Question Know Your Rights Leaflets - How can I get a copy?

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by KnowYourRights, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Yasir

    Yasir لك الله يا مهبط الوحي

    Have you contacted the IHRC? This is from their site:
  2. Jazakallah Khair for the reply.

    I have e-mailed them twice and received no reply of any sort.
    Disappointed that the download links are down and e-mail is not being processed.

    Was planning to call the number if no one has access to copies.
    I think though these leaflets are such an important read that they should be easier to get hold off.

    Someone on here must have copies.
  3. hearandobey

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    assalamu alaykum, i know you're looking for pdf/hardcopies, but the website has got some of them here written in text and available in printer-friendly format.
  4. alghayb

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    These are ALL the references to them on their site, HERE.

    I would suggest you call them though.
  5. Jazakallah Khair for the replies.
  6. I managed to get hold of a small version of the leaflet by calling IHRC.

    I wasn't given a clear answer about why the leaflets in the pictures in my first post are no longer available but
    I think that since the law can and has changed the information in those leaflets is now outdated

    The current one which folds down to a small foldable size contains the basic info
    As long as one remains aware of the basics that should go a long way.

    I have scanned at a high resolution and attach below.

    Print off onto A4 paper and fold in three places
    There are two pictures below side by side, the scan of the front and back

    And note what it says
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  7. Aqeel.Shabazz

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    So under your views of what an Islamic State would be, do you think that it would have the same rights?

    I'm not trying to be a wiseguy, just curious.
  8. Umar247

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    Salam alaykum,

    The two aren't really comparable within the context of law specifically. What is at issue is that one religious group are not receiving the rights that are due to them (on paper at least ) as they are due to all citizens and inhabitants of this country.

    This system will always be corrupt, racist and manipulated, whereas the shariah is pure. I believe that a kaffir would get a fair trial, the same as a muslim, and get the rights that are afforded to him under an islamic system. This will NEVER be the case in the UK whilst it implements capitalism.

    Walaykum salam,


    P.S Heres some more :-
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  10. Combined with the smaller one that I scanned and uploaded this is all three of the

    Know Your Rights

    leaflets that I know off.

    Hopefully newer ones will be produced if/when relevant due to changes in the law.

    Jazakallah to all those who participated in producing them including Sister Muddassar Arani.
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  11. Umar247

    Umar247 Haters Gonna Hate

    Salam alaykum,

    Sadly there's been a big change since then...I believe liberty might have produced an up-to-date one, inshallah I will check it out and then try and get a solicitor to run through it / make a new leaflet.

    One big change is that 28 days is the time anyone can be held now, not 7. Theres also things like access to lawyers, etc. Its pretty horrific when you look at the laws that have snuck in whilst the muslim community just sat back and watch it happen.

    Waalykum salam

  12. Yasir

    Yasir لك الله يا مهبط الوحي

    There is an abundance of detailed information available here: Your Rights
  13. Al Kahf

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    Are these European rights? UK rights? US rights?
  14. Al Kahf

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    Salaam alaykum,

  15. New Member

  16. Tawheed Allah1

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    This will be very helpfull...

    Blessings of Allah
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