Islam: religion of "terror" and "killing???" please help me insha'Allah

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    As salaamu 'alaikum:

    Is it true that any noncombatant kaafir, anywhere, CAN be slaughtered???
    That this kaafir's (noncombatant) throat can be slit???
    His/her head cut off????
    A “cap” put in his/her head??
    Can he/she be run over by a car??? You get the point. According to the many, many so-called “extremist” shuyookh (the “real” shuyookh as is said), is this not the case?? (As I read more and more on the site as well as others, and read the news, and so forth, this seems to be the case – of course, obviously, not that all the posters agree)

    Did not Shaykh 'Usama in his famous fatwa of 1998 CE, say that ALL Americans should be killed, ALL of them, wherever a Muslim finds him, and of course, INCLUDING as he stressed, CIVILIANS (NONCOMBATANTS), and that this is the duty of ALL Muslims, PERIOD??? YES, of course... Many, most (?) of you agree 1000% with his ideology, his minhaj... You gonna say he's wrong?

    I'm not saying that “shuyookh” or the mujahadeen say children (Yahoodi, Nasrani, whatever....) should be specifically targeted, but at the same time, they say that ALL kaafir (noncombatants) are legitimate targets, virtually anywhere in the world (how many kaafir governments are in some way “supporting” Amreeka, the UK, etc, NATO, the EU, the Russian Federation, the UN, and what govt DOES NOT in some way support the zionist entity???????? “Rawafidh” Shia Iran????? LOL.... OK, maybe the kaafir natives on “Tahiti” cannot be slaughtered??)

    Regarding killing kaafir children. Would they not say, that it's the responsibility of the kaafir parents if their children are killed during an “operation?” Many of you were so very happy, so ecstatic, etc., about the 7/7 London Raids ... didn't this kill any children? (Maybe not, but what about the other raids that many of you support... Madrid, the attempted shoe bomber brother, Bali, the attempted bombings last year at the Scottish airport, Beslan, etc.....) Not that the brothers were specifically targeting children. But at the the same time, the shaheed as you call him, Muhammad Sidique Khan, basically said that Muslims can, will and should kill ANY and All kaafir noncombatants, in retaliation, because the crusaders/kuffar have also killed noncombatants, correct???

    Keep it real... I remember that when I first came to Islam (sorry to rehash my same pathetic story, LOL) the brothers told me that Islam meant “peace,” LOL (like the “modernists” and the so-called “moderates,” and "munafiqoon" as many call them, still say today). Yes, when one is a Muslim, he has true peace because of his complete Submission to the Lord of the Universe, Allah (swt)... But of course we cannot say that Islam is a so-called religion of “peace.” And more and more I see that brothers/sisters are saying that Islam is a religion of killing, of terrorism, of slaughtering the kuffar, of “drinking their blood,” etc. Yeah, ikhwan, that's real good dawah... Revert to Islam, because this is the religion of “terror” and “killing”.... Yeah O kaafir (the dude you're giving dawah to at your workplace or wherever) BTW, the blood and wealth of your family is halaal, as is your sister as “Ghanima,” etc. This is just blowing my mind... sorry to be sarcastic.....For real, for real, I want to know the truth, insha'Allah....

    Anyway, what many of you are saying (as the many “true,” real shuyookh are also saying), is that you would be very happy, or that it would be very good, praiseworthy, terrific, excellent, etc., if a Muslim in Amreeka were to go to any place with as many kuffar (“noncombatants”) as possible, and blow them up... SubhanAllah, this is the religion of “peace” the misguided brothers told me about......

    What about Muslims that don't agree with this ideology. Are they considered to be deficient in their Iman, their love of Allah (swt), their total Submission to Almighty Allah (swt)? Are they considered to be “munafiqs?” Not real, or true Muslims following the way of the Salaf As-Saliheen? You understand what I'm saying? Please forgive me if I offended anyone. I'm just trying to find out the truth...

    And Allah (swt) knows best
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    Wa 'alaykomossalam wa rahmatollah wa barakatoh

    What Osama bin Laden said was "we do not distinguish between their MEN" but the mainstream media delibrately left out the word "MEN" (Rajol) when translating his statement.

    Of course now the videos of "al-Qaeda" support the killing of children but I assure you that these videos are fake.

