Is it permitted to kiss Mushaf?

Discussion in 'Islamic Law' started by Efendi, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Efendi

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    Salam alaikum.

    Beneficial answer from shaykh Albani.

  2. junaid123

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    Islam Question and Answer - Ruling on kissing the Mus-haf
  3. Bint Mahmood

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    Hmm this has confused me a little, if it's an innovation shouldn't it be avoided at all costs? Or is it the case that it 'becomes' a bid'ah only if one thinks that it is compulsory to kiss the Qur'an, rather than one who merely kisses it out of love but not thinking that it's necessary to do so?
  4. bhaloo911

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    Salafis say that all innovation should be avoided but then here they say its allowed?

    something just doesnt seem right.
  5. Efendi

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    It should be avoided as said shaykh Albani, see attachment in first post.

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