I am confused and i need help this topic is affecting my islam please Help !! about cause and effect

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    my question is related to this link right here posted on sunnipathhttp://spa.qibla.com/issue_view.asp?...D=3752&CATE=24*******and to be honest it is getting me quite angry because either i am stupid and losing my common sense or they didnt explain it in simpler way i tried to read articles in there website related to it but i only got confused more so PLEASE SOME ONE MAKE THIS VERY SIMPLE AND EXPLAIN IT TO ME AS SIMPLE AS YOU CAN AND EXAMPLES WOULD BE GOOD TOO.. the part that is really getting to me is this part -----This is why Shaykh Abd al-Rahman al-Shaghouri (Allah have mercy on him), the great spiritual guide and master of the sciences of faith (aqida) from Damascus, explained,*******

    �Taking means is necessary, and denying that they are effective is necessary. Whoever negates means is denying the Wisdom of Allah, and whoever relies upon means is associating others with Allah.�------------ I MEAN COMMON WHAT DOES THAT MEAN SERIOUSLY U CAN'T JUST SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND EXPECT EVERY ONE OR ME ATLEAST TO UNDERSTAND THIS, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR TALKING ABOUT SHIRK, THIS HAS BEEN BOTHERING ME AND I CANT EVEN CONCENTRATE ON LIFE, OR ISLAM ETC. BECAUSE OF THIS. (sunnipath love talking so sophisticated give it a break seriously its about the religion not a university make it easy for even slow people like me and kids can understand - the Prophet (S) explained to the sahabas in simple way not this way) astaghfrullah

    - what does this mean? so if i drink water does it mean that the water is really not quenching my thirst or Allah is quenching my thirst? and if i believe that water is quenching my thirst does it mean i am depending on the means and committing shirk?*******

    -for example if i am thirsty and i depend on water to quench my thirst or if i am hungry and i depend on food to fill me up does it mean i have committed shirk? please explain*******

    -what is required what is obligatory to believe i dont want no philosophical stuff just what do i need to believe and what do i need to rely on in order to save myself from falling into shirk?*******

    =what exactly is it that i have to do in order to constitute shirk related to this topic on depending on the means?

    -does this also mean a muslim that gambles for a living or a muslim who sells drugs, or steals for a living is really committing shirk because he is trusting and depending on the means he is taking to provide for him his money instead of depending on Allah? (since if he was depending on Allah he would not take any haram means so doesn't it mean he is actually depending on the means so isn't he commiting shirk?) please explain simply and inshAllah with examples also because i am really not getting this and i really want to. please don't get the wrong idea i just am very depressed after this any will will be apreciated from a person that understands this topic. thank you in advance may Allah reward you all
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    Re: I am confused and i need help this topic is affecting my islam please Help !! about cause and ef

    Only pray to Allah. Ignore that site.
    Praying to other than Allah is shirk.
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    Re: I am confused and i need help this topic is affecting my islam please Help !! about cause and ef

    agree, thats the crux of it.

    example: the physical means for energising yourself to pray, work etc is food. the rizq you are granted comes from Allah. hence although the food fuels you it is ultimately Allah swt that gives the food the qualities it carries, ie protein, calories, things that energise you etc. to say that 'only the food gives you energy' may be shirk as Allah swt blesses us with health, strength etc Re: la hawla wala quwatta illa billa.... if that makes any sense......

    I have a question also: is supplication/dua a means? eg: you want something but it is totally out of your power to acquire it, so the only thing you can do is ask Allah for it......... any suggestions/advice?

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