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  1. sharkbite

    sharkbite New Member

    Hi I am a new member I am not a Muslim.

    I am however awake to the Zionist control of the West.

    Iraq had no weapons and one million of it's people are now dead.
    It's oil was stolen.
    Afghanistan has increased it's production of drugs since the invasion.

    Iran has never attacked another country.
    The only crime Iran has committed in my opinion is that they did not let in the Zionist banks or oil firms.

    My question to young Muslims is do many of you understand that Israel and Zionist Jews are really running the USA and Europe?
  2. s-b-r

    s-b-r Patience is a Virtue

    Do you understand? If so how?

    Also what do you believe in? What's the 'ideology' you follow?
  3. akhan71193

    akhan71193 New Member

    On his other post he says he is a christian
  4. sharkbite

    sharkbite New Member

    I am not a great Christian to be honest but I feel the need to say no to any attack on Iran and it's people.
  5. AIPAC Spy

    AIPAC Spy Banned

  6. Abu Aziza

    Abu Aziza member

    jooz and majooz are cousins
    as long as america is paying the bill i am ok with it.
    they've been pretending to be enemies for too long now
    thats why i still believe nothing will happen
  7. Abu Aziza

    Abu Aziza member

    yes its good because america will spend billions again in war and the ayyadollar vudoo priests finally fighting with jews.
    still it won't happen
  8. Bint Mahmood

    Bint Mahmood Well-Known Member

    How are they doing this?
  9. AIPAC Spy

    AIPAC Spy Banned

    "How are they doing this?"

    Some people call it the Israel Lobby.

    Others call it ZOG.

    "Jewish money is ultimately the reason why the Israel Lobby is invincible in America. The Israel Lobby tends to get what it wants. And it very much wants a war with Iran."
    -- Dr. Kevin MacDonald
  10. AIPAC Spy

    AIPAC Spy Banned

    The Ugly Truth Podcast (Nov 10, 2011)

    We are joined today by Kourosh Ziabari, journalist from Iran to discuss the latest threats of war against his country over her supposed 'nuclear program'.
  11. leo

    leo Well-Known Member

    Yes, they haven't, not in last 100 years. But their evil role is quite evident from the proxy wars, they have been fighting. Why would US even think to attack Iran, when they know, on both flanks of Iran, Iran-friendly Govts exist (through the courtesy of US). US also knows well that active resistance against occupation forces, which we in religious term call jihad is not found in the religious doctrine of Shiites. So, therefore US faces no real threat from Iran. We shouldn't be misled by the political slogans and statements on both sides.

    India, being the strategic partner of US in South Asia is planning to construct 900 kms long railway track through Iran to Bamiyan, the stronghold of Hazara tribe, which has full support of Iran on religious grounds. Such a mega project can not take place, till it has the approval both from Iran and US.

    Iran fully supported US in Iraq and Afghanistan, so how can we even think of US attacking Iran or even resorting to air strikes, when Iran is cooperating with US in attainment of their objectives?
  12. Sibawayh alFarsi

    Sibawayh alFarsi اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد

  13. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    The friendship of jews with majoos goes back to pre-Islamic times. They have always supported each other in wars. So forget about jews attacking present day kisra. The past kisra was taken down by Muslims and so will be the present day ayatul-Kisra(s).

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