how to debat jehova witnesses?

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  1. oumsaleh

    oumsaleh New Member

    salam oe3alaikoem,

    please if you have any info,books or videos about jehova witnesses place it here.
    I have been talking about religion with a jehova witness.
    I have read many many books about christianity and the bible.
    I know how to debat trinity.but jehova witnesses dont believe in trinity.
    so any info is welkom!

    I also have neighbors who left islam and became jehova witnesses!!!
    I know they didnt know a lot about islam.
    so I really need help..

    zazak allah
  2. Wa Alaykum as-Salam wa Rahmatu Llahi,

    There's no point in it. Most of them are Juhhal even about their own religion and it's like talking to people made out of wood.

    The only thing they have going for them is a general discontent with Catholicism and persistence.

    Allahu Musta'an.
  3. cBox

    cBox Premium Member

    You apply the following technique:

  4. Abu Salama Al-Shami

    Abu Salama Al-Shami New Member

    Allah al musta3an

    Which race are your neighbours that left islam?

    I guess sometimes we just have to keep it simple and bring it back to basics why did they stop believing in the prophets at Jesus, but they acknowledge every single one before him?

    Discuss with them with all the variations of the bible how are they certain that their one is the truth. Always make sure you have the upper hand and do not allow them to question you in a manner where by you are on the defensive.

    but to be honest I do not have much info about them insha'Allah if I come across anything I will try and post it up.

    Salam 3alykom
  5. Abu Hawwa

    Abu Hawwa Formerly 'LionofIslam'

    Instead of telling her this, I've encountered jehovas witnesses and i tell you with Dawah they will run away fast.

    Jehovahs witness, from what i've seen, are very connected to there scripture. They are different from other Christians and one of the greatest differences is that they absolutely do NOT believe in the trinity. Neither do they believe Jesus is God but they do believe that Jesus is the son of God. They do not believe in the Resurrection and human beings cease to exist after death. They don't like the cross, and they rather go to Jesus peace be upon hims teachings than focus on the crucifixion and everything else. They believe Mikael (alayhisalam) was Isa ibnu Maryam. What the Muslim has to do is to discredit the bible. That is very simple, this debate with a Christian and brother Adnan Rashid (May Allah give him much good) will be good on this account and plenty of other things. My Sister take notes and take the names that he mentions.

    First we need to make clear what they mean by the "Son Of God?" and how did that even happen? We know it could've not been by intercourse so how did it happen? If they mean not literally and they mean metaphorical what is go good about humans to be the children of God? Does it makes sense logically? God, yes he does have Majaz (metaphor) in his scripture but would he say something that can be taken as a pagan belief? Imagine if you are calling a pagan and you say that "we are the children of God" he will take it to his pagan Gods. If they mean literally than we can say that what need would God need to produce children? How come God has produced children late in history why didn't he do it first time? Authubillah. Than wouldn't those children of Gods also be Gods?

    Who Was Jesus? Sarah Snyder and Adnan Rashid | The BIG Debates - YouTube

    A very good argument against the Christian is that who was "That Prophet"? That was mentioned in John? Yahya Alayhi salam was asked from the Rabbis Are you Elijah (alayhisalam) he said No. (the Jews believes that Elijah was raised by Allah and he would be brought right back) than he was asked are you the Messiah he said No. And Isa ibnu Maryam is the Messiah. Than he was asked are you THAT Prophet? When They said THAT Prophet this is an indication that it is a specific prophet, not just any prophet (which Yahya was) a specific prophet, who was that specific Prophet? The Jews clearly said later on in John , contemplating on Isa ibnu Maryam alayhisalam they said is he the Messiah or is he THAT Prophet? The Jews said no he can't be THAT Prophet because THAT Prophet will NOT be from Galilee. So who was that Prophet? Could it be Joseph Smith (the starter of the Mormon Religion) should his information not be in previous scripture? How about The Prophet of Ishmael and how he would become a great nation?

