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  1. hearandobey

    hearandobey الحمدلله

    assalam alaykum,

    i was a reading a book which said that the only way a person can obtain proper tazkiyah and come closer to Allah is through knowing Him by His names and attributes. this is due to the fact that a person will not love, fear, want to come close to "someone/something" they do not know, so knowing Allah will automatically make us want to co know Him more etc...

    my questions is: what is meant by knowing Allah through His names and attributes? i mean most of the sisters i know, what they do in halaqah's is that they give out the 99 names of Allah and memorise them and obviously it's supposed to help you know Allah more but is that it? the author also mentioned that pondering over the verses of the quran, especially those that end with Allah's names/attributes such as al-aziz al-hakim etc. and understanding the context they are in helps achieve this.

    or does he mean perhaps studying aqeedah? if someone can help that would be great inshallah.
  2. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

    Wa 'alaykum usalaam.

    My understanding of this is , Al Baseer the one who sees everything , as the one who sees everything, if we head towards a sin we remember that Allaah sees it all , and in remembering that, it should stop us.

    The All Merciful we seek that mercy during the night alone , The Provider we turn to him to provide us with what we are asking , all of these things bring us closer to Allaah.
  3. Fajr

    Fajr ذكرى للعابدين

    And to Allaah belong the Most Beautiful Names, so call on Him by them, and leave the company of those who belie or deny His Names. They will be requited for what they used to do." [al-A'raaf: 180]

    As Umm Ahmed said, I guess it would mean to apply the Names of Allaah `azza wa jall e.g. in your du'a (as mentioned in the ayah). Also, knowing the Names helps one achieve ihsaan because they'll be pondering over the attributes of Allaah which inevitably show through to a servant simply from the recollection of the Names of Allaah.

    The Prophet (sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam) also said, “Indeed, Allaah Ta’aala has 99 Names, whoever recollects them enters Paradise” - interesting to note that the term 'ahsaaha' means to count as well as 'to understand'

    Many scholars have written on this subject, giving explanations (shar7) on the Asmaa'allahi al-husna and you can find quite a lot of duroos/recorded halaqaat on Also, yeah inevitably 'aqeedah would come into this as well Tawheed
  4. hearandobey

    hearandobey الحمدلله

    okay alhamdulilah, quite simple... i was hoping it wouldn't mean all these complex in-depth aqeedah studies some of the brothers discuss here (mashallah) lol.

    fajr, any specific works on Allah's names/attributes that you recommend (arabic/english)?

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