Important Islamic concept of Leadership

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  1. Assalam o alaykum wa rahmatullah wabarakatuhu all,

    I pray everybody's Ramadhan is going well.

    The reason I was compelled to start this thread was to find out good resources on the concept of imarah/khilafah in Islam. How is a leader supposed to be appointed? If there is no leader who can become a leader. The other forms of Leadership i.e. Democracy, communism, etc. and how they are inferior to the leadership of Islam, how can it be revived in present times and questions like these. I dont know if there is a thread about this already but if there is please point me to it.

    If not then please provide some good books to read Arabic preferably and English as well and lets get the discussion going. This will allow us to gain a deeper understanding of this bi idhnillah.
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