    As for Islam being the religion of "Peace", it's not meant to be peace but rather submission, and also peace in the sense of feeling at peace.

    Islam is not the religion of peace in the sense of not fighting back when attacked, if anyone tells you that they are either lying about Islam due to sickness in their hearts or their lack of knowledge.

    As for the 7/7 bombings, watch this video:

    As for 9/11 just go to Mansoor Ali 's thread on this Forum, or just do your own research there's plenty of evidence.

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    Sawtul Islam:

    SubhanAllah, you and your conspiracy theories about Bin Laden, LOL

    For the sake of argument, let's assume hypothetically the ridiculous notion that he (and al-qaeda) didn't carry out the 9-11 attack. Why did so MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY Muslims AND 'ulema and shuyookh emphatically support the the 9-11 killings, along with many various other acts/operations of killing noncombatant kuffar??!!!! Think about it akhee....
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    you are the same person who posted this and similar posts on Islamic networking and the domain of Islam forum,why are you asking the same question over and over month after month???also why do you try and chat street in you're posts on this matter when clearly from what I have read in you're other posts you are extremely well lettered and educated in you're responses,its almost like you are fishing,are you fishing for someone???
  5. defender of tawheed

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    Sawtul Islam:

    If I (or any Muslim in Amreeka) were to “hypothetically” (I don't plan on this – this is only a ***hypothetical****) go out and slice the head off of the next random, unlucky noncombatant kaafir I saw, NO DOUBT, many, many, many, many Muslims would see this as a great, fantastic, totally halaal, “MashaAllah”, excellent legitimate operation, IMHO.....

    ALSO..... ***hypothetically**** If I were to go into a grocery store and blow myself up killing as many noncombatant kuffar as possible (including men, women, children), this WOULD probably also be seen as a very legitimate, EXCELLENT operation, fisabillah, totally halaal, etc., IMHO

    It seems that in Islam we can kill, we can slaughter ANY and ALL the dirty, disgusting, kuffar we want....This is exactly what I have been observing... Akhee don't be a hypocrite! (I'm NOT talking about in an Islamic sense of course) I see that Islam is about killing, about slaughtering, all about terrorizing the kuffar... Open up your eyes akhee....

    **hypothetically*** If I wake up tomorrow and slice the head off of my kaafir neighbor and yell Allahu Akbar, that I would likely be considered a mujahid fighting for the sake of Allah 'azza wa jal. Correct me if I'm wrong....

    May Allah (swt) guide us all

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    Taken from the Islamic Networking forum
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  7. 'Defender of who knows what' ... are you trying to incriminate people ?
  8. abuhannah

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    hole in one my brother............................
  9. abuhannah

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    I encourage brothers and sisters to go through this "brothers" posts you will see the same modus operandi over and over,I cannot find the domain of Islam forum site as it seems to be of line,had it been online you would see the same modus operandi by this same "brother"..................
  10. Die for Allah

    Die for Allah TIOCFAIDH AR LA


    JazakAllah khair akhi abuhannah, well spotted.

    Looks like this agent provocateur has been rumbled.

  11. abuhannah

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    walaikomsalam bro,hamdulilah.................

    ADMIN this guy know as defender of tawheed is a charlatan please read his posts he talks in a deliberate double speech to actually turn people away from Islam by deliberately taking this one issue and rehashing it as a tool across the net to turn folks away from Islam,ill just take two lines from this guys posts above to prove my point;

    "I see that Islam is about killing, about slaughtering, all about terrorizing the kuffar"

    "It seems that in Islam we can kill, we can slaughter ANY and ALL the dirty, disgusting, kuffar we want"

    this is classic reverse psychology in affect id say...............
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  12. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

    Shock and horror :eek:
  13. Abu Treika

    Abu Treika Magoo

    well spotted, this kind of vigilance is necessary in this day and age
  14. abuhannah

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  15. defender of tawheed

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    First of all I'd like to apologize first to AbuZ, the other mods, and also the posters. I'm sorry to have apparently cause fitnah. I want to know the truth about the deen, nothing more, nothing less. You all have accused me of being a spy, or an agent of some sort. I guess you guys are making takfir on me? SubhanAllah, wallahi this really really hurts. I know that I may not be able to persuade anybody, but please for the sake of Allah hear me out, and try to look into your hearts, insha'Allah, for the sake of Allah. I have certain rights over you, as you have certain rights over me.

