How Albani cut up the words of Qadhi Iyaad to "prove" his claim

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    The Head of the self styled “Salafi” Hadith “scholars” in this age: Nasir al-Albani (d. 1999), wrote a book in advancement of his own selective proofs to validate his clarification of how the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) may have prayed from the Takbir to the Taslim. This book is known as Sifatus Salah in Arabic, and was translated into English under the title:

    The Prophet's Prayer (sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam) from the beginning to the end as though you see it, (translated by the London based: Usama ibn Suhaib Hasan).

    In this book, al-Albani vigorously tried to validate his claim that the only valid Sunna way of placing the hands in Salah, is to place them upon the chest, and all else has either weak or baseless proofs to substantiate it! Rather, these days I have seen and read even some of his followers admit that the proofs used to validate placing the hands upon the chest in Salah are all weak themselves! Alhamdulillah.

    In order to strengthen his claim, he quoted from the Maliki faqih and Muhaddith: Qadi Iyad (d. 544 AH), from his work known as: Al-I’lam bi Hudud Qawa’id al-Islam. The following scan is from the relevant page of al-Albani’s Sifatus Salah with highlighting of what he quoted from Qadi Iyad (ra):

    The crucial parts in this discussion are the following words (as found here: as translated from the Arabic edition (see above scan):

    "Similar is the saying of Qaadi 'Iyaad al-Maaliki in Mustahabbaat as-Salaah in his book al-I'laam (p.15, 3rd edition, Rabat): "the right arm is to be placed on the back of the left, on the upper part of the chest." "

    Let us see how al-Albani cut up the words of Qadi Iyad to satisfy his claims:

    Al-Albani quoted the part underlined in red in the following scan, but crucially left out the portion in blue which also approves of placing the hands near/upon the navel (Inda al-Surrati)!


    The dishonest way that al-Albani deliberately left out the wording: Wa qeela Indal-Surrati: “And it is said upon/near the navel” - immediately after the wording in English:
    "the right arm is to be placed on the back of the left, on the upper part of the chest "

    – is a gross violation of scholarly trust and intentional cutting up of the words of Qadi Iyad, by al-Albani – the so called: “Muhaddith al-Asr” of the claimants to the Salaf!Let the reader note: This is not the only example of distortion (tahreef) and misquotation by al-Albani in the above named book of his, and elsewhere in his writings! Even the pseudo-Salafi writers like: Hamud al-Tuwayjiri (d. 1992) and Isma’il al-Ansari knew of these types of claims, misquotes and mistakes on al-Albani’s part, be they intentional or otherwise!

    The Pseudo-Salafi Way has had its fair share of exponents who have been exposed time and again for this type of half-truth saying distortion! We have seen this here from the People of Ahwa and elsewhere.

  2. Quratul ayn

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    Amazing!!!! How could he be so dishonest.
  3. Abu Maryam PK

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    not so amazing realy.
    any of u 2 know what seegha tamreedh (صيغة تمريض)means?
  4. Salahadeen

    Salahadeen Ahl at-Tawheed

    Amazing!!!! How could you be so stupid?

    To the original poster, people like you should be slapped in the face for their exaggerations. Scholars routinely quote parts of what someone said, because they reproduce that part which they agree with, and they don't reproduce that part which they disagree with. It isn't dishonesty, and accusing him of lying is a great accusation, and may you be taken to account for your accusations.
  5. Abu Maryam PK

    Abu Maryam PK New Member

    And by the way the hanafi hadith scholar sh muhammad 'abid sindee, much b4 sh albani also claimed this is the only sunnah position in his booklet fath al-Ghafoor.
  6. Quratul ayn

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    CAN YOU DO US A FAVOUR AND PRODUCE THE ENTIRE PART OR ARE you BARKING WITHOUT RESEARCH?? I think you desearve to be stoned to death.
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  7. Quratul ayn

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    Since the discussion is on how Albani misqouted, lets not go to the masala itself. We can start a new thread for that, insha Allah
  8. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    Ok... I don't remember what I read in al-Albani's book nor have I read what al-Qadhi 'Ayadh actually says, but just reading this post itself tells me a lot...

