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    Assalamu 'alaikum.

    A doctor friend of mine got an offer from a local agent for working in Libya as a GP (General Practitioner/Physician). He is seriously thinking of it. He requests some information about there from reliable brothers or sisters.

    - How is the overall situation in Libya now [after Gaddafi is gone]? Is it favorable & safe for the foreigners now?

    - How are the hospital settings for GPs in Libya at present? How much is the overall work-load?

    - Do the majority of the population know English? [He doesn't know Arabic and so his concern is whether he would be able to work there with his command of English].

    - What about the local authority? Do they generally abide by the job description? Or do they impose whatever they wish once you are there?

    - Under the current political & economic situation, will they be able to pay off the promised Salary [7-10k Libyan currency per month, depending upon experience & other qualifications] regularly?

    - Under the current situation, how is the availability of stuffs needed for day to day life (pure drinking water.....)? How expensive will it be to maintain an upper middle class standard of living?

    - If you thing, he should know something in addition, please tell me.

    I expect the bro & sis from Libya, or who have friends & family there will extend helping hands by providing reliable information concerning the queries [and others you feel necessary].

    May Allah reward you.

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