Video George Galloway Scolds Arabs for Joining Western Efforts against Iran

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Firebrand Mullah, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Firebrand Mullah

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  2. Firebrand Mullah

    Firebrand Mullah Hanfist Salfist Humblist

    Very interesting.
  3. -Hussain-

    -Hussain- Well-Known Member

    Is this the first time an english speech was subtitled by memri?
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  4. abumuwahid

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    ^ lol
    Someone probably told him that Galloway is scottish...
  5. Firebrand Mullah

    Firebrand Mullah Hanfist Salfist Humblist

    He is an Arab now.
  6. Die for Allah

    Die for Allah TIOCFAIDH AR LA

    Yeah a baathist one.
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  7. Firebrand Mullah

    Firebrand Mullah Hanfist Salfist Humblist

    Indeed. Very well observed.
  8. sanzerkhel

    sanzerkhel Al Afghane

    From a political standpoint a war against Iran would not be a very wise choice, because if Iran is gone their will be a power sink in the middle east. Sure, you may get rid of the shia threat, but it's not a wise choice at the current political situation. That's just my 2cents if I was in the king of SAR shoes.
  9. Die for Allah

    Die for Allah TIOCFAIDH AR LA

    This video has been posted before I think, but just to highlight/expose gorgeous (who many Muslims seem to regard as some kind of voice of Islam) in that when something goes against his personal kufr socialist politics he will stoop so low as to support an absolute monster such as the Syrian regime. We Muslims really need to keep things in perspective, yes he speaks the truth sometimes and highlights the plight of oppressed Muslims sometimes but lets not forget that he has an agenda.Let's not allow him to dictate what our aims and objectives are or should be.


    At 3:58, referring to the protesters in Syria he states that they are chanting the slogan "Allah hu akbar" and then condescendingly says to the caller "I dont know if that's a slogan of yours, if you like that slogan?" Well Georgie boy that is a slogan of those who voted you into office and yes they do like that slogan and you yourself have utilised that very same slogan when it suited your needs, but now that it doesn't you imply that it is somehow a slogan of terrorists/rebels.

    George goes onto state that the demonstrations which are pro Syrian regime are vastly greater in number than those against (he says this based on youtube videos) and somehow tries to suggest that for this reason there are more people in favour of the regime than those against, well Georgie boy in case you hadn't noticed those brave souls who are protesting against the brutal dictatorship are constantly being attacked by assault rifles,artlillery shells, helicopter gunships etc etc and are being slaughtered in their thousands, despite that fact they still manage to come out in their tens of thousands to protest, what does that tell ya George?
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  10. sanzerkhel

    sanzerkhel Al Afghane

    He is a politician what do you expect, I would rather have him in power then the various hand picked pricks in the current office. The lesser evil is better then the greater evil.
  11. journeyman

    journeyman Banned

    Well...the stuff Arabs wouldnt want to hear
  12. Salamat

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    This was in the related video secition, thought I might share it.

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