Ibn Taymiyyah and Aristotle

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    As-Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

    I am directing this question towards the brothers, Sharif Abu Jafar and Abuz Zubair, but i hope everyone has something of importance to add to this topic. Years ago I happened upon a work of Shaykh-ul-Islaam ibn Taymiyyah's refutation of greek logic and the impact of aristotelian logic and philosophy on Islamic thought. Because my arabic is not very strong at present, I have a hard time understanding the more detailed and intricate aspects of the Shaykh's arguments.
    So I am asking if there are any good books on aristotelian logic or good refutations of Aristotle and his understandings. I understand what Ibn Taymiyyah was saying about Platonic philosophy and the impact of his "forms." But how did Ibn Taymiyyah see Aristotle? I may have to go back to the book and try to re-read it. It has been a while and maybe I will get more from it this time. Insha'Allaah, this can lead to some good for the brothers and sisters.
  2. abudurrah

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    i agree with your question, for a laymen like me, i found imam ghazalis easier to understand
    imam ghazali refutes the points that philosiphers make saying that they are going against their own logic

    Sheikul islaam ibn taymiyyah destroys sweeps the carpet from the philosiphers feet so they have nothing left to stand on
    he does acheive this but it raises many questions for how does one think logically without to refer to the some of the methods that ibn taymiyyah was refuting

    i think this is to do with flaws in our understanding of sheikhul islam ibn taymiyyahs argument

    what didnt make sense to me was in his book where he refutes the philosiphers he does it by refuting the use of definitions and concepts its a very detailed refutation and its very good

    but then muslims also use defintions and concepts to derive their undertsanding of reality
    theres so much more i didnt understand, maybe one of the knowledgable on these fields can help
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  3. abudurrah

    abudurrah muslim male

    can someone answer the first post and answer my comments (was it wrong or right)
  4. Expergefactionist

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    Sorry, I cannot answer this as I haven't fully read IT's Rad 'ala al-mantqiyin...

    Have any of you guys read Wael Hallaq's abridgement of the work?
  5. Skillganon

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    assalamu alaikum wr wb

    Is their any english version of these books?
  6. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    i saw a photocopy of it, but In know it is soas library,probably copy it in the summer innsha'ALLAH
  7. Umar at-Taalib

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    I own the book, the title in english is Ibn Taymiyyah against the Greek Logicians. The preface alone is enough to sustain a college level seminar class for weeks. I can't read it in arabic yet, thus my above question. I am thinking that a more indepth knowledge of Aristotelian philosophy and its Muslim proponents would be helpful. So my question remains, (this is not the only question(s)), what are the problems inherent in Aristotelian logic and how does Ibn Taymiyyah go about addressing them?
    I will be re-reading that book now.
  8. Umar at-Taalib

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    I am still interested in whether anyone has any further knowledge upon this subject. It would be great to see an indepth discussion on the thinking of the Shaykh Ibnu Taymiyyah on issues of philosophy, logic and other such affairs.
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    Just as a side note: the translation by Wael Hallaq is Imaam Suyuti's abridgment of Imaam ibn Taymiya's 'al Rad ala al Mantiqyin' called 'Jahd al Qariha fi Tajrid al Nasiha'. In it, Imaam Suyuti deletes the philosophical talks and repetitions, while keeping the logical parts.

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