    I'll get back to this tommorow, its Jumah and i have more time.
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  6. mahmud87

    mahmud87 New Member

    Very true, they hate being questioned about their own seems that there method is to just question the tenants of catholicism...make them question the catholics/trinitarians question their own beliefs, because even using their own religious books, even through all the man made distortions, Allah (SWT) has maintained that He alone is to be worshipped and there are none beside him...this is easyto show using their Bible, so by questioning the trinitarian/catholic tenants, they make them question their beliefs so they can swoop them up by offering them something "better"....but when we present the truth that the Prophet (SAW) gave us in the Quran as revealed by Allah (SWT) they have nothing to question, as it is the Haq
  7. Perseveranze

    Perseveranze لا إله إلا الله

  8. nomad

    nomad muslim female

    Certain type of people become jW. They have a tight nit community, and its very hard for them to leave. If they do then no one will talk to them anymore. Even if a JW person listened to you, understood your argument, they are told that its the shaitaan talking or something. IF JW come to your door, and you have about an hour to spare talking to them, for them to say, ohhh we have to go, we will come back to continue (and they never do, your house is earmarked as a no goer)then gowon.
  9. UmmIbrahim

    UmmIbrahim New Member

    WaAlaykumsalaam wa rahmatullah,

    A jehovah witness came to my house about 3 weeks ago...and well there is no point debating with them if you don't have their version of the bible.
    I started with tawheed (the person was a pakistani) and kept changing the subject and kept saying God's name is Jehowah blah blah blah.

    i was like okay, lets put that to the side and discuss the bible...i was imitating Yusha evans :p if God is perfect, then his book must be perfect and the intermediate must also me perfect (prophet)

    no matter how much contradictions/unapproipiate stuff i took out of the bible. he just said you have the wrong bible.humans make mistakes...

    so i just said okay then you get me your bible and i will read it and then come back we will debate!

    well, sadly the person never returned, so i dont have their version of the is kind of the same but instead of saying God it says Jehovah.

    (my dad was standing right next to me, shocked that i knew how to scare of a jehovah witness)

    so basically get their bible find all the mistakes point it out to them...
  10. oumsaleh

    oumsaleh New Member

    thank you!! I will read it insha allah!
  11. oumsaleh

    oumsaleh New Member

    thank you for your answer!
    this lady, keeps coming back to talk about religion.
    she told me they believe that jesus was a creation of god.
    he was his first creation.before adam,jesus was already with god.
    this is what makes him special.and they dont believe in heaven or hell.
    the people who died non jehova witness will not wake up.
    so they wont be punished.only the jehova witnesses will wake up and have there heaven here on earth.
    and jesus will rule the world.god will give him this job.

    I have told here they view of islam.that we also believe that jesus will rule the world.and that he will bring pease to the world.
    and that the earth will be like a paradise..etc .I told her that we share the same view,only this will happen when people are still alive.when jesus comes back..but she doesnt believe he comes back..

    and I have explained a lot to her..she always tell me she respect muslims because we hold on to our faith.
    she never ever talked bad about islam.
    I think she doesnt know a lot about islam and I feel like she is trying really hard to make me a jehova witness.
    she told me that god never forgave adam and eve and they will not wake up! in other words they died like kafirs,ahoedoebillah.
    this made me angry and sad.
    and they dont like christians and jews..

    and about my neighbors; they are from bosnia..when I moved here she told me she was a muslim.I was happy to live next to muslims.
    but a year later she told me that she didnt tell me the truth she( and her family) is jehova witness.this really freaked me out!
  12. أم عمارة

    أم عمارة New Member

    as-Salaamu 'alayki sister,

    If the Jehovah witness lady is willing to listen to you, you should not turn away! Invite her to Islam :)
    Just do the following:

    Remember that through the whole discussion you should lead the way. If she throws a question at you, tell her "Okay, I'll answer your question. But for you to fully understand my answer, let me explain Islam to you."

    If she believes that there is a Creator skip the first step. If not, then make sure to go through step 1.

    1. Start off by giving her examples of common sense. Give her logical scenarios, for example: "If I was walking through a desert and found a watch in the midst of sand, would you believe me if I said that this came together all on it's own?" Get her to agree with you. Then tell her: "the watch has very intricate detail, so the one who made it must be intellectual." Expand by giving other examples.
    Conclude to saying that anything can't come from nothing and also, order cannot spontaneously arise from chaos. There has to be a Creator.

    2. Tell her that the Creator cannot be the creation. The Creator must be eternal and self-sufficient. There cannot be more than one God otherwise there will be competition and that would also imply that God has a weakness. Remind her that through this whole journey, you're using logic and reason- not mere feelings. Keep telling her to use her logic.

