Lectures of Sheikh Anwar Awlaki on HIJRA

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  2. jazak Allahu khair akhee for the links

    subhan Allah, through this brother Anwar, Allah gives His mercy to whom He Wills. His lectures on jihad and the ones you posted here are pretty much everything a muslim needs to know about jihad today. If one knows tawheed, this knowledge and perhaps riyadus saliheen, then this muslim is insha Allah ready for anything this world can offer against him!
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    is it his complete series on hijrah?

    JazzakAllaahu khairan for the excellent post. I noticed that there are more parts to the hijrah series. Could u post all if u have. Also it seems his most recent. Would like to meet this brother. Mashaallaah his lectures are very good. Anyonr got his email.?
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    I recently heard the first talk on Hijrah by Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki...(I didn't know there were more), but it was very motivating, I would like to perform Hijrah in the future if that would ever be possible, Inshallah.

    Mashallah his lectures are excellent, the Jihad ones are good too.

    Jazakallah Khair for putting them up.
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    Assalamu 'alaikum

    Does anyone have these? The links are broken.

    I recently heard one, but I don't even know which one it was. It's 46:51 long, if that helps.
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    Alhamdulillah, Sh Anwar's lectures are excellent and have helped thousands understand the deen better. May Allah reward him abundantly in this life and the next.

    Sh Anwar was in the US but then made hijrah to Yemen. Last piece of news from there was that he was arrested by the authorities. :mad:
    There are some posts on some of the forums that say that he was released...Allahu 'alam

    www.kalamullah.com has many of his talks available to download but theyr are down at the moment. Keep checking...

    Alternatively this brother has an excellent blog http://inshallahshaheed.wordpress.com/mashari-al-ashwaq-ila-masari-al-ushaaq/ and
    and you'll be able to find some lectures there too

    also check under the audios tab for a lecture entitled "Allah is preparing us for victory" (2 parts) - THIS LECTURE IS A MUST LISTEN FOR EVERY MUSLIM TODAY!

    Lives of the Prophets, the Hereafter, Life of Rasulullah (saw) Makkah period, Life of Rasulullah (saw) Madinah period (1st 5 years), Mashari, Thawabit...
    Subhaanallah so much to benefit from.

    Allah has granted Sh Anwar the amazing ability to draw very pertinent lessons from the past that are applicable today and this, along with his sincerity and command of the English and Arabic languages is what gives his talks the quality that they possess.
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    Assalamu 'alaikum

    Can someone repost?
    Jazakum Allahu khairun
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  10. You will find direct links to many lectures of Imam Anwar al Awlaki.





    These lectures are a must for everyone. Wallahi if I could I would make them compulsory in muslim schools and uni's. Download them while u can, or you will miss a lot, its a mercy of Allah that you can dowload such great knowledge while sitting at home and drinking tea. Gaining knowledge can hardly get easier...

    If you want to follow the Salaf find out how they really lived...
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