Announcement Lecture by Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki - State of the Ummah . . . Islamabad, Pakistan.

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  1. Abu Muhammad

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    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rehmatullah e Wa Barakatohu,

    This coming Sunday, 1st March 2009, Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki will be giving LIVE talk to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan inshaALLAH.

    Sunday 1st March 2009, 2:00pm @ NIBAF Auditorium Islamabad.

    For those who are unable to attend, please listen the recorded lecture at Ayyaz's Website. At 5:00pm inshaALLAH.

    Title of talk: State of the Ummah


    Remember us in your prayers.

    Credit goes to ALLAH and then Shifa Student Society.

    Assalamu Alaikum
  2. Yousef al Khattab

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    Jazak Allah Khair VERY NICE!!!
  3. Muneer88

    Muneer88 هنيئاً لك الشهادة

    MashAllah tabarakAllah.
    I always had good thoughts about Sh. Anwar but this is so unexpected but a very intelligent way of reaching out at a suitable time and place
    May Allah swt protect him from the evil people and make him a tool of guiding people to al Haqq
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  4. Abu Muhammad

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  5. Abu Maryam PK

    Abu Maryam PK New Member

    masha'Allah. Things are moving in pakistan
  6. Abu Maryam PK

    Abu Maryam PK New Member

    .....despite the salafis [to quote AZ]
  7. It's actually pretty interesting that Anwar al-'Awlaki is somewhat known in Pakistan to some people. I remember his Hereafter series being sold in Isb. Also, al-huda also sells his CDs.

    Anyway it's quite a pleasant surprise to see Imam Anwar giving live talks in Pakistan...not a bad sign I guess.
  8. Zaid Hamid

    I was a fan of Zaid Hamid but I recently discovered that Zaid Hamid is actually Zaid Zaman who did Bayah to a false prophet Yusuf Khazzab and Yusuf Khazzab in turn appointed him his Khaleefa and called him equivalent to Sayydina Au-Bakr…

    Zaid Zaman also had connections with Multani who is seriously into Wahdatul-Wujood & Kuf’r. I originally dismissed all of this as propaganda but then I went back and rewatched all the youtube videos of now reincarnated as Zaid Hamid and noticed some disturbing patterns around his programs. His program (Brasstacks )is a paid advertisement and that also I didn’t know. Brothers from Afghan Jihad who knew Zaid Zaman have publicly asked Zaid Hamid (aka Zaid Zaman) to denounce Yusuf Khazzab & Multani but the only statement he has made is that during his youth he frequented a lot of people, including Sufees but he has not addressed the specific allegations. There is little doubt from books and tapes that Zaid Hamid (aka Zaid Zaman) had affiliations with Yusuf Kazzab and it is probable that Shaykh Anwar Awlaki is unaware of all of these internal (Pakistani) developments, perhaps IF Shaykh Anwar Awlaki gets in touch with Brothers engaged in Jihad or veterans from Afghan Jihad they would update him on Zaid Hamid (aka Zaid Zaman) .

    There is enough evidence to stain the character of Zaid Hamid (aka Zaid Zaman) and there is a huge question mark on his past, what his current Manhaj or strategy is only Allah knows.
  9. Abu Khuzaymah

    Abu Khuzaymah Stoic Soul.

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  10. sedulous

    sedulous New Member

    More lectures of the conference


    Can anyone pls tell me where I can find all of the lectures of the conference. for example Dr. Israr Ahmed, Zaid Hamid and Anees Ahmed etc.

    I'll really appreciate it.

    Jazak Allah Khair.
  11. sedulous

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  12. sedulous

    sedulous New Member

  13. Abu Muhammad

    Abu Muhammad New Member

  14. Abu Khuzaymah

    Abu Khuzaymah Stoic Soul.

    Any chance of the whole conference being uploaded?
  15. Abu Maryam PK

    Abu Maryam PK New Member

    If u hear the QA session, the questioner on Jihad vs Qital was disappointed with the earlier speakers. I think he was referring to Dr. Israr Ahmed.
  16. Abdullah11

    Abdullah11 A wannabe neologist

    Does anyone have the lecture by Dr. Israr
  17. Uzma Khan

    Uzma Khan New Member

    The remaining Lectures

    Dear sedulous, I attended the whole Conefernce and if u have missed that I must say It was something really worth.

    They have got the whole CD DVD of the whole conefrence, with the provoking lectures of all the scholars and the proceedings, U can get that from Shifa College of Medicine Inshallah, if it hasnt got short.

    Although they asked the people to instantly register for the DVds for they might run short, but i wish that u get one soon.

    Or else, when i will get mine, i will try to upload the lectures if i can.

    Asalamu Alykum.
  18. Uzma Khan

    Uzma Khan New Member

    If u hear the QA session, the questioner on Jihad vs Qital was disappointed with the earlier speakers. I think he was referring to Dr. Israr Ahmed.

    But I think Dr. Israr answered the Jihad vs Qital thing very rightly... whats ur reservations?
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  19. Uzma Khan

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  20. Abdullah11

    Abdullah11 A wannabe neologist

    Have you uploaded the Dr. Israr talk yet. As much as I love the Dr. his views on jihad are very strange, almost ghaandi like.

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