help me better focus on dunya studies.

Discussion in 'Helpers' Corner' started by Hideo Kuze, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. Hideo Kuze

    Hideo Kuze <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    i cannot bunker down and learn my course material at university. everyday seems so long. any advice?
  2. A Struggle Within

    A Struggle Within New Member

    can u please explain urself alittle further?
  3. Hideo Kuze

    Hideo Kuze <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    well im a second year college student and i cant focus on my work any longer. everything and anything i do seems trivial and unimportant. on top of that i have no long term goals...
  4. Mu'awiya

    Mu'awiya New Member

    asalaam alaikum warahmatulah wabarakatuh


    1 - Take notes in class and try your best to understand them.

    2 - Read again
    through them when you reach home.

    3 - Write them down again.

    You will have memorized
    the work insha' Allah.
  5. A Struggle Within

    A Struggle Within New Member

    there must be a reason why u are not able to focus? maybe it's the field u've chosen? my younger bro has the same problem actually and he has decided to take a break. i wouldn't encourage that upon u though. infact, i am disappointed in him. are ur parents insisting u study in a particular field u show no interest in? if so, that can be a prob.
  6. Hideo Kuze

    Hideo Kuze <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    your brother took a break? im thinking of that. but im studying computer science. i like it and all but i hate going to class
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  7. A Struggle Within

    A Struggle Within New Member

    well ur not the only one who hates going to class.
    yes, my bro took a break..
    how many years do you have left? and if u like it, then just push urself until u get it over with. u can also try taking those 3 hr classes, so u don't have to go in everyday..
  8. Hideo Kuze

    Hideo Kuze <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    i have close to 100 credit hours left. what happened to your brother? yea i may sign up for those 3 hr courses
  9. A Struggle Within

    A Struggle Within New Member

    hes not sure what he wants to do...
  10. Machher

    Machher Member

    Here are somethings that helped me;

    1. Make Dua that this stops happening to you and that you attain great success in these endeavors. Also remember that part of sincerity of the dua is that you truly believe your dua has been accepted and granted immediately!

    2. Double check step 1, this is critical! Ensure you BELIEVE Allah SWT's help is with you and all thats left for your do is perform the necessary steps and success is gaurnteed (qadrAllah)! Without step 1 and 2 everything else is pointless. You MUST act as if its impossible for you to fail - you have Allah SWTs help after all, believe that the Dua changed the qadr, and the newly written qadr has nothing to do with laziness or failure, rather its chalked full of success! inshAllah!

    3. Breaking bad habbits: Be very conscious of your actions, your character is in reality the aggregate of your habits. Laziness, procrastination, boredom with a particular thing are all mentally ingrained associations that incline you to act one way or another. Be concious of yourself the next time you procrastinate, listen to yourself think... what are the thoughts going through your mind? Heres the common conversation you might observe yourself having;

    Ahmad sees the textbook and immediately lets out a grunt "Ugh, studying .... maybe after I just finish making my lunch and go to the gym - after all taking care of my body is Ibaadah! Then I can REALLY quickly check my e-mail.. (and so on)". Notice what happened, the procrastinating thought process was triggered by the sight of the textbook!!! Your brain has subconciously linked textbooks with stress, pressure, difficulty (dont forget that it may also be shaytaan who is speaking to you, or helped ingrain this in your subconcious - say 'Aothobillah)! So it follows that as humans we will do anything to avoid stress, sadness, uncomfortable situations etc., but the trick here is to break these associations, breaking these bad habits! As soon as you see the textbook, listen to yourself (and what shaytaan is saying to you), remind yourself - Allah SWT is helping me here, there is no difficulty, not doing this after Allah SWT granted my dua is utter stupidity, and an insult to Allah SWT! What kind of believer rejects the divinely given ability to study after asking for it? You might also find the stuff you say about the subject or work is not event true, for example you might say "Gosh finance is so hard", but in your heart you dont really believe its that hard.

    Also , remember theres is a time for school, work, ibaadah, relaxing, etc. - give each of them their proper place, time and haq and inshAllah we can all be of the successful ones!

    Just to reiterate, Its all about breaking this negative thought process (therefore breaking the habit), consciously change your thoughts, conciously change whatever negative thoughts you have, tell yourself that studying is nothing like the way I used to view it. Break the habits, think different, know that every lazy inclination is nothing but an imaginary subconscious mental association, something easy to change! Then ACTION IT, IMMEDIATELY! Do EXACTLY what it is you know you SHOULD be doing at that time. By actioning the next steps you BUILD good habits, until eventually it will be SO normal to conquer ANY difficult task, and your old habits will seem foreign and disgusting to you! I believe Ibn Taymmiyah said "The heart does not loose a desire except that it replaces it", it will be impossible to remove a bad habit and ANOTHER habit takes it place - you decide however whether that new habit or thought process will be good or bad? It is SO important to take appropriate action after catching yourself in the act of laziness or procrastination. In summary, be conscious of whats going on in your head during boredom, procrastination, periods of lack of focus, THEN change your thoughts, change what you are thinking, remind yourself of the help of Allah SWT, LASTLY put into ACTION whatever it is you need to be doing, form a new good habit!

    4. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Remember after ridding of the bad habit and building good ones you can easily reverse the process by reverting back to similar negative ways. Try to apply this in every area of your life you are having difficulty in dealing with, catch yourself in the negative thought process!

    5. Thank Allah SWT!!!

    Dont forgot the recommended supplications for fear, anxiety, doing difficult tasks amongst other supplications.

    I pray that there is some benefit in my words, Ameen!
  11. ad-Duha

    ad-Duha Well-Known Member

    You said you have no long term goal ..thats an important observation.

    My advice is get a long term goal, only you can decide what this is. Other people's suggestions just wont mean as much, make sure its something that you personally really want to acheive.

    Then break it all down, be honest and straight with yourself about how you will get there. Clarity is power, the more clear your goal is, the more your brain will seek out a route to reach that known destination. It will cause you to become more focussed and cut out any nonsense that prevents you from acting and doing what is necessary.

    Wa-alaykum salaam
  12. Hideo Kuze

    Hideo Kuze <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    jazak allah khair. ill try to incorporate your points into my psyche Insha Allaah. May Allaah taala give you rewards for your sincere advice. Ameen
  13. Abu Tourab

    Abu Tourab Formerly MilkSheikh

    Believe it or not, you have to revise everyday in school...I hate going to class too. I get this anxious feeling that I am not learning anything...maybe it's cuz I don't review my notes everyday. Do it everyday or every week...everyday is better though. Keep your notes organized too....

    This is what I'll do...otherwise I will fail.
  14. abu 'eesa

    abu 'eesa Custom User Title...

    I used this proforma to help me to understand lectures better:

    It helped a lot when I actually used it.
  15. Abu Abdul-Barr

    Abu Abdul-Barr Active Member

    check this blog out Study Hacks

    he's authored a good book that u should purchase

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