Israel strikes Gaza, kill Hamas leader Ahmad al-Jabari

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    BBC News - LIVE: Israel strikes Gaza

    Leader killed by IDF, Hamas sees actions as act of war

    Meanwhile, more detail on that Hamas statement from earlier, suggesting that Israel had "opened the doors of hell". It further says: "The Israeli occupation has committed a dangerous crime and exceeded all red lines. This is considered to be a war and they will pay a high price."

    The Israel Defence Forces issues a statement saying: "The IDF has targeted a significant number of long-range rocket sites owned by Hamas. The aim of targeting these sites is to hamper their rocket launching weapons build-up capabilities."

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  2. abuhannah

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    A full scale operation is underway.May Allah Protect the Muslims and Grant them nasr,ameen..
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  4. 786

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    It's the least one could do. May Allah swt protect the muslims of gazza in particular and all muslims in general. This is a clear provocation. May Allah swt destroy the Zionist entity. Israel will never be able to end the Palestinian struggle.
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    Now, what will be the ikhwani Mursi and Co.'s reaction to this...
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  7. TheUmmahStridesForward

    TheUmmahStridesForward It was written...

  8. TheUmmahStridesForward

    TheUmmahStridesForward It was written...

  9. TheUmmahStridesForward

    TheUmmahStridesForward It was written...

  10. TheUmmahStridesForward

    TheUmmahStridesForward It was written...

    Naval vessels are firing into Gaza, various bombings over Gaza

    Hacking group Anonymous has taken down the IDF website
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  11. leo

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    Israel’s military action on Gaza a test for Egypt’s Brotherhood

    Now in power, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) is facing one of its most challenging moments and with the country still recovering from devastating aftermaths of the revolution, the movement finds itself in a weak position to stand by its brethren in Gaza who are being pounded by Israeli warplanes.

    As the Palestinian enclave comes under Israeli attacks, one of which has killed the head of Hamas military wing, the Muslim brotherhood president in the neighboring Egypt reacted by recalling his ambassador from Tel Aviv, but it remains to be seen what more action he will take.

    The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political arm of the powerful MB movement now ruling the country, has criticized Israel saying it "must take into account the changes in the Arab region, especially in Egypt."

    Any reaction by the Brotherhoods will affect the “the domestic situation in Egypt,” Abdel Rehim, a political analyst said.

    The country’s weak economy, incessant labor strikes, and severe social and political crises, are all factors that will likely restrain the Brotherhood’s reaction, he added.

    Even the idea of fabricating an external conflict to drive away attention on domestic issues “will not come to the minds of Egypt’s Brotherhoods,” Abdel Rehim said.

    Israel’s military action on Gaza a test for Egypt’s Brotherhood
  12. Abu Saalehah

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    So mursi and co. are going to do a big fat nothing then it seems
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  13. Abu Hawwa

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    don't be excited to fast, it may just be another Arab Leader stunt to look good in front of the muslims. Mursi will get the same treatment as Ghalabushaytan (i.e the dog of Hizbushaytaan) until the treaty is ripped apart.
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  14. TheUmmahStridesForward

    TheUmmahStridesForward It was written...

    hanissalamah on USTREAM: We are covering the news and Events from Gaza .We are trying to let our words reach wide and far . Help us for share this widely ...

    Live feed from Gaza

    Some huge explosions right now, gun-fire, etc

    Make dua for your brothers and sisters, and remember- if it was within your reach, you wouldn't let the hair be touched on the arm of your mother, sister, daughter, wife. Pregnant women are being killed, babies, women and children are scared, crying. So don't forget them.
  15. abuhannah

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    Was watching a live report fom the BBC when a bomb dropped,reporter wasn't to happy..

    It's gong on right now..dua's....
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  16. Abu'Aaminah

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    From Al-Jazeera:
  17. Abu'Aaminah

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    Israeli police say a rocket attack from Gaza has killed three people in the southern Israeli town of Kiryat Malachi.

    "We have three killed," spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP, saying four other people were also injured in a "direct hit on a house" in the town which lies 15 kilometres north of the Gaza Strip.
  18. Muneer88

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  19. Abu Hawwa

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    who has the heart to see it? I feel it would only be the heartless.
  20. al-Azkabani

    al-Azkabani Formerly 'Salah ad-Din'

    This is illustration of the reality

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