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    Assalamu alaykum

    I have to submit two essays in mid-march.

    Topic 1: Write on character-building of the human personality and method of developing and changing the character; and the removal of vices, adopting virtues and performing of devotional acts. Where can I find any info on character-building in Islam?

    Topic 2 consists of 2 separate sections:

    1 Discuss critically the debate between scholars viewing the Qur=an
    as a fragmented document and those regarding it as a holistic one. [u]Any info on this anyone?[/u]

    2 Evaluate the authenticity criteria laid down by earlier scholars of
    Hadith. Do they fulfil the requirements of scholars during the
    present age?

    What are the requirements of the present age? Isn't it the same as the earlier requirements?

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