how do you convert a jew

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  1. tanzil

    tanzil New Member

    i need help im trying to convert some jews but i cant find anything on them can you brothers and sisters give me some help and tell me about something in the torah which is wrong and corrupted
  2. Perseveranze

    Perseveranze لا إله إلا الله

    Brother, only Allah(swt) can guide people.

    However you can still invite him to Islam. I don't know much about the Torah, so hopefully someone else can give you a good answer.
  3. justabro

    justabro Salafi (Retd.)

    I saw the title and endless joke opportunities flashed through my head...

    but then I thought better of it
  4. أبو نافع

    أبو نافع Formerly - Abu_Abdallah

    Is he orthodox? Or liberal?
  5. tanzil

    tanzil New Member

    they r orthodox
  6. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    I don't have experience with this, but attacking someone's religion in a one to one talk is not the best approach I think. They'll get all angry and defensive and offended and they'll hate you before you even say one word about islam.

    InshaAllah someone with some experience from the field can help you.

  7. tanzil

    tanzil New Member

    i kno but what if i hav tried as much as i can tgo make them believe but the only way to is by atakin thier religion but
  8. أبو نافع

    أبو نافع Formerly - Abu_Abdallah

    Orthodox christians and jews are usually converted on the theological battefield of God, good and evil, oppression and justice, morals, etc. You should speak to him (or them) on doctrines.. Some are, like unbelievers and liberal or free-minded 'believers' only converted on the practical, pietist level..

    Talk with him on God.. who He is, what He does and why.. and work your way down to the Umma of Muhammad, which is a sign for the Jews, as Banu Isra'il was as the previous Umma..

    Don't go in the attack-mode.. The attack-mode comes way behind, unless he is attacking first.. You have to make him question his (false) tenets of faith about God.. like Mushrikun, Jews are very much misguided when it comes to Tawhid..
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  9. tanzil

    tanzil New Member

    wat if he does attack first. what shall i do?
  10. أبو نافع

    أبو نافع Formerly - Abu_Abdallah

    If he attacks as in a 'attack', he does not want to be guided. Better leave him.

    If he attacks, in a somehow less provocative manner, for example, in as in a question or doubt raised, you should defend Islam with knowledge. Explain what Allah says and Muhammad learns us. Keep it simple, but firm. Leave out sideissues, deal with fundamental matters such as 'redemption' or 'revelation'.
  11. الحصان الأسود

    الحصان الأسود Oudh Burnerrrr

    Just ask them why their jealousy was so high that they wanted to kill Isa (as) ...
  12. Abu Osaama

    Abu Osaama <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    Akhi the same way you give dawah to anyone else, speak to him about tawheed.
  13. Basil al-Mamluk

    Basil al-Mamluk is not a salafi

  14. ad-Duha

    ad-Duha Well-Known Member

    For orthodox Jews, the Qur'an addresses them directly quite a bit, it spells out their inconsistency in following Musa alayhis-salam and 'reminds' them of so much they used to have, many of their audacious demands which Allah fulfilled for them, the Qur'an even confirms their favourable status above all other nations once upon a time.

    I would point them to the passages of the Qur'an which talks about all of that, and go from there? Personally, I would be curious about how they would respond to some of it, they like to say 'we're the chosen people, we don't expect you lowly nations to understand us and our beliefs' and the Qur'an says 'Yes, you were, but you then did X,Y,Z ..'
  15. Mujic Rasema

    Mujic Rasema New Member

    As them if their torah has been written some centuries after the death of Musa, alayhis alam. Also, there are two versions of torah that contradict the torah of the Jews in 1900 instances. it's ntot much different to Christianity. This ruins their chain of narrations. When ther eis no chain of narrations to a scripture that dates it back, the document is not reliable at all.

    The Jews ar einteresting people who do want to adhere to the laws of Allah, azz wa jall, it appears. So explain to them that laws of the past by Allah were reformed by the Kuffar and tha tour religion came to bring those laws back into existance. For examle, you will find in th eOT that there is a death penalty for things like in our religion, but they hide these things and twist them aroaunf in the Gospel and etc...these are the Christians.

    The Orthodox Jes are not much different. Thisis why Alalh, azz wa jall, rebuked them so much, becuase they changed the religion for worldly gains.
  16. أبو نافع

    أبو نافع Formerly - Abu_Abdallah

    What is your mother tongue, if I might ask?
  17. gag order

    gag order Anti-Troll

    Deuteronomy 18:18 look up Zakir Naiks and Ahmed Deedats discourse on it, once you are confident then proceed with the Dawah. with Jews their main issue is with the Prophethood of Muhammad (saw) if they can get past this "hurdle" only then can you introduce them to the much purer Tawheed of Islam.

    on a lighter note, "wat if he does attack first. what shall i do?" reminded me of Borat and his "if a Jew comes with a claw" joke on YT
  18. Mujic Rasema

    Mujic Rasema New Member

    What did I say wrong now???

    The dome....:mad:
  19. tanzil

    tanzil New Member

    thanks 4 the help
  20. al-suyuufi

    al-suyuufi Naql-head

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