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Discussion in 'Living Room' started by therealstranger, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. therealstranger

    therealstranger New Member

    I need some assistance with training, and some one suggested ephedrine

    just after some advice, from anyone who has or is taking it
  2. petal

    petal iPetal

    Assalamu 'alaikum

    You're going to need to give more information than what you have.

    What sort of training?
    How long have you been training?
    Current physical state?
    Any health considerations for yourself or that which runs in your family?
    Which country you live in?
  3. isha-h

    isha-h New Member


    i have taken ephedrine a few times over the years, when i have wanted to shift a few pounds quickly !! it does give u a mass of energy so i guess it would be helpful in fitness training - i always got mine from the local gym. as with anything you just have to be careful what your buying - many brands of fake ephedrine out there (much of the fake stuff tends to come from the canary islands for some reason !!)
  4. therealstranger

    therealstranger New Member


    jzak'allah khair for a prompt response, my brother.

    answers below

    - well, it will be running and boxing for the first quarter, insha'allah, with a few strength training exercises added in week 4.

    - i have been off and on with training for quite some time. I have a boxing / wrestling background, I am familiar with basic training.

    - i have been out of action for 2 months now.

    - over weight (need to lose 2 stone)

    - trim down and get lean, build endurance, stamina and strength

    - no

    -UK, London / Birmingham

    I will be adjusting my rubbish diet, though will be very hard, I need some extra support, i.e ephedrine. I have NEVER used this stuff before, I have only ever used protein shakes, but Im getting desperate now.
  5. therealstranger

    therealstranger New Member

    what brand is the good quality then ? what were the negatives ? how strong where they? what is the going rate? how and when did you eat them, ie breakfast, empty stomach?

    jzak'allah for your input and help
  6. petal

    petal iPetal


    Personally I wouldn't train cardio/martial arts/boxing whilst under its influence. You end up getting so hot that it makes training very tough, especially if the place is not well ventilated. I've done Muay Thai and BJJ sessions having taken ephedrine and I think once (or perhaps twice) was enough for me, way too hot. Nightmarish.

    For weights I'd recommend it. Helps with focus, aggression and energy. It is a stimulant. Can also be used for studying, I find my mental agility is greatly improved having taken it.

    It can give you the jitters, make you sweat lots, if water intake is poor then you will cramp and it can mess your sleep up if taken too late in the day. Also due to a short half life you'd need a couple of doses a day. Commonly taken with Aspirin (to thin your blood and keep your blood pressure low) and Caffeine (which has a synergistic effect) although you can take it on its own too. Most people will take all three together = ECA stack

    My sincere advice: I wouldn't use it at your stage. You have plenty of room for improvement (due to poor diet and being detrained) and there is no need for it at the moment and if you were to take it you would be using your special weapon when it won't do as much damage.

    Last I remember, Ephedrine was banned in the UK (hence my query). I wouldn't buy it from anybody unless you really trust them. I know of an online source but have only ever placed one order (1000 tabs) and he did take the michael with delivery.

    As for your diet, you don't have to make huge changes at once. A few simple things will do the job in the beginning:

    1) Eat slowly until you start feeling fullish and then stop
    2) Use smaller plates and cutlery so you eat less
    3) Limit your food intake (particularly carbohydrates) in the evening
    4) Up your protein intake
    5) Cut out or minimise soft drinks and replace with water
    6) Cut out processed foods and snacks (chocholate, biscuits, cakes etc...) and have a day or two where you reward yourself for being strict the rest of the week
    7) Go brown, ditch the white stuff (bread, rice, pasta)
    8) Eat more frequently but smaller meals

    Once you have them in place for a good while so it becomes part of you then you can really start torturing yourself lol

    I say this because you will quickly build up a tolerance to Ephedrine and then be demoralised. Aim to lose about 2 pounds a week and keep your eye open to make sure that you aren't losing muscle. Often people just look to see the weight they are losing and don't realise that their body composition is changing for the worse. So look for visual success in addition to what the scales tell you. Take a few pics of yourself now before beginning and then take another few every fortnight. Measure your waist weekly and be prepare to look skinny-fat for a while as you will lose fat from your shoulders and arms first whilst your belly proudly holds its ground :D
  7. therealstranger

    therealstranger New Member


    a very useful, helpful insight dear akhi.

