Imam Shakeel Begg of Lewisham Mosque on Tawfique Chowdhury

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    Imam Shakeel Begg of Lewisham Mosque on Tawfique Chowdhury:

  2. Ra'ad

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    Is that the whole text? Short and sweet.
  3. Abu Treika

    Abu Treika Magoo

    hits the nail on the head masha'allah
  4. Expergefactionist

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    All the statements and audios we are posting here, can the members make a point of spread it all over the internet, please? Whoever has access to blogs, lists, etc... just keep forwarding these things around, iA.
  5. Abu Jafor

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    As'Salaamu Alaikum,

    I have noticed a difference in approach from the students of knowledge & sheikhs on this matter with Tawfeeq compared to Usama.

    We now have had Abu AbdisSalaam, Yasir Qadhi, Nabeel al-Haq, Imaan Shakeel Begg, Sheikh Anwar Awlaki and others who have spoken against what Tawfeeq said publically yet no one mustered a word against all the crazy things Usama said publically.

    Is it because Tawfeeq does not have a father as a sheikh? Or does not come from a family of scholars?

    Its is from the mercy of Allah that we have students of knowledge & sheikh who correct us when falsehood is presented, but I think this thing with tawfeeq is now leading to character assassination.

    Wa'Alaikum Salaam
  6. abu eeman

    abu eeman

    walahi imam shakeel amazing the dawah he does from his masjid has so much barakah
  7. Plum

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    Maybe because Usama has never had a following?
  8. Expergefactionist

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    Abu Jafor,

    There are several reasons for their silence on Usama and public criticisms of Tawfique, and it isn't because of Usama's father. Number one reason is that Usama is not an author on MM. If he were to write his kufr on MM, he probably would have got the same treatment and the aforementioned figures would have definitely felt the pressure to respond and criticise.

    The second reason is that since Usama Hasan fiasco, the pressure has constantly been building, and most of the Salafis are like a kettle-whistle. They only make noise under pressure. We just need to make sure our pressure is greater than that of the government's.

    Lastly, there wasn't a need to assassinate Tawfique's character. He shot himself in the head and committed suicide.
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  9. Musta'eenah

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    Masha'Allah Tabarakallah! I am yet to meet an Imam as involved as Imam Shakeel is with the dawah and the community work Masha'Allah. He works so hard and has so much love and concern for the community. May Allah reward him immensely. Ameen.
  10. Abul Hasan

    Abul Hasan Aim High.

    Make sure you teach us some of this in the seerah classes bro!! Funniest comment of the day, hands down haha.
  11. AbdulMatin

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    Has there been any comment on this whole issue from the multaqa forums?
  12. anam

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    mash allah clear wording

    insh allah
  13. Umm

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    I don't agree with that being a valid reason, Abu Z, let alone the primary one. If these Imams and Sheikhs can tell their own students to ring masjid tawheed in advance and find out if Usamah is doing the khutbah or not, before attending, they should afford every Muslim that naseeha to not pray behind him.

    Furthermore, Usama might not write for MM, but he has written articles published by the mainstream media, and appeared in documentaries etc, which has a far wider Muslim viewage.

    Agreed, but he's still promoting his Rand Islam, and no one seems to feel the urgency to publicly refute him in a debate etc.

    What Tawfeeq wrote was appaling, but it wasn't half as bad as Usamah's attacks on Islam.

    I see double standards here.
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  14. Expergefactionist

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    I agree, but if if an article is posted on MM there is certainly more incentive for ppl to respond.

    Besides, I am just trying to be nice for once!!!
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  15. Tuwaylib

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    Does Usamah have any following? Does anyone in Britain even take him seriously? I was thinking that for people like sh. haytham to even debate him or refute him would give him more then the respect he deserves.
  16. Expergefactionist

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    He is still very much respected by JIMAS crowd, and others not from JIMAS, including many of my old friends... Some of them find his arguments quite appealing for several reasons, among them that he is well-versed in the Quran and comes from a traditional Ahl-e-Hadis family. Who do I blame for this confusion? The Mashaykh who are silent.
  17. Tuwaylib

    Tuwaylib Anti-Defeatist

    Well that makes things wierd... How can a secularist be respected? In that case he should openly be refuted and made a mockery of.
  18. justabro

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  19. Tuwaylib

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    jazakAllahu khair,

    I had just recently looked into the matter and read all the things about him. I was just wondering about his influence b/c no one on this side of the pond knows or cares about him...
  20. Muadh ibn Jabal

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    Time catches up with everyone eventually...
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