    We have many extremist brothers in the Ummah saying and showing support (and allegedly carrying out acts) of the killing of kuffar noncombatants.... brothers with this seemingly growing “AQ,” so-called “SJ” type of ideology. We have many brothers (including many shuyookh) saying NO! this is unIslamic. Agree or disagree so far?

    I just want to know the truth. Muslims (some) are the ones saying that Islam is about “terrorism,” about “drinking blood from non-Muslims,” etc. (I'm talking about many so-called extremist shuyookh, whether living in the west (as exiles ironically) and in other parts of the world) Do you disagree with this? Have you not heard or read about these quotes? Did you see my post about how these same brothers are very comparable to the extremist, ziocon, Islamic types? In that they IMO turn many people away from Islam, in the way they are portraying it. They are the ones saying the most vile things about themselves and the Deen al-Islam. At least please give me some credit. I have again and again been very much against these extremist type of brothers, and mostly against these types of acts they have perpetrated. Do you agree?

    You have brothers on this board, constantly giving propaganda about AQ, so-called extremist SJ ideology, and the praising of the various acts allegedly being perpetrated by them. I mean don't get me wrong, I respect their opinion, while not maybe necessarily agreeing with them. However, I always appreciated the fact that you would let people post about everything. You would even let non-Muslims post, but at the same time, they would be slandering the deen, saying the most vile, disgusting things about Allah (swt) and His Rasool (saw)... Do you agree?

    Please reread my posts about reverting to the dean, and why I'm saying the things I'm saying. Please have an open mind. And AbuZ, please read the first private email I sent to Umm Ahmed. And/or better yet, I ask as your brother, to please email me at the address that you posted. (however, I would appreciate if you would please take it down insha'Allah) I ask you have mercy and please be fair, insha'Allah.

    Please tell me AbuZ and others, what is wrong with the questions I have asked? Yes I know they are controversial, and I know that I have to be careful, etc. Again please have an open mind and read (or re-read) my past posts. Please understand where I am coming from. The context etc. I am trying to find the truth. You have brothers posting from a point of view of a very, very pro-AQ perspective. (this is one thing I truly, wallahi admired about your board – being open to kinds of beliefs regardless of the various opinions or ideology) Please be far. Please do the same for me.Why can't you be open to what I am and have been saying? (again ironically you have a brother saying that I am trying to turn others away from Islam, when it is these people who are posting mostly very very pro shaykh Usama, AQ “extremist” type of ideology, condoning all sorts of the acts perpetrated by AQ - the killings and massacres of noncombatants, something if you read my past posts, have ALWAYS disagreed with, and questioned the legitimacy of this ideology. Also I believe that this has been my first warning (the warning with the IM) I hope this counts for somthing.

    Also bear in my that I am relatively new to al-Islam. I have many many questions in all aspects of the deen and not just the “controversial” ones. I ask you you to forgive me and please be fair. And please take down my ip adresses. JazakAllahu Khair

    You brother in Islam.
  16. abuhannah

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    Why have you been posting such sick material like the above across the net for the last year under many so many names and why is it you talk about this slashing necks and nothing else 24/7 even the jihady iqwah don't chat like this and you're a new Muslim?,can you please list the other forums you are on and the names you have used on there too,due to you're questions and style of writing I will know by the end of today anyway so you might as well make a clean slate of it,also these are not you're ip addresses,one maybe the rest are all proxy as you well know mate,as of now you will have to bring some proof of you're Islam by bringing people that are known on screen and of screen example brother Yousef,Adem etc to prove that you're a Muslim or contact someone from the almaghrib forums who are country wide USA and meet able,the word is already out on you as is you're i.p and my p.m's to forum admins are on there way so I would hurry if I were you................
  17. abuhannah

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    "I see that Islam is about killing, about slaughtering, all about terrorizing the kuffar"

    "It seems that in Islam we can kill, we can slaughter ANY and ALL the dirty, disgusting, kuffar we want"

    explain this also and the 10 more like it I can pick out mate................
  18. defender of tawheed

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    As salaamu alaikum all:

