I can't believe this

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  1. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    salamu 'alaykum,

    This sub-forum says:

    Ok, look at this, please:


    866 users online. That's not bad. But what are they doing?



    Why are only 5 browsing the prisoners' section?

    Why is that? Can't you for one day block/close all the sub-forums and only leave the prisoners' section open?
    Can you?
    Will you please?

    Ramadan is coming up. You know what 866 ad'iya will do for the prisoners? You know what 866 letters will do for our imprisoned brothers and sisters? Do you?

    Brothers and sisters, barakAllahu feekum.
  2. Abu'l 'Eyse

    Abu'l 'Eyse Rep-manz

    Subhanullah jazakAllahu khairan sister this is an importan reminder subhanullah may we not forget our brothers and sisters Ameen!

    (Btw could I just ask what software that is your using to make the posts like that? jzk)
  3. Fajr

    Fajr ذكرى للعابدين

    Sad indeed. May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. I think everyone should pick at least one campaign in the Prisoner's section and contribute to it, even a little.

    Not bad at all, almost broke our standing record of 971! Actually, I was more surprised that the Poetry section had almost double the views than that of the Politics section! Maybe our audience is softening down a touch :)
  4. Abu Treika

    Abu Treika Magoo

    That looks like some sort of glitch, I doubt those figures were accurate.

    Regardless I think the prisoners section is neglected by me and most of us here, may Allah free the Muslim prisoners and forgive us our many shortcomings. Ameen
  5. umm hafsa

    umm hafsa Anti-Free mixing

    Useful reminder, jazakallah.

    I think this thread should be moved to the prisoners section itself. It highlights the reality, should hence be put in that section.
  6. Abu Hurairah

    Abu Hurairah Well-Known Member

    The reality isn't as bad as that. I have never seen stats like that during my time here so it's most likely a glitch like ATR said.

    When is Arts section ever going to get more views than Politics on this board?
  7. umm hafsa

    umm hafsa Anti-Free mixing

    When I say it highlights the reality, I do not mean the actual stats, I just mean the fact that the prisoners section usually gets fewer veiws than other sections.

    Yes the numbers as you mentioned do seem very unusual.

    What I am trying to say is that this thread should be moved to prisoners section since its about getting attention for that particular section.
  8. Abu Hurairah

    Abu Hurairah Well-Known Member

    I'm nitpicking a little now, but surely this thread would get more views outside of the Prisoners Section given that this thread is about Prisoners Section getting the least views.
  9. الحصان الأسود

    الحصان الأسود Oudh Burnerrrr

    Perhaps not all people here immediately realized what was meant by Prisoners section, i.e. I think SunniForum and some others had one section just like that, but not for real prisoners but for the banned members of a forum. So in other words, until their ban was lifted they were able to talk only in the so-called prisoner section. Surely, this has nothing to do with real prisoners in real world.

    Probably a thread's name should be changed to something more clear and it should be made sticky as well?
  10. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    Exactly. BarakAllahu feek. I really hope we will, because it's really needed.

    Ghair insha Allah.

    Software? Thank you very much: I used Paint + tinyurl.com . :s Wa iyaakum.

    Wa iyaaki.
    You want this thread to die a quick death? What did I ever do to you, sister?

  11. الحصان الأسود

    الحصان الأسود Oudh Burnerrrr

    I'm sure nobody wants this thread to disappear, but with the name like I can't believe this the chances are much higher now.

    Can we not change its name to i.e. Our Muslim brothers in kuffar prisons ? I mean that way we could all know what the thread is about.
  12. Sakeena

    Sakeena فكوا العاني

    I'm surprised:

  13. learn arabic

    learn arabic <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    the fair reality is that, at lease for myself, i have failed, in every aspect towards those in prison.

    i could, and should, be spending my free time in a better manner.

    and thats why this ummah is the way it is, because there are million of people who say the same thing.

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