of this? Going to Yahudi getherings to insult them.
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    yes akhi.

    ‛Abdullāh bin Ahmad bin Hanbal said, “Narrated to me, my father, that Ya‛qūb said, ‘Narrated to us, my father from Ibn Ishāq who said, ‘And narrated to me, Yahyah bin ‛Urwah bin Az-Zubayr, from his father, ‛Urwah bin ‛Abdullāh bin ‛Amr Ibn Al-Aws, who said, ‘I said to him, ‘What was the most that
    you ever saw Quraysh being struck by the Messenger of Allāh(swt) from what was apparent from his enmity?’ He said, ‘I was present with them and their noble people when they met one day at the stone (i.e. the Ka‛bah). So they mentioned the Messenger of Allāh and said, ‘We have not seen the likes of what we have remained patient upon from this man whatsoever. He has ridiculed your intelligence and swore at our fathers and made our religion (appear) disgusting while dividing our group and swearing at our gods. We have remained patient with him in a great matter,’ or as they said (i.e. what they said was like this). ’He said, ‘So while they were like that, the Messenger of Allāh came upon them and began to approach them until he took hold of the pillar. Then he passed by them while performing the cicumbulation (Tawā f) around the house (i.e. Ka‛bah)

    while passing by them they accused him with some of what he said so I noticed that from his facial expression. And then he continued until he passed by them a second time and they accused him with
    the likes of it (again) so I noticed that from his facial expression. And then he passed by them a third time and they accused him with the likes of it. So he said, ‘Do you hear, O group of Quraysh? By Him in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, I have come to you with slaughter!’
    [Musnad Imam Ahmad] "And the Quraish the mushrikeen had complained that the Messenger e, “Ridiculed our ideals, reviled
    our forefathers, castigated our religion, divided our ranks, and insulted our gods.” And after they had said this, the Messenger e replied in their faces, “Listen (to these words)- O assembly of Quraysh! I
    swear by Him in Whose Hand lies the soul of Muhammad! Verily, I have come to slaughter you.”

    Recorded in Musnad Ahmad under # 7036; Muhaddith Muhaqqiq Ahmad Shaakir (ra) classified it as Saheeh. Reported by ibn Abi Hakim, al-Hakim and Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said to the
    people of Makkah; Oh people I come to you with slaughter. In another narration it states; I have been sent to slaughter you and to harvest your crops and not to cultivate them. This is taken from the Tafseer al-Badhawi for Surah Muhammad and Tafseer ul-Saadi (Nasir ibn
    Muhammad al-Saadi)
    Dahooq al-Qattaal Ibn Taymiyyah, Siyaasah Shariah, Vol.1, P18, - quotes the battle of zaat ul-Salaasil where the Messenger of Allah (saw) said; annal dahooq al-Qattaal (I am the one who smiles when he kills).
    Dahooq is the one who smiles and al-Qattaal is the one who kills a lot.
    Ibn Kathir, Al-Bidaayah wal Nihaayah, Vol.3, P199, Ali bin Ibrahim al-Hashim when the jews of Banu Qurayza and Banu Nadheer came to the Messenger of Allah (saw) and said what are you calling for? The Messenger of Allah (saw) replied laailaaha illallah muhamadan rasoolallah and that which has been revealed about me in your Torah and what your scholars have informed you about me, that I will come from Makkah, a free man, I will leave polytheism, alcohol, I will leave the businesses…that I will be the seal of the prophets, I will put the sword into the sheath and the chest, I will not fear
    anybody and I will smile when I kill and that wherever there is any sign of human or animal footsteps
    (i.e. life) my sultan (authority) will reach there.
    This is also reported in Dalaail Nabuwwah, Vol2, P508 by Imam Bayhaqi.
    Surah Muhammad is also called Surah al-Dahooq al-Qataal and Surah al-Qitaal as stated in Tafseer

    Ibn Kathir where he spoke about the attribute of the Messenger of Allah (saw) being declared to the people in the naming of this surah.
    Ibn Taymiyyah, Majmooa al-Fataawa, Vol.28, in the tafseer of verse 29 in chapter Fath quotes the tafseer of Dahaaq (tabi’) where the Messenger of Allah (saw) said; I am al-dahooq al-qattaal and this is for being Shidda’ (harsh) towards the kuffar (as the ayah states).
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    there's al-baydhaawi and al-baghawi, which one are you referring to^?

    also, it's abdul-rahman ibn nasir al-sa'di (RAH).
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    Tafseer al-Badhawi (English Same Name)

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