    I guess this is a follow up to my last post, although maybe I'm saying the same thing. Truthfully I mean no harm and am asking these questions because you see so many people with so many types of beliefs, and wallahi I am confused. I am confused. I'm sorry to say this but over and over I read or hear about the AQ ideology, and wondering, why do they think this stuff. And so many brothers support this way. It makes me think that if you don't believe in this, that other Muslims will look down on you. I mean, you see brothers saying that if we don't believe in this, that somehow we “hate” the mujahadeen, that in essence we are “sellouts,” that we are worshiping and/or defending the “taghoot,” and so forth, SubhanAllah. Please forgive me for asking these questions. I DO NO KNOW THE ANSWERS; I'm a nobody. If a Muslim doesn't know, and therefore doesn't ask questions (about any aspect of Islam), then how are we supposed to know if we don't ask. SubhanAllah brothers, I have so many more questions about other fiqhi issues; this isn't the only thing that I want to seek 'ilm on.

    Please don't call me a spy, or agent. This is wrong. I'm very hurt. I am your Muslim brother, wallahi. If there's anyway to prove it I would. Do you all not want me to post anymore at all on the IA boards. Please tell me. Please have mercy on me. I'm very sorry to everyone. I hope you can forgive me.

    As salaamu alaikum
  19. ilyas

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    Nobody has really for the most part answered my questions
    9) v) Is the teaching of Allah’s Oneness responsible for unbalanced Islamic societies?  In the Zabur God says that people will become like the god they worship. (Psalm 135: 15-18) The idea we have of God will influence the society we will create. In Islam God is a lone despot who does what He pleases, consulting no one. Consequently, the Muslim individual is swallowed up in the ummah. We find Islamic, totalitarian states that oppress individual creativity. As a result Muslim states are economically weak, human rights are not followed and freedom of expression is not encouraged. Sadly, in the idolatrous Western Nations of the 21st century where many people worship their idols, we find the other extreme. Community is swallowed up in individualism. The Biblical, Trinitarian description of God, when truly believed and practiced, produces a balanced society where both the individual and the community are equally important. Both are respecting and benefiting each other, leading to peace and progress. (See the late British theologian Colin Gunton addressing the problem of one and many in his book “The One, the Three and the Many”, 1993)

    Answer 9:

    We agreed not to debate Muslims, but to debate Islam. Do you want me to write an essay on Christian societies and the violence and bloodshed that they filled the earth with? What about the multiplicity of deities that Christians have and its relation to the continuing conflict, division, injustice and worship of the individual that Christian societies suffer from? What about the Christian religious wars that caused the death of millions? When Trinity was forced on Christians and became the law of the land, life itself was stifled and Christians fought each other and almost destroyed each other. To preserve its very existence, Europe had to literally fight its way out of Christianity.

    Popes were emperors. They forced everyone to follow their ideas, and the economy and sciences suffered under their tyranny. Until the Crusades that is, the Crusades that witnessed Christians commit some of the most horrible crimes man ever committed, even killing Christians who took refuge in churches in Jerusalem. Yet, through the Crusades, Christians were exposed to the Islamic civilization that Muslims enjoyed under the mercy of Islam and because of it. The Christians copied the Islamic civilization, which is a direct result of Islam itself and due to the encouragement Islam gives to social harmony and strength, whether military, scientific or economic. The Christians copied the Islamic civilization, never thanked Muslims for it and then attacked almost every Muslim country on the face of the earth.

    What about the Inquisitions? What happened to the Muslims and Jews who lived in Spain prior to the Christians occupying it? What about the Americas? European Christians stole two entire continents from their true owners, almost led them to virtual extinction and forced the rest of them, as well as, millions of African Muslims whom they enslaved after kidnapping and then shipping them to the Americas, to become Christian. What about the Philippines, which was mostly Muslim before the Dutch came, but is now mostly Christian after the Dutch and Spaniards left? The Dutch were among the worst and most violent, corrupt, bloody and fanatical of occupiers of other peoples lands that Europe could come up with. Do you know about the economic and social misery that the Philippines live in, and they are indeed, extreme Trinitarian fanatics? I know about their Christianity and about their misery; I lived there.

