Indian PM moves to cool panic as thousands flee cities

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    Indian PM moves to cool panic as thousands flee cities

    NEW DELHI: India’s prime minister assured migrants from the northeast of the country that they were safe as thousands continued to flee from Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities on Friday, fearing a backlash from violence against Muslims in Assam state.

    Railway authorities have laid on extra trains from Bangalore and other cities this week for the two-day journey back to Assam in the northeast. Some media reports said that by Friday as many as 15,000 people had left cities in the south and west, including Mumbai and Pune.

    Muslims across India have been alarmed by clashes in recent weeks between indigenous people in the northeastern state of Assam and Muslim settlers from neighbouring Bangladesh.

    About 75 people have been killed and more than 400,000 displaced.

    The Assam violence angered India’s Muslims, who represent about one-fifth of the population, and raised tensions in a country where religious and ethnic divisions have simmered for decades, occasionally erupting into communal blood-letting.

    Rumours of revenge attacks by Muslims have been swirling, many of which have been carried on social media and mass mobile phone text messages.

    The Hindu nationalist opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which has in the past been accused of fomenting Hindu-Muslim violence, blames the Assam riots on uncontrolled immigration into the state from Muslim-majority Bangladesh.

    Indian PM moves to cool panic as thousands flee cities | DAWN.COM
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    Thousands flee violence-hit Indian cities

    Al Jazeera

    Thousands of Indians from the northeast of the country who live in southern cities are fleeing as fears grow of a backlash over violence against Muslims in the state of Assam and neighbouring Myanmar.

    Hundreds of students and workers from Assam state crowded Bangalore's main railway station to try to board trains heading out of the city, while officials tried in vain to assure them of their safety.

    Those fleeing Bangalore said they had heard text messages had been circulating threatening attacks by Muslims.

    Thousands flee violence-hit Indian cities - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English
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  3. repentingslave

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    This is conspiracy to defame Muslims
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  4. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    Breaking News!

    Krishna chops ganesh's head off and blames Muslims
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    Got the source?
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  6. wurood

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    I think he was being sarcastic...
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  8. repentingslave

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  9. abu hadeed

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    Kind of sad how Indian Muslims get owned all the time in a fight with these snake worshiping Hindus

    Somebody told me that Indian Muslims aren't that keen in putting up their dukes in comparison to their afghan and Pakistani counterparts
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  10. wurood

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    well the counter parts can be more courageous because those countries don't have a majority hindu population to deal with
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  11. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    Where we're these protectors in Gujurat when our sisters and children were raped and burned by the monkey and elephant worshipping mushriks?
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  12. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    We had people saying snake worshippers, elephant worshippers, monkey worshippers. It would be unjust if we leave out cow worshippers.

    Did we miss 'anything else' worshippers?

    Well the sad state is majority of the Indian population are brelvis...aka corpse worshippers. So naturally corpse worshipper cannot defeat snake, cow, elephant, monkey worshippers cause their gods are dead and unable to help themselves let alone helping their worshippers.

    The good news is ahlul-hadeeths people are doing great, many people have abandoned these kufr practises in Hyderabad. Hope one day shirk is eradicated and then there will be good in muslims of India.
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  13. abu hadeed

    abu hadeed <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    dunno, i heard from a friend that the Gujjarat and Indian muslims are bit on the pacifist side and are not to keen to have a scrape, I dont know if its his Pakistani nationalism playing up or if he is telling the truth
  14. wurood

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    yes very true, there is a long way to go for Muslims in India when it comes to practicing pure tawheed, but alhumdulilah it's changing slowly, but a lot of people just absuloutely hate "wahabis" so there is little hope for changing them, it'd be lovely to see Hyderabad without seeing darghas everywhere, maybe one day in sha Allah.
  15. musslim

    musslim Active Member

    Well the original muslims were much more of a minority than the indian muslims are today. But then worldwide there is no shortage of muslims. Its all about the eman i guess. That applies to all the muslim ummah. And we all know these events were predicted by rasoolAllah (saws).
  16. repentingslave

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    The ahlul hadeeth masjids are increasing here they are excellent in aqeedah but in matters of fiqh they are really poor and thats something that is causing the most problem.
  17. leo

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    Test message threats and rumours came from Pakistan, says India

    August 19

    NEW DELHI: Most of the threatening mobile phone text messages and website images that spread panic among migrants from cities in the south and west of India last week originated in Pakistan, India’s interior ministry said on Saturday.

    Thousands of students and workers from India’s northeast fled Mumbai, Bangalore and other cities, fearing retaliation for recent violence against Muslims in Assam, one of the states in their far-flung corner of the country.

    “After checking and verifying we are saying, with responsibility, that the bulk of SMSes (text messages) spreading rumours about the northeast region have come from Pakistan,” an interior ministry spokesman said, declining to be named for security reasons.

    Arch-rivals India and Pakistan, who have fought three wars since their independence 65 years ago, regularly accuse each other of provocative acts.

    There was no immediate reaction from Islamabad.

    Text message threats, rumours came from Pakistan: India – The Express Tribune
  18. drkjke

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    this my brother is full truth.keep on truth always
  19. drkjke

    drkjke Well-Known Member

    as for this panic in india its all government sponsored to make people hate muslims even more.i have spent a long time of my life with subcontinent muslims.apart from few muslims bordering afghanistan area,all the rest of subcontinent muslims never fight back when attacked by hindus and sikhs etc. its very shameful truth i am about to write now but let me.
    in 1947 hindus and sikhs murdered more than a million muslims and more shameful was that muslim women were paraded naked in indian streets and raped in mosques.i know for a fact that around hundred thousand muslim women from punjab and other areas of india were taken away from their muslim families and were made sex slaves,the family men of these women did not fight back to save their women,but saved their own lives whoever could.(in 1980s a guy from pakistan visited india and told that he met some of these kidnapped girls who had now grown old and had given birth to the kids of hindus and sikhs)

    some people may be angry on why i mentioned this bitter shameful truth ,but remember its time we see the mirror. dont know what made me write this thing today which has been in my heart for long time.

    i have talked to many eye witnesses of this muslim massacre and rape by hindus and sikhs in 1947,one by one these people are meeting their lord ,and i fear that next generation of muslims will not even remember what hindus sikhs did to their forefathers in 1947.even now same thing is happening to muslims in indian held kashmir.hindus and sikh army men murder and rape kashmiris daily.but kashmiri leaders always preach "tolerance" and they say daily that we dont believe the "voiolent ways" of taliban and our struggle will be purely political!
    i wonder what is the effect of this subcontinent soil?which makes men even less ghairatmand or honourable than animals.
    i am sure even an american will fight till death if you mistreat his family,these americans who have no faith and no religion but are prepared to give away their lives for their nation.we muslims have been promised heaven but our iman is so weak we remain cowards ad do not fight back when under oppression.its sort of azaab on muslim ummah too,for leaving islam .so now people prefer the short life of this world more than the eternal life of next world.
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  20. drkjke

    drkjke Well-Known Member

    in begining of islam Allah chose arabs to seve islam.who had their shortcomings but were brave people and did not hesitate to sacrifice life for a seems in end time afghan have been chosen to serve islam as they also like arabs have their shortcomings but see their courage,they dont hesitate to fight an enemy hundred times stronger than them and when loosing their life is hundred percent certainity still they fight.
    Allah likes brave muslims

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