Islamist site says new Bin Laden message soon

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    Islamist site says new Bin Laden message soon

    DUBAI (Reuters) -
    Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden will address the people of Europe in a message to be posted on the Internet "soon," an Islamist Web site said on Monday.


    "Soon, God willing, (we will post) a new message to the European people from the lion Imam who defeated the Americans and tyrants, Sheikh Osama bin Laden," said the pro-al Qaeda Web site which regularly posts messages from the militant leader.

    "Let this message be posted by various Western Web sites so that we deliver to them the truth of their lost war and (confront) them with the purposely hidden fact," it said, adding that the message was produced by al Qaeda media arm As-Sahab.

    It did not give any further details.

    The Web site did not give a specific timeframe, but usually messages are released within 72 hours after they are announced.

    Bin Laden's last message was released on October 22. The Saudi-born militant then urged unity between Iraq's Sunni rebels.

    Source: Reuters
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    better pictures.


  3. umm lina

    umm lina abu lina

    I hope it wont be another fabricated Bin Laden in order to manipulate the international opinion.
  4. Mansoor Ali

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    We are supposed to believe the following are the same man:

    October 2004:


    September 2007:



    Another fake bin Laden:

  5. Mansoor, do you believe bin Laden exists?
  6. SoI

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    Bin laden video

    asalam alaykum


    Do you know what web site this messsage
    appeared on
  7. Ekhlaas forum.
  8. Mansoor Ali

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    An imposter pretending to be bin Laden:


    The real bin Laden:

  9. New message from Osama bin Laden

    Al Jazeera is broadcasting what it describes as an audiotape from Osama bin Laden.

    MSNBC's translator says the message was addressed to Europeans. In it, bin Laden says America is losing the war in Afghanistan. He claims the majority of people killed in that country have been innocent women and children.

    The fugitive terrorist calls on European countries to stop cooperating with the U.S. military in Afghanistan, according to MSNBC's translation.
  10. Purported Bin Laden tape focuses on Europe

    U.S. allies urged to end their support of war in Afghanistan in audiotape

    CAIRO, Egypt - An audiotape purporting to be the voice of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden was aired on Al-Jazeera television Thursday, with the speaker urging European nations to end military cooperation with the United States in its war in Afghanistan.

    "The American tide is ebbing, so it is best for you to press your leaders to change their policies," the tape said, addressing Europeans and referring to their countries' military contributions in Afghanistan.

    Al-Jazeera aired two brief excerpts of a few seconds each of the audiotape, which al-Qaida had announced several days ago that it would release soon.

    If confirmed by voice experts, it will be the fourth message by the al-Qaida leader this year.

    The previous Bin Laden message was released on Oct. 22. The Saudi-born militant then urged unity between Iraq's Sunni insurgents.

    This report will be updated as information becomes available.
  11. Daniel

    Daniel TAFKA BM

    Halt US aid, bin Laden urges Europe

    Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Qaeda, has called on Europeans to stop their political leaders helping the US in the Afghan war.

    "It would be better for you if you [restrained] your politicians who flock to the White House and worked actively to end the wrong done to the oppressed," he said in an audio tape aired on Thursday.


    Bin Laden said that Europe should leave Afghanistan and not do the US' bidding

    "You [Europeans] become followers to America and that is why no US soldier has been put on trial before European courts," he said.

    He continued: "I remind you that the American tide is receding ... and that US troops will go home beyond the Atlantic to leave neighbours to settle their problems.

    "Involved in this war, you did not abide by ethics of war as most of the war victims were women, children and civilians."

    Europe 'follows' US

    "I am responsible" for the attacks on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001," bin Laden continued.

    The US had "insisted on invading" Afghanistan even though it knew Afghanistan was not behind the attacks, and added that "Europe walked behind it," he said.

    A Nato force composed of troops from the US and Europe has operated in Afghanistan since a US-led military invasion in 2001.

    Nazanine Moshiri, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Afghanistan, said the country's government rejected bin Laden's statement.

    "The Afghan government's response to this is that Osama bin Laden has no right to tell a sovereign country like Afghanistan what it should do or what its people should do," she said.

    "The national security adviser spokesperson told me that the Afghan people chose to have the international community here.

    "The government says it is al-Qaeda terrorists and the Taliban that are killing civilians and troops... the government's comments will please Nato."

    Nato criticised

    However, Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai, a former Afghan prime minister, told Al Jazeera that he agreed with bin Laden's assertion that Western nations should leave the country.