    There are Muslim societies who are –today- far better off than many Christian societies. Do you remember Mexico, Central and South America and the misery, social and economic, that they live in? They have to flee their countries to the US to escape the miserable life they live in, in their own Christian utopia? What about Christian Africa and the civil wars and misery they live in? Rwanda was not Muslim when Christian on Christian violence led to the death of about a million people.

    IN ADDITION: just like the Zabur says, that people will become like the god they worship (Psalm 135: 15-18), Christian societies are as they have mostly been, rampant with violence and instability. Only a few decades ago, three major Christian nations of Europe were led by two Catholics and one Orthodox, who led the world into a disaster of untold proportions by causing –among them- the death of at least 120 million human-beings. These three Christian men were not Muslim by any means, nor were they quoting the Quran when they did what they did. In fact, Hitler often quoted the Bible against the Jews, and often said that he always was, and will always be, a catholic. Stalin was sent by his mother to a covenant school to study Christianity, before he led the Soviet Union and caused the death of one quarter of his own population before WWII. Mussolini often met with and sought blessing from Catholic Popes, who were at least silent, but surely did not object to the extermination of Jews.

    Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, etc., are not Muslim, but Christian nations. They did not quote the Quran when they helped the Nazis exterminate the Jews. These countries paid for their crimes against Jews by evicting the Palestinians from their land and then granting it to the Jews. They learned from Trinity that someone else died for their sins, so why not make the Palestinians pay for the sins of Europe against the Jews. The holocaust was not Muslim-on-Jew violence; it was Christian-on-Jew violence. The Vatican had to apologize to the Jews for its silence, which in fact was active participation in some aspects, during and before WWII.

    What these three did is consistent with what Christian societies before them did to each other and especially to the Jews and Muslims. The Papal Wars; the 30-Year War; the Inquisitions, which were based on the St. Augustine Principal; the Crusades; etc.! Do these bloody wars portray the multiple-personality gods the Christians worship? Are Christians torn between a violent triune-personality portrayed in the OT and a peaceful triune-personality portrayed in the NT?

    Which triune-personality do Christians immolate? Is it the peaceful personality that calls upon them to show the other cheek to those who strike them on their cheek? Or is it the personality of aggression that ordered them to, “Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass” (I Samuel 15:3)”? It cannot be the other-cheek personality, or else, they would need such a long cheek that extends all the way from Washington and London to Iraq, a country that never invaded any Christian society or struck any of them on the cheek?

    Is not dropping bombs that weigh more than a ton on civilian neighbourhoods in the pretext that a terrorist is hiding in that neighbourhood, is not this crime consistent with I Samuel 15:3? And why are the self-described religious men and women of the West at the forefront of calls to commit armed aggression against Islam and Muslims? Does not claiming that someone else died for Christian sins act like a word of encouragement that, no matter the sins Christians commit, love of Jesus Christ will assure forgiveness and eternal life for them in heaven? Those who have a house made of glass should not throw stones at passer-byes.

    The Islamic description of God, when truly believed and practiced, produces a balanced society where both the individual and the community are equally important. Whenever Islam was strong in the hearts of Muslims, their state was on top of the world, including scientifically and economically. Both, society and the individuals who live in the Islamic Society, are respecting and benefiting each other, leading to peace and progress. This can only be achieved through fulfilling the unity in creation, which represents unity in the Creator, i.e., He is One and Only One. Multiplicity leads to conflict, while unity is the essence of harmony and the enemy of division.

    Today’s Muslim societies do not represent Islam. They only represent the degree to which they apply Islam in their lives. This is why there is a strong Muslim movement to call Islamic societies to refer to Islam for judgment and to fully apply its creed and law. Muslims are weak today not because of Islam, but because they do not apply it fully in their lives. They lost the means of unity and strength because they are divided in spite of the clear Islamic commandments that enjoin unity and harmony on them. This is why the West strives so hard to prevent Muslims from holding fast to their only means of power, strength, unity and righteousness, the only means that can bind them together; it is Islam that the West fears. If they can keep Islam far away from Muslims and keep Muslim far away from Islam, even by using military force if necessary, then Muslims will remain weak, divided, dependent and miserable.

    This is a taste of your own medicine, except that my medicine is better. The truth is a medicine that no man can create, it comes from within and if applied correctly it heals, by Allah’s Will.
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    This whole thread Humorous to say the least. Defender of Tawheed sounds like an emo.

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