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    i am thinking of doing a presentation about islam at my local college.

    my basic idea is to start with with the basics of islam obveously, but also to hold a separate seminar on the most controversial issues that usually block somone from doing any real research into islam.

    and i dont want to hear what naysayers have to say. i hear enough of that.

    im going to goto the college on monday to see if they would allow me to make a presentation in the first place, however i would like some idea nonetheless.

    why im asking for help is because the dawah i give has to meet the requirements of the sunnah of giving dawah. if anybody has read "call to islam and how the holy prophets preached" you will get what i mean here.

    its easy to surn a simple topic such as the basics to islam into a long drawn out lecture because there is soo much you can say. i need to find a way to make those point in powerful, concise points, using logic and passion and wisdom.

    so im thinking of doing it khalid yaseen style where i write out what i want to say before hand and practice it like i would practice a speech.

    im going to ask for a half hour timeslot, so if i do get that then i need to fit what i need to say in 20-25 minutes and leave 5 min for Q&A

    comments and suggestion are appreciated.
  2. UmmNusayba

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    5 Mins for Q&A is a bit short.
  3. Mu'awiya

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    asalaam alaikum warahmatulah wabarakatuh

    bro, i recommend you take a totally different approach. people have given that style of dawah too long. Give your dawah specifically on the Linguistic Miracle of the Qur'an. Since that is what convinced the sahaba that Islam is the truth. Not the 5 pillars etc. But the Quran's miraculousness.

    See; and click on Gems. you'll love it insha' Allah and the people will too insha Allah! :D
  4. Sharif

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    Wa `Alaykum us-Salaam wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh,

    I recently gave a Power Point presentation to some high school students were were studying Islam. Because of the nature of the class, I had to go through the basics (incl. Five Pillars), but I also made sure the presentation was more intellectually stimulating than what one would acquire from a textbook. I focused mostly on the meanings and implications of the shahaadatayn and the Qur'an's themes and style of argument. If it might be of use to you, I could PM it to you, and you could either take ideas from it or use it yourself and modify it as you please.
  5. learn arabic

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    hmm that would definetly be helpfull.

    my basic idea is actually to do a series of these little speeches. islam and terrorisim. basics of islam. islam and women. basically i want to tackle the controversial issues that we hear in the media every day. women, jihad, terrorism ect ect. i want to break down these walls of prejudiced that shaytan has put up on the hearts of young people.

    the reason i want to do the basics first is because if im going to talk about the controversial issues, i should talk about what islam is first lol. and by basics, i dont just mean the basic thingas liek the 5 pillars, but the basic ideology of islam. like you mentioned, what is the meaning of the shahadah. basicly, i want to show people that this is not just a religion, but a way of life, a true deen, a deen that is about substinance and not symbols, about fufilling the rights of others, and most of all about willfull submission to god.
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    Actually, I don't think I can PM you the presentation, since there doesn't seem to be an attachment option. If you PM me your email address, I could send it that way.

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