Question Is it halal to sell a ps2 ?? Urgent

Discussion in 'Islamic Law' started by hilal_salaf, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. hilal_salaf

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    Asalmu Alakium
    Would it be halal to sell a play station 2 at the proper second hand market price.
    I ask this as this is a device that can be used for harram.
    The 2 main issues are :
    Harram content in some games .
    Use of Pirated games ... as done by many people in my country ..

    pls help me if u need any info pls ask

    May Allah guide and bless us all
  2. hilal_salaf

    hilal_salaf Senior Member

    Pls help may allah reward ull
  3. abumuwahid

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    Are all games halal? (visuals and audio?)

    If there are some games that are halal then it should be fine.

    It's like selling a car. You have no idea what it will be used for and it's not your business to probe either.
  4. murdiyyah

    murdiyyah [x]

    In fact, think of how Prophet (s) gave silk to one of the male Sahaba (rA) and said to sell it to someone who can wear it (ie: disbelieving man) and make profit out of it. (Again, short on my references! subhanAllaah.) And anything can be used in a bad way varies from individuals. One thing you can do is if you are selling it first-hand, you can advise the buyer to use it wisely. Allaahu 'Alam.
  5. hilal_salaf

    hilal_salaf Senior Member

    may allah reward u but dont most people use it for harram and what if u knw that the user will most likely do so .
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  6. Ibn Muhammad

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    Bro hilal, I would advise you to ask someone who is qualified in issuing fatawaa, not random people on forums. And I suggest everyone reflect on the salafs refrainment of passing fatawaa, even though sometimes they knew the answer they would refer the questioner to someone more able in passing a ruling.
  7. murdiyyah

    murdiyyah [x]

    ^good advice mashaAllaah, first resort.

    my 2cents

    maybe a safe thing to do is sell it to a Muslim you trust. weigh good versus evil--ask yourself: WHY am i selling this (do i need the money, does owning this object do harm to me? or benefit me? or is it neutral? whats more important to me in this case, money or preventing harm?) Some ppl choose to destroy their items after weighing out all the options (as I have in the past, but haven't dealt with video games). At the end of the day, its your Taqwa of Allaah and understanding of the Deen. Can someone share the fatwa they find on this?

    I found this:

  8. abuyasin

    abuyasin looking for my greenbird

    selling PS in itself nothing wrong with it as well as playing it is not haram as the rule is everything which is not act of worship is halal unless proven otherwise but the games is what you need to check ie if the games are ok then you do sell them otherwise it is not allowed. wa Allahu Aalam
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  9. abumuwahid

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    I believe that the onus is upon the one who says that something is haram to prove so, since the basic premise in fiqh is that everything is halal except what Allah and His Messenger has forbidden.

    By the way. You can watch dvds on a ps2, even quran dvds.
  10. abumuwahid

    abumuwahid <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    I believe that the onus is upon the one who says that something is haram to prove so, since the basic premise in fiqh is that everything is halal except what Allah and His Messenger has forbidden.

    By the way. You can watch dvds on a ps2, even quran dvds.
  11. abumuwahid

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    Wa Iyak akhi.

    Most people use tvs, dvd players, computers, cars, mp3 players etc. for haram purposes.
  12. abumuwahid

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    This fatwa is for things that are haram in and of itself. A ps2 itself is not haram.
  13. murdiyyah

    murdiyyah [x]

    "and doubtful matters"

    yes video games can be quite useful, esp Wii Sport. brother said he was doubtful, plus i was hoping someone comes up with a more accurate fatwa, Allaahu Musta'an.
  14. abuyasin

    abuyasin looking for my greenbird

    Akhee no need for fatwah for halal things and remember what the prophet PBUH said the man worst sin is the one who keep asking about something and make haram because of him asking

    إن أعظم المسلمين في المسلمين جرماً من سأل عن شئ لم يحرم على الناس فحرم من أجل مسألته​

    so stop digging it is halal so far unless the one use it in haram means then it become haram in that moment but not PS in itself
  15. aisha bint muhammad

    aisha bint muhammad New Member

    Dear scholars, As-Salaam `Alaykum. I have a question on Computer Games. Is it Halal or Haram to play computer games? Is it Halal or Haram to make and sell them? If it can fall into both, can you please clarify? Any help is very much appreciated. Jazakum Allah khayran.

    Dear questioner, we would like to thank you for the great confidence you place in us, and we implore Allah Almighty to help us serve His cause and render our work for His Sake. ​

    In the beginning we’d like to state that Islam is not against entertainment as long as it does not keep a person from an obligation and its means does not contain anything un-Islamic. By the same token, as long as computer or video games are void of undesirable themes and messages, then playing them can be considered as permissible. However, the permissibility here is conditional on the fact that one is resorting to it as an occasional outlet only; for there is no doubt whatsoever that if one’s indulgence in playing such electronic games in any way interferes with one’s performance of his/her worship or other obligatory duties, then it shall be considered as strictly forbidden. ​

    As regards playing and making electronic games, we’d cite for you the following:

    “Video game-making and playing is not Haram. However, the content is the criterion in determining whether we should rate it as Halal or Haram, i.e. exactly like movies. Educational games are very good, but many of the video games in the American markets are full of violence and sexual content which is Haram.” [Source:]

    Dealing with this issue, Sheikh M. S. Al-Munajjid, a prominent Saudi Muslim lecturer and author, states the following:

    “Islam does not forbid leisure or having fun in permissible ways. The basic rule concerning these games is that they are permissible so long as they do not get in the way of obligatory duties such as establishing prayer [i.e., praying properly and on time] and honoring one’s parents, and so long as they do not include anything that is Haram.” [Source:]

    Based upon this, it is not Haram to play computer games as long as none of the material contains indecency, pornography or anything against Islamic teachings and playing them does not keep one from doing an obligation. The same conditions apply to making and selling such games. However, Muslim parents should be on alert regarding the content of these games and pay much attention to the choice of the beneficial games that do not go against the Islamic teachings before they bring them to their children.

    This is from me...
    Akhi, from this is looks like its reasonable to say that selling your ps2 is not haram as you are not responsible for the games played on it....its like selling a tv when you know it can be used for good or bad....Allahu'alim​
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  16. murdiyyah

    murdiyyah [x]

    Jazaa kullah khair ukhtee!

    im not digging akhee. good advice tho mashAllah. we should give it to those who dig for fatwas to get out of jihad but thats another story for another thread.
  17. hilal_salaf

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    I ve reped all of u for ur help may allah reward ull

    Sry bro Abu Muwahid i cant rep need 2 spread more rep around
  18. Abu Treika

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    i just sold my xbox 360..... possibly because im secretly wanting to get a ps3

    interesting thread!
  19. Big Daddy

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    ^ LOL, and violence is Haram? Another lol.

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