Iraq shia groups merge

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by yezeed, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Iraq's two main shia groups , the state of law coalition and the iraqi national alliance are to merge and renamed - the national alliance . The islamic dawa party (shia) headed by ibrahim jaafari and the iraqi national congress (shia) headed by ahmad chalabi and the islamic supreme council of iraq (shia) headed by ammar al-hakim and the secular alliance (shia) headed by iyad allawi and the sadrist movement (shia) headed by moqtader al-sadr and the communist party headed by majid musa (shia) will all have a say in the new democratic iraq . Baghdad now resembles qom as the shiite parties consolidate their power in the region . In the meantime sunni muslims who fled the violence must now face the same fate as american indians and live on big reservations in jordan and syria called refuge camps . Islamic relief sent four urine stained blankets in a bid to ease the crisis .

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