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    Asalammu Alaykum

    I know a person who has cancer and I think the doctors have given him not long to live. I know that only Allah Ta'ala knows when ones time is up. However he has asked me to come to his funeral.

    I think out of humanity I should go, however what is the Islamic ruling on going to q non Muslims funeral.

    Am I forced to go in any way cos he asked me to come or what

    Barakallahu feekh

  2. Abu Osama

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  3. abumuwahid

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    As Salamu Alaykum

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  4. abumuwahid

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    Use this opportunity to invite him to Islam.
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    I heard there was a difference in opinion in this. I mean the attending of course, not the participating in musical hymns, shirk and whatnot.

    Best to ask a shaykh or student of knowledge.

    Allaah knows best.
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  6. abumuwahid

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    ^ I think the fatwa that was posted answers his question. However, he also wanted to know

    The hadith I posted answers his question very clearly.
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