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  1. Hamza Patterson

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    2nd June 2011

    From Thursday 2nd of June until Monday 6th of June an iERA dawah team headed by Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and Adnan Rashid will be in Ireland for a special dawah mission.

    The team will attend the International Atheist Conference in Dublin. The purpose of the conference is to create an international atheist alliance and discuss how to communicate and promote atheism around the world. This conference will have most of the major international atheist and secularist speakers including Richard Dawkins, Dan Barker, Maryam Namazie and Michael Nugent.

    The team will positively engage with the participants and speakers in a manner that is cordial and befitting the context. They will have a dawah stall outside the venue which will include books explaining the rational foundations of Islam and "The Big Debates" dvds on Islam, atheism and religion. The team have also prepared and written a leaflet specific for the conference entitled "Do we have good reasons to believe?" which highlights how science and rational thinking leads to Islam. This leaflet will also be distributed outside the venue.

    The team will seek to interact with the audience and speakers to demystify Islam and explain its rational foundations. The conference is based around the false assumption that atheism is the natural conclusion of a rational human being, however we strongly believe that Islam is the world view that not only makes more sense but also establishes tranquillity in the hearts of those who embrace it.

    The schedule for the team includes an all day dawah stall in Dublin on Thursday, on Friday until Sunday there will be a dawah stall at the conference venue followed by leafleting and interaction. On sunday afternoon Hamza Andreas Tzortzis will deliver a tailored dawah course for the Irish duaat, throughout the stay Adnan Rashid and Hamza will be delivering small halaqat and talks at various masaajids and at UCD (University College Dublin) to raise awareness about the need for dawah and the necessity to intellectually engage with the atheist community.

    We believe that the dawah must not react to circumstances and context rather the dawah should respond in a manner that befits our tradition and the behaviour of our pious predecessors. Thus we have brought the dawah to the most significant atheist conference of the 21st century to deliver a message that Islam is not only the world view that will satisfy the thinking man but it will grant him that much needed tranquillity. The influential atheists who are attending this conference such as Richard Dawkins have been invited to discuss with ourselves on these issues but since nothing of yet has come into fruition we have decided to create the possibility to engage with such influential individuals and those who misrepresent Islam and who may be blinded by its veracity and depth.

    LINK ---->Do we have Good reasons to Believe?
  2. Abu Osaama

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    Masha Allah excellent, May Allah give you brothers tawfeeque
  3. Hamza Patterson

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    Br Hamza Tzortzis had a dialogue with Richard Dawkins and it has been recorded! More updates soon inshallah
  4. Abu Fatimah

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    they havent given much details on this trip yet. im very excited to hear about this inshallah
  5. imuslim

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    May Allah swt reward you all for your efforts.

    I just wanted to mention one thing and that is that the quality of video recording is very poor. Can you not dedicate a few brothers who will do their best to improve the quality of debate videos recorded. Even a cheap HD camera can do the job.

  6. Abu Fatimah

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    where have you seen the debate bro? Are you referring to the big debates or the work they are doing right now?
  7. imuslim

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    I was referring to brother Hamza's lectures in some universities and lecture halls, the video quality isn't that great. Or maybe IERA wasn't involved in recording and it must have been the ISOC team.
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    Should have invited WLC.
  9. abu hafs

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    From FB
  10. Amélie

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    OMG! it was filmed!! I'm soo excited!!
  11. Hamza Patterson

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    Majority of those recordings are nothing to do with iERA, rather the organisations that invited him for the talks/debates.
  12. Boo Boo

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    Is this from the recent event? Who is asking the question?

    *Edit* Sounds like brother Adnan Rashid.

    <iframe width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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  13. Amélie

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    Where's Hamza?!?!

    This isn't it!
  14. Hamza Patterson

    Hamza Patterson Proud Geek

    Yes it is. That is the Atheist convention. That was Br Adnan Rashid asking the question to Richard Dawkins. However I don't know who took that recording though.
  15. Abu Fatimah

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    can you provide a link to his facebook page?

    May Allah reward them emmensely, such a high pressure mission, right in the heart of the kuffar, an atheist convention, mashAllah thats increibly bravery and effort and I defo couldnt do that myself, so may Allah reward them abdunantly, I was amazed when I heard they were doing this, they truely are teh lions of the dawah in the UK.

    Sister I agree, this is very exciting indeed. I cant believe they challenged the worlds leaders in atheistic thought like this
  16. Abu Fatimah

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    did anyone notice richard dawkins contradict himself. He said he doesnt believe existence came about by chance, and nor was it created, but he then failed to explain what the third option is, and instead sidetracked talked about evolution and beginings of the universe (which are both related to chance anyway) but dont really explain how existence actually exists, i.e. why is there simply nothing?
  17. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Mashallah - iERA is an organisation that every Muslim should be proud of!
  18. Amélie

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    Oh, sorry.

    If you type Hamza Tzortzis facebook, you'll see it.

    I know, it's well exciting, especially knowing that Richard Dawkin's going to be there.

    May Allah give them success.
  19. Sharif

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    Dawkins' response here was nothing more than a straw man plus a red herring.

    The straw man is that the brother specifically asked him to offer a response to the design of the universe, and but he simply replied "It is an illusion" without offering any reason to back up his claim except that evolution explains order and complexity in living creatures, which obviously is far different question than the design of the universe. This same tactic is used in his books. For example, The Blind Watchmaker professes to unravel the apparent design of the universe, but in fact all it describes is the evolution of life. Yet he knows very well that the evidence for the fine-tuning of the universe is astronomical (and is far more significant to the debate about design than the issue of evolution) and he admits so but simply dismisses it with with the faith claim that science will substantiate a naturalistic explanation that doesn't recourse to supernatural ones.

    The red herring is his distracting from the issue with his tangent about the rejection of evolution in a Muslim school (which is also cherry-picking). While I agree that wholesale rejection of the theory is not the correct approach, it has to be noticed that people like him who insist that evolution - a mere scientific process of development and diversification that occurs in organisms - necessarily leads to atheism, are part of the problem. This man was the Professor for Public Understanding of Science at Oxford, but instead of facilitating public understanding of scientific issues, he was far more interested in propagating his own ideology under the guise of science. Michael Ruse, a famous philosopher of science, and himself both a Darwinist and an atheist, called Dawkins and the other New Atheists out on this: Why I Think the New Atheists are a Bloody Disaster - Science and the Sacred
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