Indian replies to the Mongol barbarians

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    We know of the Egypt based Mamluks giving a timely reply (by Allah's permission) to the Mongol barbarians - particularly in the Battle of Ayn Jalut where 20,000 of them (Mongols) were put to death.

    But, we do not hear much about the Indian replies to those barbarians. It is worth reminding ourselves what blessing there was in Indian Muslim rulers, when they repulsed successive Mongol incurisons and many times giving them some of their own medicine in tit for tat fashion.

    Mongol invasions of India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    (The Mongols returned under the leadership of Kebek, who became a khan later in 1306. They crossed the Indus River near Multan and were moving towards the Himalayas, when Ghazi Malik, governor of Punjab, intercepted them. About 50,000 Mongols were made prisoners including one of their generals. Alauddin Khilji put them all to death and sold their wives and children as slaves.) Unquote.
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    Jazakallahkair brother, learned something new about history Alhamdulillah.
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    Zafar Khan (rh) is legend ... he was able to destroy a huge invading force of something like 200,000 Mongols

    Muslims have always been the greatest warriors in history ... the Mongols completely annihilated the euros but the Muslims were able to inflict monumental defeats to them ... they lost in Afghanistan as well

    Battle of Parwan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Volga Bulgarian Muslims also were able to defeat them initially ... but in the end they were conquered by Islam
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    Following the Mongol invasion of Khwarezm Jalal ad-Din was forced to flee towards the Hindukush, where he began to muster additional troops to face the Mongols. With the arrival of over 30,000 Afghan and Pashtun warriors from what is now southern Afghanistan; his strength reportedly rose to 60,000. Though badly equipped and ill-managed being tribal Lashkar, they managed to defeat the Mongol hordes under the command of Shikhikhutug after the day long battle at Parwan in the vicinity of Ghazni. The battle being the first and only defeat in the lifetime of Genghis Khan (after he had risen to power as Khagan), and it enraged him. The Khan personally came after him with an army of 50,000.[SUP][2][/SUP] But the Khwarezmian prince did not prove himself as able in victory as he had been in defeat.[SUP][3][/SUP] In a row over the booty; a Mongolian white horse; between his father-in-law and an Afghan Chief, he sided with his father-in-law. The proud Pashtoons left their camp fire burning and left the same night, despite being completely exhausted by the day's fighting. Finding himself without more than half of his fighting strength Jalal ad-Din retreated the next day towards the east. As he no longer had sufficient resources to last another battle, they headed towards the Indus river to the area north of the present city of Kalabagn. The Mongols caught up with him on the banks of the Indus and defeated him what in now referred to as the Battle of Indus.[SUP][ Unquote.l

    What a disaster - having a row over booty, a mere horse! Cause of defeat - we see that from the history numerous times. Even the best Muslims were trapped in this desire.

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    In the next battle that Chinggis Khan led personally he was almost killed, but he dismounted from his horse just in time

    I've also heard from some where than he never hated Islam or anything like the later leaders such as Halaku (lanatullah), and he would've never attacked Iran if the shah didn't kill his diplomats

    anyway the pathetic euro trash could never defeat them even in 1 battle

    Feudal Europe was saved from sharing the fate of China and Muscovy not by its tactical prowess but by the unexpected death of the Mongols' supreme ruler, Ogedei, and the subsequent eastward retreat of his armies.

    they are nothing when they don't have their walls to hide behind
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