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  1. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

    Bismillah, wa salaatu wa salaamu 'alaa Rasoolullah.

    As-salaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu.

    This thread is for brothers and sisters to get all the information they need regarding various Islaamic Universities. So the brothers and sisters can put forward any questions they need answering, and those who have the answer or the links could then provide them with a response inshaa-Allah.

    From what I have seen, finding information regarding studying overseas at one of the Islaamic Universities is scarce and very unorganised, thus inspiring students have a hard time finding answers to their queries and ultimately it often causes loss of morale and enthusiasm for the one seeking to traverse this noble path.
  2. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

    I will start it off inshaa-Allah.

    If anybody is seeking to apply for the Islaamic University of Madinah, then here are the required documents:

  3. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

    These are the conditions of admission for the Islaamic University of Madinah:

  4. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

    A summary of the benefits available to students at Islaamic University of Madinah:

  5. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

    And finally here is some information regarding the Islaamic University of Madinah and its faculties:

    This website provides the information potential students require, as well as instructions on how to apply:

  6. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

    Note: This website for the Islaamic University of Madinah; Al-Madinah International University, is the Malaysian branch and not the original branch in Saudi. This has been a common cause of confusion for many.

    Here is the website for Umm al-Qura University in Makkah; Umm Al-Qura University
  7. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

  8. Aboo Muhammad

    Aboo Muhammad إلى متى .. إلى متى؟

  9. Abu Hawwa

    Abu Hawwa Formerly 'LionofIslam'

    Is it safe to study in Madina? I thought they had very madkhali tendencies? Or is it okay to study subjects other than al wala wal bara such as hadith ect ect? Or is Umm al Qurra better?
  10. Abu Hamzah

    Abu Hamzah Formerly 'Tawbah'

    Actually akhi, that university has no relationship at all with the Islamic University of Madinah;
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  11. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

    Yeah, thats what alot of brothers say. Allahu A'lam if or to what extent it affects ones studying there. It is good information for one to have though, so he can prepare himself. Maybe some of the brothers who have been can enlighten us as to how much influence the Madakhliah have over there.

    Oh ok. I thought it may be another branch, but I only assumed that because of the identical names. BaarakAllahu feekum for the info though.
  12. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

  13. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

    I have a question for the brothers and sisters:

    If you had an option between Umm al-Qura and Islamic University of Madinah, which would you choose (if both accepted you)?

    I would have said Umm al-Qura straight away before, but now I'm not so sure.

    From what I have gathered in my discussions with some brothers, I understand Umm al-Qura has a far better education system. This is the strongest point. It also has some other benefits, such as it being easier to go on to do your Master's - as opposed to Madinah, where far less students have that opportunity. It is also in the best of cities and it is close to the Ka'bah, so the reward for each salaah would be multiple times higher.

    However, Islamic University of Madinah also has many good points. It is designed to suit international students, therefore people coming to study from abroad would find it much more easier there and more facilitating for them. There are other things, like the environment being more calmer and relaxed, which helps one who is studying, as opposed to Makkah which is a bit more hectic (You may not mind that for a few months or so, but considering the studies will be six years, it becomes an important point). The high number of other foreign students makes it easier for you to adapt. There are many other small things that add to the equation. I spoke with various shuyookh and they all advised me to choose Islamic University of Madinah over Umm al-Qura, which was surprising to me - and they were not even close to being a madkhali.

    So now I'm not quite so sure as to which University I would choose (again, speaking hypothetically if one was accepted by both of them). I want to see what you guys think...
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  14. Abul Qa'qa

    Abul Qa'qa طوبى للشام

    Bump. Come on guys, where are you? I want your opinions.

    That includes you students who have more knowledge and experience about studying abroad.

    (If this was a marriage thread or another, "How to please your husband/wife" thread, I would have received a dozen replies by now. :))
  15. Abu Hawwa

    Abu Hawwa Formerly 'LionofIslam'

    I'm debating myself regarding umm al qurra and islamic university of madinah, there is a student (happens to be afghan to) from madina unithat is going to speak in Al Kalemah organization tonight, if I have time (my dad sick so i'm at work if he decides to come at night) than i'll go and speak to him after he gives his lecture.

    By the way Wrorra, afghans have some great problems. WE need to make an afghan organization of talibul ilm and ulema to give dawah to our brothers on there great deviant aqeeda issues
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  16. Abu Hurairah

    Abu Hurairah Well-Known Member

    Unless you've gotten into both, apply to both. Beggars can't be choosers, as they say. It's not exactly like your average Western universities where if you have the grades and fees, you can get in easily. The choice is theirs, it's not really yours.

    But if you did get into both then I'll just feel stupid...and jealous.
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  17. Umm Waraqa Bluebell

    Umm Waraqa Bluebell kalimat al-ikhlaas

    I'm sure there was a thread where justabro suggested Umm al Quraa over Madinah uni because of the antics of some of the brothers....if it wasn't him, it was anotherbro.

    From a completely non-studious perspective, why mind the buzz of Makkah? Enjoy it. This is your spiritual home you're talking about! Imagine the reward of the haram!

    What more do you want?!
  18. Rasmalai

    Rasmalai Well-Known Member

    Would any of the universities take someone who is sincere and has just a single pound sterling in his bank account? Oh, not to mention in a currently fragile emotional state but feels he has potential...

    EDIT: I totally appreciate the rep comment, but my therapy is academia.
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  19. Abu Hurairah

    Abu Hurairah Well-Known Member

    They don't know about your sincerity or your bank balance.

    Would probably end up quitting before long.
  20. Abu Hawwa

    Abu Hawwa Formerly 'LionofIslam'

    right now i'm trying to get into preston uni to study arabic, i'm planning to apply after 4 years when I am 24.

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