    can you recommend where I can grab some of these tablets from?

    also, you mention it makes you hot and difficult to train. I actually prefer that, reason - its conditioning. ive trainined with a bag on + tshirt + hoodie sparring etc...sweat more and conditiong results are excellent.

    my issue is this - diet & motivation.

    i have been thier, and done it...(lost tons of weight, boxed, alhumdulillah got into fantastic shape) and I want to do it again. but work / family / travelling takes its toll.

    dont know how to work around it. i am thinking of running during work i.e lunchtime...that would help, but dont wana look like a muppet at work.

    any thing else out their that could help me?
  8. petal

    petal iPetal

    Nope, the place I bought them from took over 8 weeks getting my parcel to me with very poor communication. pure ephedrine

    I can suggest (not recommend since I haven't purchased from them) :

    Pure EPH HCL - - (Powered by CubeCart) - Buy High Quality Ephedrine HCL Cheap Weight Loss Get Ripped Burn Fat

    You are better off trying to get a few from a friend to try out before you stock up. You may not like it. You will need Caffeine with it (not coffee) and perhaps Aspirin.

    If you know someone in Pakistan who is coming back soon then you can get them to buy some for you, they're a little cheaper here.

    It's not the sort of conditioning that you want though. The extra heat can be bad for you, especially if you can't get yourself cool again. I don't recommend it at all especially in your current condition, but we're big boys so it's up to you. Remember me when you're lying on the floor/bent over holding your knees, with the sound of your heart thumping away in your ears, gulping a cold drink and feeling battered :D

    There are better, effective ways of improving your conditioning.

    If you insist on the boxing and ephedrine combo then get yourself some electrolyte powder to help hydrate yourself during and after training. ( - The Leading Online Manufacturer & Supplier of Sports and Nutritional Supplements)
    Sweating more is neither here nor there. You will just replace the water weight lost. It is not a goal in itself.

    I'm not saying don't take it at all. You may tolerate it better than me in conditioning type training, I'm saying based on what you have described your current state to be it would be a waste and bad timing. Honestly.

    Then your issues are psychological. You need motivators and the will power to stick to your diet. Drugs aren't going to help too much with that if you don't have the desire in the first place.

    Forget what people will think of you. They don't matter. In the slightest. Do whatever you need to do. People suck ;)

    L Tyrosine
    Whey protein

    These will all give you better workouts (better focus and endurance). You can buy them all from - The Leading Online Manufacturer & Supplier of Sports and Nutritional Supplements but read up first and don't take my word for it. Protein and carbs after training will give you better recovery which is vital (the better recovery).
  9. Abu Aziza

    Abu Aziza member

    if you are new or returning to the gym after long absence its always better to see how much you can do without supplements during your first 12 weeks.
    i am not saying you should ignore fitness magazines but remember they're money motivated any advice you get its connected to selling their products.
    you are only training to increase your body strength why not start with just extra protein shake to protect your muscles and vitamin c for recovery while you are learning, not all stuffs advertised will work for your body.
    with so many products in the market it will take longtime to find the right ones and be prepared to waste money before you get it right.
  10. abumuwahid

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    Can I just add something.

    Don't just go brown. Go 100% Wholemeal.

    Try not eating meat for a week - to clean out your bowels.
    Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. Keep yourself hydrated during the rest of the day.
    Eat fruits daily
    Have a large breakfast - to kickstart your metabolism. Muesli with probiotic yoghurt, eggs and toast and a glass of orange juice.
    Stop eating 5 hours before you sleep.
    Have 6 meals a day instead of 3. Once again you need a quick metablism. Big breakfast. Normal lunch and dinner. Other three can be a piece of fruit or nuts.
    Eat nuts and grains.

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