    Just by reading this post, it seems al-Albani quotes al-Qadhi 'Ayadh approving the opinion of placing the hands on the chest. To that end he quotes him saying:

    What is wrong with this? Isn't this the saying of al-Qadhi 'Ayadh?

    As for the phrase you claim he deliberately missed out, well, including or excluding that phrase doesn't make any difference, because there is a difference between saying, 'This is the right opinion' and saying, 'It is said: other is the right opinion...'

    The jurists do that all the time in their works, and it is well known that when they say, 'it is said, such-and-such is the right opinion' that this isn't their opinion until they explicitly state it otherwise.

    This much is commonsense! So including or excluding that phrase means jack all!

    Use some brains, guys!
  9. Noorah

    Noorah اللهم ارحم شهداء غزة

    sister, calm down
    really, stoned to death?
    how old are you? :confused:
  10. anam

    anam New Member

    Stoned to death !

    Pure extremism ..they want end of takfeer but dont mind putting to death who they wish..

    again who funds this mindset?
  11. greenshirt

    greenshirt Member

    why should he be stoned to death?

    sister, you are way out of line. please repent and ask allah(swt) for forgiveness.

    wa salaam
  12. Quratul ayn

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    I would like to ask 'sister, an'aam and green shirt' the reason why they are not criticizing Sala the reason for his bad manners?
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  13. Noorah

    Noorah اللهم ارحم شهداء غزة

    I havent seen him say you or anyone should be stoned to death. I havent been following your posts to know what you two are fighting about.

    But akhlaq is needed in discussion. What is your reason for writing the green shirts name wrong? and calling anam an'aam?
    You may feel angry, but is it necessary to resort to personal insults? what are you trying to prove?
  14. Wakki

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    you are obviously not learning if you resort to insults such as the one you have done. You are giving your good rewards away. It does not matter what others do.

    It may be good to edit your post(the post will be there if you dont edit) and ask forgiveness from people whom you have wronged
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  15. greenshirt

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    because i do not know enough about it to comment on it. but, i am sure that sheikh al albani was not doing any wrong. he was a scholar who devoted his life to this religion and he feared allah(swt.) i am not going to say he has bad manners when i do not know exactly what he did, or why.

    i will however condemn you for saying that a member should be stoned to death. that is just rude. repent and fear allah(swt)
  16. Ibn malik

    Ibn malik New Member

    Wow, weren't you the person who I saw a few days ago asking for people to help you in learning, as your deen as you are new to learning?

    How quickly have you exposed your silly self ey?

    You ask in your sig to be reminded to repent if you transgress anyone. Well consider this a reminder and save me your sadistic dreams of stoning me also.
  17. Quratul ayn

    Quratul ayn New Member

    Can all you guys see... that bulldog still did not back up his statement. He is quick to call other people stupid, yet he cannot prove what he said. It is for this reason that such idiots should be stoned to death cause it's better if the earth
    is purified from their evil.
  18. Quratul ayn

    Quratul ayn New Member

    BTW, the object of this thread is to discuss the evil of the shoe maker, Albani, and not my evil. Please come back to the subject.
  19. Abu Maryam PK

    Abu Maryam PK New Member

    QA and salahuddin, please patch-up. Slaves of Allah, be brothers (and sisters).

    On an academic level, how many of u guys know about 'seeghat tamreedh'. if u dont put ur hands up, u will be learning something new and beneficial for understanding this discussion
  20. Abu Maryam PK

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    erm... well he was a watch-maker to be exact.

    Let's see: Al-Dhahabi was a goldsmith (dhahab=gold)
    Al-Bazzar was a cloth-dealer (as his name suggests, and actually he was)
    Al-A'raj was one-legged (and that is what a'araj means)
    Al-A'mash was almost defected in the eyes (and thats what a'mash means)
    the sahabi called dhul yadein (meaning one with two hands) had one abnormally long hands.

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