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Discussion in 'Helpers' Corner' started by Umm_Umar, Jul 10, 2012.

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    I was not quite sure where to ask this, however this was only section you can ask for help and research.

    I have been reading and constantl come up names of groups or sects:
    Deobands, Ahle Hadeeths, Salafis, Hanafis, HTs etc etc (These are some names I have heard of but in articles or discussion seem to not follow these)

    Is there any where in this forum or any book or any way I can read the names of these groups and what ideology is followed by each sect/group?
    I would like to understand so that in future I can understand what Im reading and follow the lecture or discussion.

  2. Umm_Umar

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    Just to clarify that I would like to learn about all sects and groups and not just the ones I mentioned in the post Ia
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    Wa Aleikum Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

    If you have any general questions on Islaam, Insha'Allah post them in this section:

    Islam in General

    Hanafis are those who follow the Hanafi madhhab. There are three other madhahib: Hanbali, Shafi'i and Maliki. Remember that a madhhab is not a sect, it's just a school of thought. If you want to know about madhahib, I recommend 'The Evolution of Fiqh.'

    Salafi is a term that can be applied to many different groups; it can be Fiqh-wise and Aqeedah-wise. Salafi Aqeedah is also called Athari and Hanbali. When people on IA criticise Salafis, they are criticising the Salafi Fiqh not the Aqeedah. The majority of IAers adhere to Salafi Aqeedah (the Aqeedah of the Salaf (the first three generations of Muslims)).

    HT (Hizb ut-Tahrir) is a political group. They are somewhat deviated (they deny the punishment of the grave) and they're too obsessed with the Khilafah. Here's an article on them.

    Read this article on Deobandis. There's also a book on them: 'The Jamaa'at Tableegh and the Deobandis.'

    And Ahlul Hadith? Just like the term Salafi, it depends in what context it's being said.

    There are a lot of sects (that also have subgroups) and political groups (a la HT) so there aren't any books/articles that cover them all. Here's one forum that deals a lot with deviants:

    Multaqa Ahl al-Hadeeth - Aqeedah & Refutation of Deviant Sects

    Anyway you don't learn about them all straight away. Just learn as you go. If you come across any more terms that you don't understand, just ask on this thread. Insha'Allah we'll be able to help you.
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    Your post is most informative and beneficial for me.
    Much appreciated.

    Jzk again.
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