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Discussion in 'Islamic Law' started by ibn_al_huda, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. ibn_al_huda

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    As Salamo alaikum

    I'm working on a website (www.khutbahcentral.com) where I intend to put up khutbah templates, khutbah materials, etc. for new khateebs. For this, I wanted to know some specifics about Jumah Khutbahs. Are there any explictly mentioned requirements for a Jumah Khutbah?

    What are the opinions of the various imams on this?

    Jazakum Allaho khair
  2. Abu Ubaydah

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    Walaikum Asalam

    I think its a great idea, May Allah reward you immensely. Aameen
  3. al-istiqamah.com

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    An article regarding khutbahs:

    Imams need to deliver khutbahs that are inspiring and relevant to their respective communities. It is imperative that they utilise the Friday Khutbah’s potential to counter the misinformation which media sources use against Muslims everywhere in the world. The agenda of our Imams should be to educate their congregation with the pure unadulterated form of Islaam, rather than introduce a politically correct or British variation.

    Politically Correct Khutbahs?
  4. Yasir

    Yasir لك الله يا مهبط الوحي

    wa’alaikum as-salaam,

    Please have a look at some of the resources available here: http://www.alminbar.com/ and perhaps build on the work already being done, insha’Allah.


    Many of the khutbahs are translations from those delivered in Saudi, so you may feel they can be abridged, and the particularly relevant bits can be presented from them. May Allah assist you in your good work.
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  5. Abu Hafsa

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    Great Idea, i always have been wanting help on this, especially on what arabic to recite and when, looking forward for the information.
  6. Yasir

    Yasir لك الله يا مهبط الوحي

  7. ibn_al_huda

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    Jazakum Allaho khair bros :)

    What I'm actually looking for are the requirements (from a fiqhi POV) about the Jumah Khutbah. I've heard/read various requirements, so what I'm hoping is that a student of knowledge or a brother/sister who has researched this topic to provide a summary of sorts on the requirements of a jumah khutbah, what are the consensus requirements amongst the ulema of the madhahib, where do differences in opinion lie, etc.


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