Ilm-ul-Akhiruzzaman by Imran Hosein latest lecture

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    Fixed it for you.
  4. Layth

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    "'ilm ul-Aakhirul Zamaan" lol. The guy is a bigger clown than I thought.
  5. Tuwaylib

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    I have to say this: This guy is the biggest joke in this century aside from Tahir ul Qadri. The only beneficial thing he has to say is regarding gold and silver and the monetary system we are stuck in at this moment.

    I am not a student but, I know he is weak in arabic after listening to his brilliant tafsir of taking kuffar as awliyaa. His 'ilm ul akhir az-Zaman is just his imagination with very little to no reference to classical scholarship. And his fame for 'predicting' events is laughable because no one remembers the blunders in prediction. Does Nostradamus ring a bell?

    The other thing with all this Dajjal conspiracy is that it creates a hopelessness in the minds of Muslims. "What can we do, the jews control everything. Might as well just sit around and wait for the Mahdi"

    Also, his love affair with Khomeini and the Rafidah.... how can you be taken seriously after that?

    Seriously, just stop preaching and drink some peanut punch.
  6. al-suyuufi

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    I didn't know conspiracy theories are considered ilm
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    Its called fiqh-ul-wacky (oh yea... i do cheesy jokes too)
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    He is a fortune teller disguised as a self proclaimed sheikh
  9. Firebrand Mullah

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    There are quite a few people on paltalk who actually use the term ( fiq ul wacky) quite allot when they discuss takfeer, scholars etc
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