I need these Muhammad Qutb books

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  1. FARAN

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    Asslam u Alaikum!
    I need the translations of the following books by Muhammad Qutb, help plz, it is very urgent.

    ★ ''Shubuhāt Hawla al-Islām'' (literally "Misconceptions about Islam") (''Islam: The Misunderstood Religion'') ISBN 0-686-18500-5

    ★ ''Dirāsāt fī al-nafs al-insānīyah''.[1963?] (''Studies in human psychology'') BP166.73 .Q8 Arab

    ★ ''Hal nahnu Muslimūn'' (''Are we Muslims?'') al-Qāhirah : Dār al-Shurūq, 1980, ISBN 977-705-981-7

    ★ ''al-Insān bayna al-māddīyah wa-al-Islām.'' (''Man between the Material World and Islam'') B825 .Q8 (Orien Arab)

    ★ ''al-Sahwah al-Islāmīyah'' (''The Islamic Resurgence'')(al-Qāhirah : Maktabat al-Sunnah, 1990)

    ★ ''Jahiliyat al-qarn al-`ishrin'' (''Jahiliyya of the Twentieth Century''), 292 p. ; 23 cm. al-Qahirah : Dar al-Shuruq, ; ISBN 977-733-606-3

    ★ ''The Concept of Islam and Our Understanding of It''

    ★ ''The Future is for Islam''

    ★ ''Islam and the Crisis of the Modern World'' 28 p. ; published by The Islamic Foundation, 1979. ISBN: 0-86037-047-X

    jazakum Allah Khiar
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  3. FARAN

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    Jazak Allah for the link to the first book, may anybody help for the others???
  4. Abu'l 'Eyse

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  5. justabro

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    not exactly the same thing, but some of Sh. Ali al-Timimi's lectures were based on titles by Muhammad Qutb, and are worth checking out, such as Jahiliyyah in the 20th Century.
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  6. FARAN

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    but why can I not get these books in english, are they not translated to english?
  7. Tuwaylib

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    Is this even available ? I can't seem to find it on the net...
  8. Layth

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  9. justabro

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  10. Tuwaylib

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    JazakAllahu khair bro, I have been looking for this for a while...

    Re-listening to Sh. Ali's stuff revives one's spirit but also makes one depressed at what has happened to the da'wah in the West.
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  11. AbdulHaqq52

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    Assalamu alaikum,

    Jazakallah khair for posting these links. Masha'Allah Shaikh Ali Al-Tamimi is a very powerful speaker. I just searched the Internet to find out what he is doing now. I was so sad when I found out he was in prison.
  12. Tuwaylib

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    Is there a part 2 to this? It seems the lecture was incomplete.
  13. ibniftikhar

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    I second that. Listening to his old lectures make me nostalgic. I truly miss the glory days of Salafiyyah (90s). Here is the full lecture: http://islamiclectures.us/audio/AT/AT - Jahiliyyah at the End of the 20th Century.mp3

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