Islam for ALL races?

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by AkramUKConv, Jul 15, 2007.

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    I know Ilsam accepts EVERYONE, all as equal and this is great. I am currently watching a documentary on Muhammad that has said that Islam was the first, as opposed to the other monotheistic religions of the time (Christianity and Judaism), that promoted this. Basically it was saying that Islam accepted all races whereas Judaism and Christianity didn't.

    Now, I know that Judaism is pretty much a racial religion, tied in blood but I thought Christianity accepted all races (I know it does now) but didn't it back then?
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    When you hear that Islaam is first ,it means that we only worship one God who has no partners no sons , this is what has been preached by all the Phrophets.

    Did the person in the documentry quote a verse from the Quran or hadith? to say that he the Phrophet, actually mentioned that in regard to the Christians and the Jews ?
    Is the documentary online ?
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    Have you read Mein Kampf by Hitler?

    He uses some christian text to push his views i believe!? I did some reading on this years ago so please do correct me if im mistaken.
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    Yes, I understadn that - no confusion their.

    This documentary, a very good one, was on the A&E Biography channel and is downloadable as a torrent HERE, and was called 'Mohammad (pbuh) Biography'. She (I think it was Karen Armstrong (prominent writer on Islam [influential in conveying the more objective post-19th-century scholarship of Islam to a wide reading in Europe])) just said it as a matter of fact rather than the Prophet saying it or it being in the Qur'an.

    She actually said that 'at the time when Islam 'came out' it was the first to accept every race as oppsed to the other monotheistic religions' (which I took to be Judiasm and Christianity) and that is how she meant it.
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    It's not that Christianity was a racial religion, it's that Jesus's (as) mission was primarily to the Israelites, where as Muhammad's (saws) mission was to all mankind.
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    Jesus never spoke of racial issues, so there is no definite answer to this.

    However, Christian Churches mostly speak against racism, because Jesus treated all people kindly, regardless of things such as religion or nation.
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