how to deal with blasphemy?lesson from history

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    seculars among us have convinced many muslims that the best way to deal with this blasphemy issue is to ignore it.that is if we ignore blasphemy against our prophet (sallalah u alih e wasallum) than the people who did this blasphemy wont gain any fame and this matter will die down after a while.and they claim taht it is actually the muslim,s reaction to such blasphemies that results in the people behind these blasphemies to gain fame.
    i wont go into quran and hadeeth details about punishment for blasphemy against islam or prophet ,as this matter has been discussed here many times before so anyone can search the relevant quran hadeeth orders about how to deal with blasphemy.
    no muslim must haev doubts about what quran and hadeeth order us.

    anyway lets discuss from historical angle too.what human history (which is the best teacher) tells us about this issue.

    so is it true what seculars say?we must totally ignore the blasphemy against our religion and this will serve us best?
    than why feeble response of muslims against such blasphemies did not stop them from doing it every year now since 2000?anyway some answers you may find in below discussion.

    lets see what europe did about blasphemy against christian religion and when they abolished their blasphemy laws what happened.

    till 17th century in europe even the minor blasphemy against christianity and its beliefs and prophet eesa was dealt with death penalty,the accused was thrown in fire and burnt,the last man to be publically burnt alive for blasphemy was edward whiteman in 1612 after this no man was burnt for blasphemy against christianity but hanging by death for such crime of blasphemy continued.

    the last person to be publically hanged for blasphemy against christian religion was thomas aikenhead in 1697.after that such people were jailed but not killed.the last man to get jail for blasphemy against christianity was john william in 1920,s .after that people came out on streets to protest against punishment for blasphemy and so british etc parliaments decided to stop punishining people for blasphemy against christianity.

    after this such doors of blasphemy opened in west that thousands of books and (at present websites and movies were made that committed such horrible blasphemy against prophet eesa ,hazrat maryam alih e salaam that words cant describe the extent of blasphemy......years passed and peoples tolerance for blasphemy against christianity and prophet eesa increased day by day.
    now in west in everyday talk people use words that abuse prophet eesa,many movies are made in which blasphemy against prophet eesa is shown and people dont care and laugh at this.

    as we know hindus hate all prophets as they preached against idol recently i was told that a hindu filmmaker settled in usa named "Jay Chandrasekhar" in his one obscene movie named babymakers has done an extreme act of blasphemy against prophet eesa.but no christian protested,they laughed at this movie.

    so the lesson learnt is that kufar and munafiqeen among muslims are preaching "tolerance" and no action against prophet of islam,s blasphemy ,so they can totally remove the respect and love that muslims have for their prophet ,by daily life blasphemies against him like they do against prophet eesa.

    once muslims are reduced to the level of christians and they no longer care about blasphemy of their religion and prophet,than kufar and munafiqeens long lost dream of occupying muslim lands and erasing the very name of islam will come true.

    so muslims must realise this .

    note...wrote this after reading husain haqqani,s (pakistani ambassador to united states) article,in which he advises muslims to not protest against blasphemy of their prophet,as peace and love and tolerance is the right way in his opinion

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