Kingston uni islamic awareness week !

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    Islamic Awareness Week 2012 is getting under way! Check out the stalls and exhibition display at Penrhyn Road Entrance and just outside of Kingston Hill's Library!

    Public lectures will being going on throughout the week:

    Tuesday 6th March 2012
    "A book like no other" - Asif Uddin @ PR JG0002 - 6PM

    Thursday 8th March 2012
    "Sharia Law: Cancer or Cure?" - Dr Haitham Al- Haddad KH Lawley Lecture Theatre - 6pm

    Friday 9th March 2012
    "Jesus: The Muslim Prophet" - Adnan Rashid @ PR JG0002 - 6PM

    Discover Islam exhibtion at Penryhn Road Reception All Week and Stalls + Material at both Kingston Hill Library and Penryhn Road Reception!

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