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  1. Abu Ubaydah

    Abu Ubaydah New Member

    IslamBradford Annual Summer Conference 09
    Muhammad PBUH: Mercy to Mankind


    Saturday 8th August at 11am

    IslamBradford : Events


    Shaykh Salim Al Amry (As Seen on Peace TV),
    Shaykh Assim Al-Hakim (As Seen on Peace TV),
    Alyas Karmani,
    Murtaza Khan,
    Jalal ibn Saeed,

    And special Guest Shaykh Bakr from Masjid Al Aqsa (TBC)

    What do you know about the greatest man to walk this earth? Join us as we re-live Seerah of the man that was sent as a Mercy to Mankind.

    Learn about the Final Messenger to Humanity as:


    Free Entrance,
    Food Available,
    Creche Available

    At The Bradford Academy, Teasdale Street, off Lister Avenue, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4 7QT

    For more info please contact: 07944388582 or 01274 395521 or email
  2. Traveler

    Traveler New Member


    May Allah give you bros/sisters every success in this, ameen.
  3. Abu Ubaydah

    Abu Ubaydah New Member

    Jazak Allahu Khayran Akhi :)

    And Ameen to the Dua...
  4. Abu Ubaydah

    Abu Ubaydah New Member

    1 Week left....
  5. Iqra

    Iqra Bismillah

  6. Awakened

    Awakened New Member

    may Allah reward all those involved does anyone know if it will be recorded on dvd i wont be able to make it.
  7. Abu Ubaydah

    Abu Ubaydah New Member

    It will be recorded on DVD insha Allah.

    Jzk Allahu Khayran
  8. Awakened

    Awakened New Member

    i will be buying it inshaAllah, how soon after will it be produced, please let us know as and when. barak Allah feekum.
  9. Iqra

    Iqra Bismillah

    SubhanAllaah. Absolutely brilliant! I have no words to describe the event and how I felt today. May Allaah reward all the brothers and sisters of IslamBradford. All of you who did not attend will hear a lot of good about it from your friends/family. InshaAllaah, when it comes out on DVD its a must watch for eveyone.

    Jalal inb Saeed made everyone cry when he did his talk and through his beautiful speech/manners and reminders made evreyone loosen their pockets and raised a lot money for IslamBradford, AlHamdulillah.

    MashAllaah wait till you hear what Murtaza khan said regarding the 'Love' which barelvis et al have for the Prophet Salla Allaahu alayhi wa Sallaam. I started rcording his speech when he was 10 minutes into it, I just need to figure out how to download it from my mobile and merge the recordings (for some reason it split the recording into a minute and half).

    I did not know of brother Alyas his talk was also very good. He said that there is not enough taught about the Prophet Salla Allaahu Alayhi wa sallaaam and that the Seerah should be in the school curriculum.

    And Shaykh Asim Hakim and Salem Amry were as usaual, MashAllaah very good.

    I have writing difficulties anyway and atm Im too tired to write anything else, might write some more and something that makes a bit more sense tomorrow. So I'm just gonna read and browse.
  10. Abu Ubaydah

    Abu Ubaydah New Member

    Juzeti Khayran Sister for the feedback it is very much appreciated. I would like to thank the Shakyhs and respected studends of knowledge, those that attended and the volunteers for their hardwork.

    The Feedback so far has been briliant Masha Allah.

    Sister Iqra if i can please request that you dont post what Brother Murtaza spoken about, he does stipuate this when he does an event. As im sure you can understand why. If he does agree it will be produced on DVD insha Allah
  11. Iqra

    Iqra Bismillah

    Wa iyyakum, May Allaah reward everyone who was involved. You know, there were Aunty Jee's there who didn't understand english but said they are here because the gathering is for the Beloved Rasul Allaah Salla Allaahu Alayhi wa sallaam, MashAllaah Ta'ala.

    Ok, I didn't know that. InshaAllaah he will agree to having it put on the DVD unless he's afraid of that death warrant!

    wa alaikum assalaam
  12. umm abdurrehman

    umm abdurrehman New Member

    was it broadcast on net, can i see it anywhere?

    i think aunti jees should be banned. They are rude, they stare at people (after putting on glasses so they can recognise you from your great grandparents), and they gather the chairs to sit on and put them infront of the live screen so we cant see anything, they dont even speak / understand english and pretend they do. In green lane they have stewardesses outside the door who make all the sisters with kids go to the old mosque, i think they should do that to the aunties too.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2009
  13. Iqra

    Iqra Bismillah

    Banning them would make them grow in their ignorance. And the same with the sisters who have children; are they not supposed to learn? This is one of the things Alyas Hakim spoke about. At Islambradford they had a creche where they children stayed. The volunteers of Islambradford took care of them.

    Anyway, the anuty jees were were nice, they told the sisters not to talk while the Quran is being recited (a few ignored and continued), they were dressed appropriately, and all they asked me was how the convert sister was related to me. They did understand some english because they cried when brother Jalal spoken about the Prophet's Salla Allaahu Alayhi wa sallaam injuries and wounds.

    But I know some aunties, the barelvies ones, who dress inapropriately, ask whose daughter you are, if you're married, if you're siblings are married, what you're studying, where you live etc etc. But InshaAllaah it's a good opportunity to give them dawah.
  14. manZERO

    manZERO New Member


    i can't find the speech on barelvis love for the prophet on youtube. have you got a link to your recording?
  15. Iqra

    Iqra Bismillah

    No I don't, it will be on the DVD. InshaAllaah, might be after Ramadhan. Alaikum Assalaam.

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