    3. Next, ask her: Would the Creator create us for no reason? Wouldn't the Creator inform us about our purpose of existance? Shouldn't there be an answer to suffering in the world? If so, how would the Creator tell us this? The best way would be through books and messengers. Tell her that God has given us a Book and that is the Qur'an and the reason why she should believe that it is from God is because:

    - it has the correct concept of God (Surah Ikhlas)
    - it is internally & externally consistent
    - It contains Miracles (scientific, historical, linguistic, mathematical) [give a few examples. 2 will do as long as you know them well]

    Then tell her about our purpose:

    - To ONLY worship The Creator
    - Paradise & Hell

    4. Move on to Messengers. Tell her that there were other Prophets who came to give Glad Tiding's as well as Warnings. Then tell her that Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم was a Messenger. He can either be a liar, deluded, or truthful. Expand in this manner:

    => Liar: Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم was KNOWN as the truthful. He was offered to be king, offered more women and literally anything he wanted/desired just so that he stops saying that there is only ONE God. He صلى الله عليه و سلم refused all of this and went through hardships. You can also mention here about Surah 'Abasa. Tell her that Muhammad's صلى الله عليه و سلم son died and right at that point in time, there was an eclipse. People immediately thought that this was a sign of his prophethood. If he was a liar and wanted power- he would've just said yes. However, he said no, this is a sign from Allah and an eclipse does not happen because someone dies.

    => Deluded: He was a great man, very compassionate and a great husband. If he was deluded then how come he was perfectly sane in every other sphere of his life? Moreover, his enemies would leave their belongings with him. If he was not sane then why would they leave their stuff with him?

    => Truthful: Because he was not a liar, nor deluded, then most certainly he has to be truthful.

    Ask her if she understands your logic so far.

    5. Now she should believe that there is a Creator and that He has sent down the Qur'an as the last and final revelation and that Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم was really a Messenger. Tell her to declare what she believes now and take her through Shahadah.
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  13. oumsaleh

    oumsaleh New Member

    I dont think they really worship jesus.
    she said:
    jesus is just a creation of god,like us.
    only he is special because he was his first creation.thats why they call him son of god,not literally.
    he did die for our sins.

    but thank you,we didnt talk a lot about prophet muhammed, next time I am going to ask her why she doesnt believe in him
  14. oumsaleh

    oumsaleh New Member

    yes this it true!
    she is used to debat christians about the trinity etc.
    she never debated me about islam.yesterday she came with a vers of the quran that heaven will be on earth.
    soubhannallah,I dont know all the verses of the quran but I knew this vers.
    so without even thinking a second,I gave her the answer.
    and she said,ok you know the quran better than me.
  15. sanakhudhu

    sanakhudhu New Member

    Assalamu alaikum,

    Understanding Christian history is key to refuting them in my opinion. Read this link: 325 Council of Nicaea

    As stated above, the Council of Nicea achieved the following objectives:

    • Formulation for wording concerning the Trinity based on Anthanias
    • Changing Verses of Bible
    • Eliminating certain verses and books from the Bible
    • Declaring Arian's "unitarian" (belief in the Unity of God) as heresy
    • Changing the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday
    • Changing the date of Jesus' birthday to December 25th
    • Introduction of Easter (pagan worship called "Feast of Ishtar")
    • Church of Roman "officially" became the "Universal Church of the Holy Roman Empire" (the word 'Catholic' means 'universal'

    The Jehova's Witness Bible (lit. collection of books) is a translation of books chosen by trinitarians. Other books were banned and destroyed at the council of Nicaea and at other points in Christian history. How can the JW (who claim to be Unitarian) then claim that the Bible they have is authentic? Alhamdulillah our Qur'an does not have such a history and was instead memorised and compiled in book form by muwahideen mu'mineen (the sahaba).

    Alternatively, look the following pdf for more info on them: Muslim Guide To Countering Jehovah's Witnesses - Malik Ali.pdf
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  16. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    I dont know about debating...

    But i know about ignoring
    they knock my door at crazy times of the morning.. I actually have a little stack of dawah leaflets just for them because i'm too tired to walk let alone debate.
  17. Layth

    Layth Abu Shawarma

    They annoy me with their fake smiles, and they always bring little girls with them for some reason.

    I actually went to class with a girl who was jhw and unlike other christians, they do seem to be quite modest (no haraam relations before marriage etc).
  18. ahmad10

    ahmad10 حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

    Jehova Witness walks up to your door.

    Knock. Knock.

    Preacher 1: 'Hello sir, We are here to preach the blessed message of Jehova to you.'

    Your Reply: 'Sorry, man. I just came back yesterday from the planet Alcyone in the Pleiades Cluster....There's no one called Jehova there.'

    Close Door.

    I'd rather spend time debating with a Rastafarian...the conversation could be so much more deeper (lol)...
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  19. Umm DJ-N

    Umm DJ-N Patience

    I was in junior school with one, and he was "excused" from all singing and other religious things. Was so jealous. True that about them being modest etc, they dress quite conservatively and overall better manners than some others.
  20. cBox

    cBox Premium Member

    lol nice stories you guys have there. I'm glad I don't have to worry about people knocking at my door in the mornings.

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