Gay Iranian granted asylum in UK

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    A gay Iranian teenager who feared he could be executed if he was returned home has been given asylum in Britain.

    Mehdi Kazemi, 19, came to London to study English in 2005, but later discovered that his boyfriend had been charged with sodomy in Iran and hanged.

    The home secretary agreed to reconsider Mr Kazemi's case in March, after his first asylum bid failed.

    The UK Border Agency now says it will allow him asylum after reviewing his case.

    A spokesman said: "The UK Border Agency considers each case on its individual merits and will continue to provide refuge for those asylum seekers with a genuine need for protection.

    "We keep cases under review where circumstances have changed and it has been decided that Mr Kazemi should be granted leave to remain in the UK based on the particular facts of this case."

    This is great news for a very decent man

    Simon Hughes MP

    Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes, who led the campaign to get Mr Kazemi granted asylum, said: "Like Mehdi and his family in Britain, I am delighted to hear of the Home Office decision to let him stay in this country. This is great news for a very decent man.

    "As I have argued over the last 18 months, the Home Office should not send gay and lesbian people back to countries where they will be at risk of persecution, torture or death."

    Iranian human rights campaigners believe more than 4,000 gay men and lesbians have been executed since 1979.

    Mr Kazemi fled to the Netherlands after the Home Office rejected his case late last year, but a Dutch court ruled he could not claim asylum in the Netherlands.

    Jacqui Smith said his case would be reviewed after he was sent back to the UK.
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    great news to hear!

    it is very clear that the shiah iranian government does not implement the proper shareeah. if they find out a man is gay, they kill him, without the proper requirements like 4 witnesses, etc. they go to private gay bars, invading one's right to privacy, and then they execute some of the people.. disregarding once again the fact that the people did not even commit sodomy!

    the punishment for SODOMY is clear. but the sheeah takes things to the extreme. they invade privacy and ignore the implications that must be followed. and many times the government does not even kill the person.. rather, their own family does or people from the area! this also disregards that they must see a judge first and have a right to a trial and such.

    if he was caught committing sodomy, with 4 witnesses there and all, then let the punishment go forth. but i think we know very well that there were not 4 witnesses. rather, crazy shiahs are just going and killing people, not following the shareeah.

    i condemn him for being a practicing homosexual. but i do not think he should be put to death unless the PROPER shareeah implications are taken into place. if they are not, then spare him!

    at least this is my opinion. i know that many will disagree, and i look forward to seeing their responses.

    wa salaam
  3. Abu Abdallah al-Bulghari

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    Most likely he was not even a homosexual, just a guy who wanted to stay UK.

    Vast majority of Russian Jews came to US and other Western countries after "perestroyka" under the false pretense of persecution. They pile up some bogus "evidence" which nobody checks out and voila.
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    People say anything to stay in the UK or USA. One guy I knew pretended he was a Qadiani to get asylum, saying he was discriminated in Pakistan.

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