Is there special jewelry boxes in jannah?

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by Soul, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Soul

    Soul Banned

    Do muslim women get special unique jewelry boxes in jannah?
  2. Bint Mahmood

    Bint Mahmood Well-Known Member

    Salaam alaykum

    If they desire it then why not :)?
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  3. Soul

    Soul Banned

    Oh Goody!

    Wa Laikum As Salam
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  4. Dhulqarnen

    Dhulqarnen Alhamdulilah for Islam

    whatever muslims whant, they can have it there, but a person is satisfied there only with things he see, subhanAllah, rivers, trees, all green beaty
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  5. For men too, inshallah
  6. repentingslave

    repentingslave New Member

    Oh well its Jannah it would be beyond your imagination so you won't even want a jewellery box may be
  7. Soul

    Soul Banned

    I want my own store and all the perfumes and jewlery and a credit card with my name on it! In jannah
  8. Muslim1

    Muslim1 Active Member

    al salam alaikum wa rahmatu ALLAHi wa baraktuhu Muslims

    InshaALLAH if i go Jannah, I would like (as of now)

    me in a dress in a quiet, but beautiful area, like green grass, sun and just a.niceplace mashaALLAH, no cars, no humans, nothing

    i dont want to be.confused about anything, thinking too much about something or cold or whatever, just calm, warm and.nice.
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  9. akhook

    akhook New Member

    One thing I heard in a lecture about Jannah is that muslims' hearts would be one, meaning no anger, no ill feelings, nothing but love and happiness and stuff. To me that seems like one of the best things you could have.
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  10. UmmAyaah

    UmmAyaah New Member

    I also read somewhere that in Jannah you dont even have to ask for something...if you just think about it..or intend get it. subhanAllah subhanAllah. may Allah grant us all jannah and keep us away from the hellfire.

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