Important Haris Hammam, the slave and Shafi'i

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    As salamu alaykum

    Dear brothers, your already known friend Ebu Muqatil is coming back for some time to this forum. I will not be here too long since it is Ramadan and at this time there are better things to do and participation at this forum is surely not among them.

    The topic I would like to adress is an interpreation of a passage from Imam Shafi'is book Risalah by Haris Hammam at Multaqa AH as well as at this forum. He says:

    and the passage from Risalah says: "And this is how the Prophet set the standard in everyone he tested for faith". On this follows the hadith of the slave girl.

    So, the coprocreep (I have no idea what that means but the Deobandis use for him) says that Imam Shafi'i and therefore the Prophet hold the question "Where is Allah?" as a "standard measuring stick" for testing somebodies iman. However, I read the passage from Risalah and I do not see the context for this conclusion as presented by Haris Hammam. The chapter ???? ??? ???? ?? ????? ????? ??? ???? is about the obligation to follow the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet. Therefore before coming to the hadith Imam Shafi'i says that for iman the believe in Allah and the Prophet is necessary. The standard test in this case is not regarding Allah's 'uluw but rather on the affirmation of Allah and the Prophet.
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    Oooo your back bro, your jokes were greatly missed :D
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    I'm a little Kharaji
    Short and stout,
    Major league takfeeri
    From the millah I will take you out
    When I get all steamed up,
    Hear me shout,
    damn you murtad from this deen you are out!
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    all I need to know is one thing my freind, when are you leaving for the land of No?
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    OK, thread finished. HH will not answer. Therefore I prooved the point and I leave again.
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    "Don't cry for me Takferita!"
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    How can I be a takfiri when I am not even wahhabi?
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    Haqq right there homeboy..Haqq,Haqq,Haqq,isn't that how Popeye laughed?
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    Wahabis came AFTER the takfeeris like the khawarij. Unless your on some warped "back to the future" manhaj then you can be a takfeeri withou being a wahaabi, however you might actually be a Tak-fairy
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    Yes you can't be takfeeri but you sure can be munafiq.
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