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    Mufti muhammad taqi usmani says in discourses on islamic way of life

    A unique incident in the life of hazrat nuh alayhi salam

    When the flood came over the people hazrat nuh and they persished because of that. Allah commanded him through a revelation that he should cast pottery untensils. So, he obeyed allah and began to mould untensils of pottery and earthenware. He was occupied in that all the time. Day or night. Many days passed in this manner, and a lot of untensils accumulated. He received a secondcommand. "Now smash down the utensils, one by one' Hazrat nuh alayhi salam pleaded before the Lord "Oh allah i have taken great pains to create them. And i had done that at your command; now you command me to break them up! Allah said, My command now is that you break them all/; So hazrat nuh broke them up but was broken hearted that he had taken great pains to create them and was asked to undo his effort. Allah said to him, "O nuh you fashioned the earthenware with your hands at my command. You became very attached to these untensils so when i commanded you to break them it was very difficult task for you to obey. So you wished to perserve them somehow because they were moulded by you and you loved them. But you did not observe me. I had created all the creation with my hands but on your suggestion I destroyed all of them My creatures! You had said

    "My lord leave not the disbelievers any dwellers on earth. (71:26)

    You said that much and i destroyed what i had created myself.'
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    Assalamu alaikum wr wb

    I know your quoting Mufti muhammad taqi usmani

    but where is the source?
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    Its from discourses on islamic way of life volume 8 (Darul ishaat , karachi01 pakistan publication)
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    Ok. What I meant was the original source...unless we should think he produced it out of thin air.
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    Akhi these are lectures of him that were copmiled to gether. They were lectures delivered in Urdu at masjid bayt ul mukarram darul isha'aat had them translated into english.
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    is the story authentic and if so what is the source of authenticy i.e. bukhari
  7. Madarijas-Salikeen

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    Anybody answer please
  8. Madarijas-Salikeen

    Madarijas-Salikeen <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    Can anybody answer please
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    Assalamu alaikum wr wb

    Well if it helps I never heard of the story before.

    Anyway how someone suppose to find out if the story is true or not.

    Is their an Isnaad?

    1. For sure this is not in the Quran (if I am not mistaken).

    2. Did it came out of the Prophet's mouth?
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    salaamu 'alaykum

    this may help, i think it is from stories of the prophets by ibn katheer, see if u find it in there:

    I may be mistaken, but israaeeliyyaat dont have any isnaad, they are stories. again im not sure

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