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Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by Hatim, Jul 2, 2012.

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    wa alaykum as salam

    i believe it is called a shemagh
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    Wa Aleikum Salaam.

    It looks like the Sheikh is wearing a taqiyah/kufi on his head and has a white shemagh/keffiyeh over it.
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  4. Hatim

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    Is it common? Or for special occasions? Or in specific countries? I have never seen anybody to wear that....
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    Are you trolling? if not, just browse to the nearest Saudi satellite Chanel and you will get your answer.
  6. abumuwahid

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    Nothing wrong with his questions at all.
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    Saudi men wear shemagh (i guess) bounded with AGAL (or Rope, whatever). I can´t see any AGAL on the picture. So I was thinking if this kind of headwear is anyhow special/extraordinary.
    So, please, spare your "important" comments brother. I am not interested in verbal attacks but I am interested in knowledge.
  8. Abu Kamel

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    As salam alaikum

    To be more specific, the elder gentleman is wearing a 'ghutra'- white head dress. Here in the Khaleej, I have personally only seen ulama, imma, and pious elder men wear ghutra without agal. However, it is possible that in a formal setting, such as business, meeting local dignitaries, etc, he might wear the ghutra with agal.

    Ghutra with agal and dishdasha is recognized as formal national dress and is worn at work, political events, formal occasions, eid, salatul jumuah, weddings, etc.

    Informal dress includes hamdani, or turbans. Young men tend to wear hamdani in informal settings. Rarely do I see elder men wear hamdani. This variation in the photo may be instead of hamdani in informal setting.

    [Incidently, in 2011 govt officials required that expats wear their own national dresses while obtaining resident visas. This was abandoned when it was recognized that most countries do not have formal national dresses. However, I have since discovered some informal national dresses:

    America's national dress: khaki colored pants, button down oxford shirt that is light blue, usually long sleeved. This is American national dress.

    Filipino national dress: thong slippers, knee length shorts, and t shirt, sometimes sleeveless tshirt.

    Indian national dress: what is Shah ru Khan wearing today? ;)
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    Weird how the turban is not formal dress in medina/mekkah. I wonder when the shift happened from turban to shemag
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