    "There is no progress towards the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Afghanistan. Instead [Nato is] killing our civilians and the situation is deteriorating.

    "The presence of the Nato forces is no longer in the interests of the Afghan people."

    Ahmadzai said the Afghan government should enter talks with the Taliban and other opposition groups rather than rely on Nato assistance.

    "It looks like the opposition is getting stronger and stronger and the government and Nato forces are getting weak," he said.

    Source: Al Jazeera and agencies
  12. Daniel

    Daniel TAFKA BM

    Osama Bin Laden message to the "People of Europe": Transcript

    (As posted in English on the Ekhlaas forum; also posted in French and Italian. The original message was released in versions with English, German, and Pashtun subtitles.)

    Sheikh Osama Bin Laden:
    “Message to the Peoples of Europe”

    All praise is for Allah, who didn’t create the Creation for nothing, and didn’t leave them in vain, but rather, created them to worship Him. And intelligent people obey Him, and miserable ones disobey him.

    As for what comes after:

    This message of mine is to the peoples of the states allied to America in the invasion of Afghanistan and I mention specifically Europe. Peace be on those who follow the guidance: It isn't hidden from you that the Afghans have tasted the two bitterest things for two decades at the hands of the Russians and their Communist agents, but they persevered, fought, and were resolute and victorious, by the Grace of Allah.

    And before their wounds had healed and their grief had ended, they were invaded without right by your unjust governments, without stopping to think about or reflect on Bush's claim that this invasion was a response to the events of the 11th, although--as I mentioned previously--the events of Manhattan were a response to the American-Israeli coalition's murder of our people in Palestine and Lebanon.

    And it was I who was responsible for 9/11, and I stress that all Afghans--both government and people--had no knowledge of those events and America knows that, because some of the Taliban's ministers fell into its hands as captives, and they were interrogated and that became known. And that's why the Taliban government requested America to produce the evidence for the truth of its claims prior to the invasion, but it didn't produce any evidence, and instead insisted on invading; and Europe marched behind it in that, and had no choice but to be its vassal.

    It suffices as evidence of this your entering of this war and your excusing of American soldiers from being held to account by the European courts. For this reason, this address of mine is to you, not to your politicians, as it is no longer a secret that Blair, Brown, Berlusconi, Aznar, Sarkozy and those with him and their like love to shade themselves in the shade of the White House. And there isn't a major difference worth mentioning between them and many of the leaders of the Third World.

    So to summarize, in this war you have combined two injustices: the first is that this war was waged against the Afghans without right. You didn't have even one piece of evidence suitable for submission to a court. Additionally, you destroyed the camps of al-Qaida and killed some of its members, and you captured others, most of who were from Pakistan. So what is the sin of the Afghans due to which you are continuing this unjust war against them? Their only sin is that they are Muslims, and this illustrates the extent of the Crusaders' hatred of Islam and its people.

    Second, in this war, you have not observed the ethics and protocol of warfare. Most of your victims--as a result of the bombing--are women and children, and intentionally so. You know that our women don't fight, yet you target them even on days of celebration, knowingly and adamantly, hoping by that to break the morale of the Mujahideen. This will not benefit you, however, for we are resolute and, by the grace of Allah, the Glorious and Great, continuing to take revenge on the unjust and expel the occupying invaders. I have personally witnessed incidents like these, and the matter continues on an almost daily basis, and the hospitals are full of innocent people.

    You have no religion, morals, humanity or shame. And for your information, the Afghan people are a courageous, defiant, jealous, honorable, religious Muslim people who refuse humiliation and submission to invaders. And their history is rich in resolve and victories. They fought Britain in its glory days and defeated it by the grace of Allah, and fought the Russians in their glory days as well and defeated them by the grace of Allah. And today, they are fighting America and its agents under the leadership of the Commander of the Believers, Mullah Umar, may Allah protect him, and under the command of the Knight of the Field, Hajji Mansoor Dadullah. I ask Allah, the Most High to grant them victory and resolve.

    In conclusion, I remind you that the American tide is ebbing, by the grace of Allah, and that they shall soon depart for their homeland beyond the Atlantic and leave the neighbors to settle their accounts with each other. So it is better for you to restrain your politicians who are thronging the steps of the White House and work diligently to remove oppression from the oppressed, for justice is right and injustice is torment, and returning to the truth is the hallmark of men of understanding. And peace be on those who follow the guidance.


    Disclaimer: This transcript is posted for informational purposes only.

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